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The sole survivor from Dyatlov Pass 13-04-2018 Yuri Yudin, born July 19 1937, died April 27 2013 aged 75. The sole survivor of the Dyatlov Pass incident. His life was not easy. He left his heart on the pass. Never married, buried himself in work and activities so he doesn't have to stay alone with the ghosts of his friends that remained forever frozen on the ill fated pass. Till the end of his days he didn't forgive himself for not dying with them. Yudin could never give any account of the events in January-February 1959 after he turn back from 2nd Northern settlement to Yekaterinburg due to worsening inflammation of sciatic nerve. Interview with Igor Aleksandrovich Dubinin, Lyuda's brother 09-04-2019 Conversation between "Center of civil investigation of the tragedy of Dyatlov group" and Igor Alexandrovich Dubinin regarding Dyatlov case 07 Aug 2008, Berezovskiy, Sverdlovsk region Vizhay 10-05-2019 Our collection of maps and old photos of Vizhay and its people. Dyatlov group spent the night of 25-26 Jan 1959 in Vizhay. Igor Dyatlov and Zina Kolmogorova sent their last letters from the Post office in Vizhay. Lyudmila Dubinina's premonition of her tragic death 09-04-2019 What was tormenting Lyuda's mind in the days before the tragedy, was she feeling the impending doom or was she just a troubled soul? The entries in her diaries raise many questions, and the coincidences make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. Chicken a la Otorten 04-05-2019 Excerpts from Vladimir Askinadzi's personal archive and memoirs "We are the last of the Mohicans" Counting skis 03-05-2019 There are different accounts in the case files to how many pair of skis were under the bottom of the tent, and what happened to the spare pair of skis Dyatlov group were bringing to the trek. On the Road of Trial 09-04-2019 Similar cases are describer in "On the Road of Trial" by geologists Grigoriy Fedoseev. Conspiralogists find it possible that the cover up is inspired by the events described in this book. Conspiracy or negligence 17-04-2019 The date on the cover of the official Case file is 6 February 1959. How’s this possible if Dyatlov group was not even due back by that time? The conspiracy advocates point this as a clear evidence that the investigation started before the official discovery of the first dead bodies. When was the tent found and why was it kept a secret for two days 09-04-2019 There is another big mystery in the Dyatlov case to which many researchers for some reason did not pay attention, and this is the behavior of two searchers: local forester Pashin and his friend Cheglakov, that conducted themselves strange at the least. Discrepancies in the Resolution to close the case 31-03-2019 Discrepancies in the Resolution to close the case - one of the most well-known documents of the criminal case. Author Galina Sazonova Whose body is this? 18-03-2019 On 15 of March 2019 Russian channel 1 aired a show about the expedition to the Dyatlov Pass with the participation of journalists from Komsomolskaya Pravda, television, representatives of the prosecutor's office and experts. The sensation was when on 47:00 a photo from Lev Ivanov's archive was shown for first time of a frozen body that is not any known member of Dyatlov group. Or is it? The Attorney General authorized new investigation 10-10-2018 The Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation has authorized a new investigation of the death of Dyatlov group. Statement Yury Yakimov's theory 27-12-2018 Yury Yakimov was a shift foreman from Severouralsk (a city in the north Urals, 178 km (110 miles) from the Dyatlov Pass). His theory attempts to explain the nature of the injuries, the strange behavior and many other inconsistencies in the story of the Dyatlov group and is based on the author’s personal encounter with an unexplained phenomenon, which took place during a night shift in an open-pit mine in 2002. The following – the remainder of this chapter – is a translated and condensed account in his own words. Rakitin's version on Kolevatov 14-04-2018 Alexey Rakitin: We cannot with absolute certainty assert that Alexander Kolevatov was firmly associated with the Committee, however, the high probability of that is evident from the unusual circumstances of his life. Criminalist Shkryabach conclusion 14-04-2018 Publication of criminalist Sergey Shkryabach conclusion on the death of Dyatlov group in «The World of Criminology» №2/2017
The death of Dyatlov group is caused by avalanche, deterioration of the weather, the insufficient experience and preparation of the hikers for severe winter conditions. All speculations and theories arise from the amateurish investigation and lack of subjective data - this is conclusion of the veteran investigator. The death of Dyatlov group is caused by avalanche, deterioration of the weather, the insufficient experience and preparation of the hikers for severe winter conditions. All speculations and theories arise from the amateurish investigation and lack of subjective data - this is conclusion of the veteran investigator. All court refusals to reopen the case are based on this document.
