Unknown camera

This was supposed to be Dyatlov's film but the very first two photos are making this doubtful because frame №1 and 2 show Dyatlov standing with his back to the photographer, clearly unaware that he is being photographed. Why would he give the camera to somebody and not turn to face the photograph? Kolevatov sees the photographer and grins directly at the camera. Similar photo can be seen on film 6. Instinctivelly (no landscapes, personal photos) this seems to be a film shot mostly by a woman. Both Zina and Lyuda have been photographed with cameras. Who made the photos is not important, but the fact that were at least 6 cameras. The crime case inventory lists Krivonischenko, Zolotaryov (contains film with pnotos before the hike started), Slobodin and Dyatlov. We know that Thibeaux-Brignolle shot a film (camera not found), which makes 5 cameras, and film №5 belongs to unidentified camera 6.


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