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There is a clue in the video about the name of the book.

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Kudos to Mr. Skeptic and A. Bohlen from "Three Camps at the Fireside"

We are starting our journey to Mt. Otorten. Upon arrival at the fateful pass, we will tell you what stopped the Dyatlov group in their tracks. There is a clue in the video about the name of the book.

Мы начинаем наш поход к горе Отортен. Добравшись до рокового перевала, мы расскажем, какая сила прервала путь группы Дятлова. В видео есть подсказка о названии книги. Вы получите книгу бесплатно, если угадаете название книги.

Send us the title of the book with nothing more in the field. Any excessive wording will lower you chances to win, unless you consider "Hi" to be part of the title. The score below (submissions vs guessed) will be updated once every 24-48 hours, so you won't be able to tell if you guessed right or not. You may see the number of the guesses go down, and this is due to the fact that our program links each email to the last title submitted with that email address. In other words if you have guessed right, but then submitted with the same email another title that is not correct, you are not getting a book. If the submissions in this case are more than 24-48 apart the second number will first go up and then go down.

Submission form will close on February 1, 2021, when we will announce the new book.

There is a little discussion in the forum.

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