Lyudmila Aleksandrovna Dubinina (Lyuda)

Lyudmila Dubinina

Born on 12 May 1938, USSR.

The youngest of the Dyatlov group. She was a 4th year student in UPI university as an Engineering and Economics Major, from the first days of her studies, took an active part in the activities of the institute's sports club, loved to sing and to take pictures. She was a good photographer. Lyuda had considerable mountaineering experience. During a hike through the Eastern Sayan mountains in 1957, she was accidentally shot in the leg by a hunter who accompanied the students, and she bravely suffered through both - being wounded and having to go back, a painful and lengthy ordeal. In February 1958, Lyuda had category II of difficulty for hiking in the Northern Urals.

She was 20 years old when she died. She was buried on her 21st birthday. Funerals May 12, 1959 →

"The diary notes of Lyudmila Dubinina and the peculiarities of her behavior shortly before and after the visit of Dyatlov group to the village of Vizhay can hardly be explained only rationally, consistent with the beginnings of common sense, without attracting the irrational component of human existence, bringing something ominously mystical to the tragic death of the Dyatlov group." Aleks Kandr Read the article →

"While I don't exclude the idea that Lyuda's mood may have been influenced by a subconscious premonition of impending doom, this is not my first line of argumentation, since her own words seem to imply that she knew quite well what was bothering her, but she didn't spell it out for some reason - maybe, because it was something banal and ordinary, which hadn't anything to do with what happened later. The other possibility is, that her bad mood had something to do with what she may have observed and noticed. But she choose to mull it over instead of spelling it out. In this case there could be a connection to the tragedy." Sabine Lechtenfeld, forensic psychologist from Hannover, Germany Keep reading →


Lyudmila Dubinina diary

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