"1079" book signing and Flight 1079


Never thought I'd have so much fun getting a writer's cramp. Thank you for sending in so many books for me to sign. They will ship out asap! Otorten Gateway (Ворота Отортена) photo by Sergey Dolya

My "1079" book signing trip ended on Flight 1079. Pilots Oren Barak and Luis Eraso signed my boarding pass, and I signed their books.

While book signing I received 9 books with no instructions. I looked up the sender to ask for whom to sign to and where to mail them, only to find out Peter Habernkorn had died on June 17, 2021, a week before Igor Pavlov, my co-author. I am dealing with death every day, but even for me this goes above and beyond. Igor never saw his book printed, and he didn't have an Amazon account. He lived in St. Petersburg. The Dyatlov group certainly didn't have Amazon accounts either. Are these books for them? How does one send books to dead people? It even crossed my mind that maybe Flight 1079 would enable me to give them their books in person.Thus these would be the only books signed by both authors, facilitated by Peter Habernkorn.



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