Maslennikov notebook


According to Karelin, separate (loose) sheets with diagrams and a list of search groups were folded inside the notebooks.

Scan 1

Anyamov A.A.
Bahtiarov T.E.
Anyamov N.P.
Kurikov S.N.

Scan 2

  1. All footprints of Dyatlov's group found in the search area were photographed, there are no wolf tracks here.
  2. My deputy captain Chernyshev is ready to take command any time.
  3. Bread was delivered to the entire squad for ten days, lies on the pass hardening comma No sausage for lunch in the camp The remaining products are enough
  4. Avalanche probes are not needed. The best device - dipstick.

Scan 3

Group list

Headquarters: Maslennikov, Blinov, Yarovoy, Chernousov, Karelin, Akselrod, Slobtsov, Chernyshev

1) Sappers, please work with the probes after the mine detectors

2) The coordinates of the storage (labaz) have been reported to you

3) Give approval to leave Siderov

4) In addition to the three members of the Slobtsov group, all other UPI students leave. Blinov missed a lot of classes.

(next page in the notebook is blank)

Scan 4

Plan for the joint rescue squad in the region of Mount Otorten under the leadership of comrade Maslennikov to find Dyatlov group.

  1. Throughout February 27, 1959 to gather the following groups in the pass between in heights 1079 and 880, in the upper right-hand stream of the Lozva river:
    a) Slobtsov group - 9 men
    b) Karelin group - 6 men
    c) Chernyshev group - 5 men
    d) Akselrod group - 5 men (in the camp on Mt Otorten)
    e) Northern expedition (leader Kurikov) - 5 men
    f) Commandants Staff group - 4 men
    g) dog trainers (leader Moiseev) - 2 men, total 36 men
  2. The task of the joint team is to find Dyatlov group, based on the tent recovered with equipment, skis and food supplies. The area of search - the sources of Lozva river, the slopes of the Main

Scan 5

range in the direction of the Lozva river, height 1079, Mount Otorten and the region of the lake under the peak of Otorten.

  1. All the work of the group is carried out under the direct supervision of their leaders with the full responsibility of the latter for the safe actions of the groups during the search. Particular attention is paid to the leaders of groups comrades Slobtsov, Karelin, Chernyshev, Akselrod, Kurikov and Moiseev for unconditional observance of all the rules of insurance when moving groups along the ridge, snow slopes and ascents to the summits.
  2. For coordinating the activities of search groups and planning their work, the headquarters of the joint detachment is appointed under the guidance of junior staff member comrade Maslennikov, and the aforementioned are members of the staff of the search operation with commandant of the base camp comrade Blinov.

Scan 6

  1. The headquarters of the detachment submits to the leadership of the search and maintains constant communication with him (city of Ivdel) on the radio station of the Northern Expedition several times a day by agreement. To contact Akselrod group the headquarters need an additional radio station with a radio operator comrades Chernousov and Yarovoy.
  2. Provide the group with the necessary equipment for an overnight stay, food and means of searching. If necessary, the missing equipment and supplies to be delivered by helicopters.
  3. Return evacuation for this task - with the help of helicopters from the base camp under height 1079. In case of bad weather, the detachment continues on foot along the Auspiya river to the 2nd Northern settlement.
  4. The leaders of the search appeal to all comrades involved in the operation with the request to observe the strictest discipline, to follow the instructions

Scan 7

of team leaders and the chief of staff accurately and timely, as well as unconditionally implement the existing rules for movement in the mountains during search operations.

Colonel Artyukov 27/II 59

Radio 27/II 59

Immediately after the descent, the four found corpses were excavated and identified. They are Dyatlov Zolotaryov Krivonischenko Kolmogorova. Protocols were made. The victims were thrown out of the tent by a hurricane, half-dressed without their boots, some without trousers jackets. The direction of the hurricane is northeast east, therefore all of them are in the same line from the discovered

Scan 8

tent comma the farthest about two kilometers from the tent in the upper sources of the stream that flows into Lozva made a fire, there are charred logs. The closest Kolmogorova 500 meters broken head. Tomorrow we will continue the examination now we are setting up a camp in Auspiya valley, so as not to confuse the traces of the accident stop Akselrod has been contacted there is not answer yet we think they should join. Maslennikov.