From Russia with Doubt 06-11-2018 Latest development on the attempts to reopen Dyatlov Pass case. Who are Leonid Proshkin, Vladislav Tuykov, Kretov, Vladimir Solovyev, Evgeniy Okishev and Sergey Shkryabach. «My opinion is that there are no mysteries in the case of the death of Dyatlov group» 14-04-2018 1-Feb-2017
Sergey Shkryabach, a veteran of the investigating authorities and a mountaineer, commented on the air of Radio Komsomolskaya Pravda his opinion on the results of the inspection of the Russian IC of the case of the tragic death of a group of tourists led by Igor Dyatlov in the Urals in 1959
Was the criminal case fake? 14-04-2018 2-Jan-2014
Evgeny Fyodorovich is 94 years at the time this interview was taken. Despite his advanced age, he perfectly remembers the vents in 1959, when he was Deputy Head of the Investigation Department of the Prosecutor’s Office of the Sverdlovsk Region. Leonid Proshkin, prominent lawyer and former criminal investigation prosecutor is asking the questions.
«We were told to say that they were killed in an accident» 14-04-2018 15-Aug-2013
Evgeny Fyodorovich Okishev remembers those events very well, because in his prosecutor’s practice the case of the death of Dyatlov group became the most mysterious. In 1959, Evgeny Okishev was the Deputy Chief of the Investigation Department of the Prosecutor’s Office of the Sverdlovsk Region. This is what he remembers.
The court refused to reopen the case 8/31/2018 02-11-2018 Court’s decision from 8/31/2018 to refuse the application to reopen the case. This is the translation of the court’s decision to refuse the application to have the case reopened. An appeal has been filed. Investigation Committee of the Russian Federation - Court Decision Letter They died with dignity 10-10-2018 Do you know what shocked me most in this story? - asked Moses Abramovich. - The first question of Krivonischenko's mother: "Tell me, did Yura die as a man?" They died with dignity. Analysis of frame 34 from Krivonischenko film 1 13-04-2018 The notorious frame 34 has been a favorite subject of wild conspiracy theory ambassadors but never backed up with real photography facts. Vladimir Borzenkov believes that there is nothing mysterious in this frame and here his take on the specifics of the photo. He himself is a Dyaltov Pass tragedy researcher and an avid photographer which makes it a very good start for the discussion. Vladimir Askinadzi: To hide the truth about the murder of Dyatlov group, the authorities came up with a missile version 13-04-2018 Vladimir Askinadzi: It was convenient for the authorities to let out a rumor about the missile version, because this version justified all the secrecy surrounding this case. It somehow calmed people and even relatives of the deceased. This version was taking the search away from the real truth. Metal fragment with «waffle» design supports the rocket launch theory 13-04-2018 Aluminum construction more than one square meter was found four years ago. As experts explained, a similar "waffle" design is used on the rocket tanks for durability. Head of the Dyatlov Foundation is one of the adamant defenders of the rocket version of the tragedy on Dyatlov Pass. The rocket theory 13-04-2018 Unsuccessful military trials could have caused the death of Dyatlov group in 1959.
"A number of very serious facts and findings lead us to that conclusion" - Komsomolskaya pravda and Channel 1 are investigation, Head of the Dyatlov Foundation Juri Kintsevich seem to be adamant about it.
Dyatlov Pass: the results of the second DNA tests of the remains of the alleged Semyon Zolotaryov 14-04-2018 Second examination, this time conducted by such an authoritative scholar as Pavel Ivanov, showed that the DNA of the person buried under the sign "Semyon Zolotaryov" matches the DNA of his niece. But this fact does not exclude the version of other researchers suspected that under the name of Semyon his brother Nikolai could be buried, who, according to archival documents, worked with the Germans and disappeared without a trace during the war. Therefore, we can not yet put a end on this investigation. Tibo broken wings 14-04-2018 Russian engineer. Great-grandson of a French architect.
An emotional interview of Maria Piskareva with Anna Ermolaeva - Nikolai Thibeaux-Brignolle second cousin, Marina Evgenyevna Kazantseva, and her brother Sergey Evgenyevich Kazantsev. The history of the Thibeaux family. Memories of Kolya. Questions about the identification of Kolya's belongings. His date of birth.
Chivruay left them forever young 30-05-2018 Dyatlov Pass search and rescue operation was unprecedented and was surpassed only years later after the Chivruay tragedy on January 23, 1973. The Chivruay tragedy was compared to the tragedy that occurred with students of the Ural Polytechnic Institute under the leadership of Igor Dyatlov in February 1959 in the Northern Urals. DNA resuts exclude kinship of the person laying in Zolotaryov’s grave with Zolotaryov’s niece 14-04-2018 The first DNA test results came out and they exclude kinship of the person laying in Zolotaryov’s grave with Zolotaryov’s niece. This is huge implication on Dyatlov case. If Semyon Zolotaryov is not buried at the Ivanovskoe Cemetery in Yekaterinburg, then who? And where did Zolotaryov go from the scene of the tragedy? Or where did the body of Semyon Zolotaryov go? "Komsomolskaya Pravda" received the first results of exhumation of the body of Semyon Zolotaryov 14-04-2018 First results of exhumation of the body of Semyon Zolotaryov conducted on 12 April 2018 shows that this is indeed him. The skull superimposition performed by expert Sergey Nikitin matched 13 points of max 24 only 12 are needed to declare perfect fit. The speculations are now that a large mass of snow had collapsed on top of the hikers while they were hiding in the den.
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