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In memory of Vladimir Sungorkin: It was his Dyatlov Pass 15-09-2022 Vladimir Sungorkin died on September 14, 2022. He was the engine behind Komsomolskaya Pravda's involvement in the Dyatlov group case. In his capacity as editor-in-chief, he assigned a journalist, Natalya Varsegova, who for ten years had been not just following but actively investigating the Dyatlov case. Everything we know about Semyon Zolotaryov is thanks to Komsomolskaya Pravda. The question now is if someone will pick up the torch. Canned time 11-08-2022 The findings of the 2022 expedition to the Dyatlov Pass may reveal a new version of the death of the hikers in 1959. Leader of the expedition Aleksey Korolyov says: "We found a rusted tin can, presumably from condensed milk, 28 cm deep underground. Huge amount of thick roots on top suggests it could be from the 50s and over the years it has been covered with vegetation. The question is, who brought this can? Perhaps the Dyatlov group themselves. But then this overwrites all previous versions, because none of them says that the hikers ate something near the cedar." The footprints were left by shod feet 29-08-2022 The conclusion of a forensic expert with 27 years of experience in the field of criminal law is that the footprints outside the Dyatlov group tent were left by shod feet walking, not running. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Lyudmil Georgiev, forensic expert, specialist in traceology, was asked to examine these photos from the case files and give his opinion on the following questions:
1. Were these prints left by people who were barefoot or shod?
2. How many people were the footprints left by?
3. In what direction did the people who left the traces move?
Dyatlov Pass. The Burning August of 2021 27-08-2021 Perhaps the time has come for people to go to the Pass not out of idle curiosity, and not because the Pass became a brand in the media, but because when you leave you became another. So that you can restart your life in the right relationship to the Spiritual world. Northern Geological Expedition 12-10-2021 Northern Geological Expedition plays a vital role in the Dyatlov Pass incident. The events take place in the area they were prospecting in 1959. How could the tent and bodies not be found for a month? Ptitsyn recollections 04-05-2022 Мнение опытного туриста. Человек-легенда, один из корифеев лыжного туризма в Свердловской области, мастер спорта, заслуженный путешественник России, Птицын Геннадий Александрович, Птицын Геннадий Александрович. Borzenkov's analysis of Puzrin-Gaume avalanche theory 14-04-2018 The authors of the article didn't make a "discovery" by spotting an avalanche on this particular spot. There is nothing unique about it. The place was not investigated because it is far from the place of events and has completely different conditions. Although the possibility of avalanches in this particular area was not denied, it has nothing to do with what happened with the Dyatlov group. 2 Comments Post-publication careers: follow-up expeditions reveal avalanches at Dyatlov Pass 28-03-2022 The Swiss "avalanche" team Alexander Puzrin and Johan Gaume have a second paper in Post-publication careers: follow-up expeditions reveal avalanches at Dyatlov Pass publishing photos of avalanches on the other side of the pass and 3D model with red spots closer to 30°. Now we know that an avalanches are possible and NOT to pitch a tent on the slopes of the Dyatlov Pass in winter. Read why an avalanche did not happen according to the evidence in the case files. 12 Comments Karelin: Avalanche is a myth 31-10-2021 "If an avalanche had occurred, then the tent could have been moved, but in fact the tent remained in its original place, as evidenced by the ski poles preserved in their places, to which the stretchers were tied. ... Medical researchers argue that when people are in a tent during an avalanche it is impossible to get injuries that are actually found on some corpses. These facts clearly indicate the absence of an avalanche." Novokreschenov interview 2008 14-02-2021 "There are craters there, I'm an artilleryman, I can tell when I see one!" said Vasiliy Ivanovich Tempalov, the prosecutor. This also led to a certain look at this event. It is clear that there is an explosion of a rocket, large or small, directed, whether it reached its target or not we can't say, of course, a test, not enemies... Rapping in an endangered language 10-02-2020 Don't blame the people living there!
It's like blaming a birch tree for growing in the wrong place.
I also want to know what kind of horror happened there,
what were they doing there, why they stopped breathing under the snow.
I'm pained, but what can we do?
We can only pray to God that no one else perishes there.
God help us!