Scan 9

To Maslennikov
Tomorrow continue the search what is the mood did everybody made it to the camp? Tell us what help you need set the time for contacting you tomorrow morning we will contact Akselrod stop how do you determine that they were nine people
= Zaostrovskiy Sulman

Group gathering break camp Feeling all normal The strongest part of the group found then all the others are also here, we must look under the snow

Dyatlov bag found with

Scan 10

aal the documents of the group We will talk tomorrow at three am

To Maslennikov=Why did the tent stay with items when people were blown out of the tent. How did you find the bodies stop what is your opinion whether to leave Akselrod on Otorten =

Did not have time to inspect the tent. Probably objects were piled high with heavy products. Akselrod can return with the helicopter that will be sent to us stop

Scan 11

Three bodies were partially visible in the snow. A dog found the fourth

To Maslennikov=
Report whether Blinov or Karelin met with a group of hikers from the Rostov Pedagogical Institute consisting of 7 people in the beginning of February
=Zaustrovskiy Sulman

A group of Rostovites went through the yurt of Aleksander Bahtiarov at the end of January, our troops did not meet them. At the request of the prosecutor, call a medical examiner from Sverdlovsk in Ivdel for the autopsy

Scan 12

of the bodies

To Maslennikov=
At a conference the plant sent Maslennikov allowed to be replace here

To determine the time of the accident, request a weather report on January 30th February 3rd. Position and \place/ of the bodies is indicative of a hurricane

Scan 13

Radio 28/II 59

Weather in th emountains is very good comma if Akselrod flies by a helicopter, send pearl barley buckwheat concentrates 10 kg same as the ones sent with 7 year expiration comma also iron probes, that is, bars with a length of one and a half meters about ten pieces. Will contact the expedition at 3. Maslennikov

Tent Sharavin
Corpses - Sharavin
Dyatlov - mansi

16 h - search results.

The following documents were found in Dyatlov's field bag:
1) Nine train tickets Sverdlovsk-Bogoslovsk for 23/1
2) Trek plan (with all the details)
3) Trip book №5 (3 copies - 1 signed Ufimtsev)
4) Protocol of the route commission 1 copy
5) Maps: Sheet R-39, 40 (Syktyvkar, Khanty-М), part of the Ivdel forestry map, several photo maps, 3 tracing paper from forestry maps

Scan 14

6) Diary group Kolmogorova 24/1 and 30/1, no 31st
7) Letter of the trade union UPI in City trade department (Slobodin, Gordo, Ishtenko)
8) Letter of the trade union UPI to all soviet and community organization - to support Dyatlov group (Slobodin, /Ishtenko, Gordo)
9) Dyatlov passport

Timetable (from Dyatlov route book 23/I)
23-24 1-2 Sverdlovsk-Polunochnoe
25 3 Polunochnoe-Vizhay (auto) 15+16\+3/+20\17/
2nd N → Auspiya +3

Lozva Otorten
26-27 4-5 Vizhay-2nd North V 55  61 
28 6 2 North-Mouth Auspiya from 2nd North-to Auspiya
(started at 1145)
30 31км
29-30 7-8 up Auspiya (30/1 started at 1030) 38 30
31 9 Pass at upper Lozva 14
1 10 Ascend on Otorten 20
2 11 Otorten-upper Auspiya 18
3 12 Pass at upper Unya 22  116 
4 13 To upper Vishera 22
13 days 5-6 14 To Niols river    15.Oyko-Chakur 22-18
7 16 Along North Toshemka 25
V 8-9 17-18 North Toshemka-Vizhay 50
10-11 19 Vizhay-Polunochnoe
21 Polunochnoe-Sverdlovsk

Scan 15

Radio 28/II - 1/III

We failed to establish a connection with Axelrod, we saw how from, we asked Axelrod to point it out, send a helicopter to us stop New search didn't yield results. We found footprints of 8-9 people from the tent itself for about one kilometer down the slope, further traces are lost. One person was wearing shoes, the rest were wearing socks and barefoot. Further along the slope there is a very deep snow and probing with sticks has given nothing. Dogs for a full day of work could not do anything, the snow is deep. Three corpses were carried to the helicopter landing site. The fourth will be carried today tomorrow. The guys say that one is not Zolotaryov, but (he lay face down) He, He lay face down, now The face is visible and there is an opinion that this is Doroshenko

