Weather report Burmantovo February 1959

We don't have an official response to radiogram 152. The documents below do not belong to the case files. They are simply found together with other documents pertaining to the case, and more probably copied from weather journals.

Burmantovo weather report
Burmantovo Feb 1 (Maslennikov notes)
time weather wind mph temp °F
3 pm overcast N 11 17.6
6 pm cloudy - " - 2.2 14
7 pm - " - - " - 6.7 12.2
9 pm - " - - " - 2.2 8.6
11 pm - " - W 2.2 23
12 am cloudy NW 6.7 – 5
3 am clear W 6.7 – 5.8
Dyatlov Pass: Andrey Kuryakov

"There was no snowstorm": Weather report from the night of the death of the Dyatlov group

What first comes to mind when you look at the photos and read the diaries - was it the weather that killed the Dyatlov group? After all, this is the most common reason for incidents in the mountain, especially multiple deaths with no survivors. In this part of the Urals there are no direct measurements, the nearest meteorological station Burmantovo is 47 miles away. What can modern methods do about the precise temperature, wind speed, wind chill index and snow cover in that dreadful night 61 years ago? The Prosecutor's office investigation in 2019 made it its goal to find out as much as possible. Independent experts and participants in the search operation in 1959 disagree with the conclusions. Read the modern weather analysis →


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