Nikolay Popov letter to Igor Dyatlov 14-04-2018 Nikolay Popov letter dated December 12, 1958 where he begs Igor Dyatlov to take him on the trek. The reason why he didn't join the group is unclear. Nikolay Popov is a graduate from UPI working in 1959 as an engineer at Tatarian Research Institute, Bugulma. Most probably he was not given a leave from his place of work. 1079 book signing and Flight 1079 10-11-2021 My "1079" book signing trip ended on Flight 1079. Pilots Oren Barak and Luis Eraso signed my boarding pass, and I signed their books. I don't believe in coincidences. Everything is connected. Karelin interview 2021 31-10-2021 It is unlikely that the "Dyatlov" case would have become public knowledge, if 25 years later, in 1984, the secrecy label had not been removed from it. And then the most curious thing began. The criminal case was secretly removed from the prosecutor's office so that everyone could read it. 62 years after the tragedy, a friend of Igor Dyatlov, a participant in the search for dead tourists Vladislav Karelin, decided to tell us about this. His words. "How we didn’t get to the moon" 06-11-2021 A Russian space enthusiast, Sergei Leskov, lamented the declining state of the Russian space program in the January 19, 1989, issue of "Izvestiya" Production of rockets and other hardware has declined in the last few years, Leskov said, and even the hardware in orbit was on its last legs. The Mir space station, too, had grown old and increasingly gave mission controllers nasty surprises. He noted that during the past five years, funding of the space sector had been cut five-to-ten-fold in certain areas. The contract with the United States for construction of the Alpha space station had been the salvation of the Russian space sector, but only a small range of enterprises were involved in it, and the project did not promote development of new technologies. Without an infusion of more money, Leskov wrote, the Russian space sector could find itself as much a part of history as the Pyramid of Cheops. (BBC Summary of World Broadcasts, Jan 23/95). Karelin recollections 14-04-2018 "We loved Sergei Korolev "trinity". But in 1959 there was a big time gap in the series. Why? I think this is not an accident. It can be assumed that in the interval between January and September 1959, more space rockets were launched, but of a slightly different design. Someone really wanted to launch them as soon as possible." "The prisoners told us - the hikers were killed, but you are looking in the wrong place" 11-10-2021 "We quickly realized that people had already walked along the same squares before us. Moreover, we came across traces of boots there. We didn't know where did they come from. They [the hikers] were all in felt boots. Therefore, the guys and I concluded that someone in boots walked here before us and they were not just anyone. They could even be the KGB. But that was just our speculation. It was necessary to somehow explain the presence of these footprints." Klimenko interview 2009 21-10-2021 "There was a fireball and there was silence, and then when it went up and reached the summit sparks went off and there was a roar. Not a cannonade, but a rumble like explosion..." Syunikaev interview 2009 20-10-2021 "I heard explosions, pops. I said: look, explosions, they are shooting at us again. What do you think was in our heads? I immediately went up to the radio operator and said: look, tell them that we, the search group, won't proceed with the search because we are afraid for our lives." Syunikaev interview 2008 19-10-2021 "Moscow should be informed to stop these bombarding. After that, there were explosions for maybe a day, and after that everything quieted down. The radio operator contacted, transferred the whole matter..." Syunikaev's letter 2007 18-10-2021 "After 48 years it is still in my ears, I can hear the cannonade of explosions, the fall of rockets. This lasted two or three days. It was studying, and this was an interest of mine. These were fired from the ocean submarines, from the islands in the ocean. We complained to the commander that we would not leave the tents until they stopped firing. So he ordered the radio operator, he was ours, to call the right place to finish the shooting practice in the area." Mihail Sharavin interview 2013 01-11-2013 "Why didn't we enter the tent through the entrance? Imagine a pole standing up, and immediately after the ridge part descending almost vertically down. Only the front pole stood vertically. The entire length of the tent was covered with 200 mm thick firn snow. Until the snow is removed from the roof, it will still not be possible to get into the tent. There was nothing to be seen through the entrance. In addition, I wanted to find out if there are bodies in the tent. Strange, but we were not warned about how we should behave in such a situation. But when the canvas of the tent was cleared, it became evident that there was no one inside." Maria Piskareva's interview with Sharavin 14-04-2018 2012 interview of Mihail Sharavin by Maya Piskareva. He is 77, his answers short, his memory fading. What this interview shows though is a scheme that he drew for author Anna Matveeva in 1998 when he was 63, that shows the discovery of the tent and the layout of the items inside and around the tent, including the footprints. This is a very important drawing for the case since Sharavin was one of the people who found the tent. He was never questioned because at the time of the interrogation he was lying in a hospital with concussion following an incident he had on the pass in April 1959. Interview with Sharavin 2007-2008 14-04-2018 Mihail Sharavin was in Slobtsov group, one of the first to land near Otorten. He and Slobtsov found Dyatlov group tent on 26th of Feb 1959, he and Koptelov found the first two frozen bodies under the cedar tree on the 27th. Sharavin then had a ski accident right there on the pass, and was taken to Ivdel hospital where he remained for 21 days. He was not questioned by the authorities. Neither was Koptelov. Sharavin's recollections are important for establishing the facts so poorly documented by the official investigation. When was the tent found and why was it kept a secret for two days 09-04-2019 There is another big mystery in the Dyatlov case to which many researchers for some reason did not pay attention, and this is the behavior of two searchers: local forester Pashin and his friend Cheglakov, that conducted themselves strange at the least. "For many, it's just business." 10-08-2021 "It seems to some that this human tragedy, where 9 people died, is just another hyped up and trending topic. There are always a lot of people there, some are taking pictures, some of the enthusiasts are conducting their own investigations." Graham Phillips, journalist A huge monument was erected at the Dyatlov pass 01-07-2021 A huge four-meter sculpture was erected in memory of the students who died there in 1959 at the Dyatlov Pass. The author of the monument is the new wave artist of the Russian avant-garde Grigoriy Emvi (real name Grigoriy Maslennikov). 11 Comments Yuri Kuntsevich's last expedition 20-08-2021 After his death and on the day of Kuntsevich's funeral, many words were said about what a wonderful person he was. If you knew how things would turn out, we, the participants in his last expedition, would have canceled any of our plans and would do everything in our power to save Yuri Konstantinovich. Boris Bychkov - Recollections. Theory. 14-04-2018 We had to print as many photographs from the films of the members of the deceased group as possible in order to distribute the pictures to the families of the deceased, as well as to our friends and members of the UPI hiking club. To our question: "why?", Lev Ivanov gave a strange, as it seemed to us, explanation: "In case someone wants to imply that what happened is the result of improper leadership and confrontation inside the group." On some films, hiking photographs were followed by photos of corpses taken by those who found the dead. Who is Who 16-03-2021 This section contains information found by dozens of researchers and scattered across various thematic sites. The materials are systematized and will be supplemented and refined in the future as new information becomes available.
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