Scan 16

Investigated the place of the tent and wrote a protocol comma things lowered to the helipad. We will send them today tomorrow if there is a helicopter. In the tent there were 10 pairs of skis, 8 pairs of boots, 9 backpacks, all the personal belongings of the victims, products for 2-3 daysX. The whole group was assembled. The reason why the whole group, half-dressed, left the tent, was not possible to establish, it is completely incomprehensible. Tomorrow we’ll use probes to look for people in deep snow in a 150 meter by five hundred approximately one kilometer below the tent. Ready to send all the things found (in the tent - ed. note) and the bodies, need to send a helicopter. All documents of the group topos and personal notebooks were taken

Х the rest of the products for 8 days are left in the storage at Auspiya.

Scan 17

the prosecutor, including three copies of the route list. You can send dogs and guides.

Alselrod group left for Ivdel. Tell me what help you need? po? zv? prom?raz?gelero?

[ed. note: Case files (sheet 161): Radiogram 1/III 18h
To Maslennikov
Akselrod and the group got to Ivdel
What help is needed to continue the search.
Reconsider the advisability of sending off the dogs

(next page in the notebook is blank)

Scan 18

Drawing of the Dyatlov tent location

Loose page

Joint Team Leader
on the search for the hikers of Comrade Dyatlov's group
Master of Sports Comrade Maslennikov

The action plan for March 1 provides:
- On the first MI-4 flight, send Comrade Akselrod with his group of three to help you. On the return flight, you should send from the camp two dog trainers with dogs, a radio operator with the inoperative radio station R-114, and part of the property found in Comrade Dyatlov's tent;
- The second flight will send you 150 kg of bread, cereals, meat and other products for the entire camp, you must send the corpses of four comrades and all the property of Comrade Dyatlov's group.
If you have sick people, take measures to send them by helicopter, you also need to do with people you do not need. I ask you to be very careful, as on March 2, 3, and 4, the weather is expected to deteriorate and in the future it will improve. If you have time, write briefly what's new and what requests you have. Greetings to you and all comrades from our group

1.03.1959     Ortyukov

Scan 19

Radio 1/III 59

Today, despite the sudden deterioration of the weather, the search continued. We walked about 1,000 meters of the 30-meter-wide zone of the most likely area to find the injured. The search yielded nothing, snow depth of 1-2 meters or more. Today, the wind reached 30 meters, there is no visibility, so in this weather, the search can not be continued. *

The whole squad of 30 people feels fine, they all work in a friendly and orderly manner. However, if the bad weather continues for 3-4 days and if you give permission taking into account the bad weather for 3-4 days, we can leave the whole detachment within 2 days on our own to the 2nd Northern or Lozva, where we can be taken by helicopter.

* Regarding the expediency of further search, it can be said that searches in this area even in good weather may give nothing. If the weather was good, one or two more plots could be checked.

Scan 20


1) We can continue the search, but half of the group should be replaced with more fresh forces. It is necessary to remove the group Slobtsov and Mansi.

2) Sappers will be more useful with probes, not mine detectors, as people under the snow do not have metal and metal items. Probes need to be 2.5 meters pieces 20.

3) By order of today it follows that weather is expected to deteriorate on March 2. If not, then we will only be pleased, as we have a strong snowstorm at the tent, and the weather is getting worse every hour. I also inform you that on the way back from the search at 4 o'clock in the afternoon we took the products sent by helicopter and carried them down. Next time, please send newspapers. M-v.

Scan 21

[on the inside of the back cover]


Today we will look for a cache (labaz - ed. note) upstream Auspiya. send people on the helipad in case helicopters land for the shipment of the four bodies The only thing left outside a Chinese flashlight on top of the tent roof confirms the likelihood of one dressed person going outside, which gave some reason for everyone else to flee the tent. Meteorological rockets of a new type, launched beyond Sverd in the Southern Urals over the Urals, landed in this region. I ask you to request an urgent inquiry whether such a rocket was in the area on the night of February 2.

Scan 22

[writing on the back cover]

Tomorrow three Muscovites will fly with me stop advisable to part some of the civilians stop

Maslennikov Evgeniy Polikarpovich (1924-1978) Master of Sports, head of the regional hiking club, leading the search operation in 1959.



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