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The radioactive trace on the Dyatlov Pass - two conflicting opinions 29-09-2023 The radioactive contamination in the Dyatlov case is one of the most complicated, controversial and unclear subjects we could come across. On top of the mind boggling fact why did the lead investigator order a radioactive test only on the last four bodies found in May and not on the first found in February-March, why order the tests on first place and then not taking in consideration the outcome at all, we can not agree on what the results tell us. I have discussed the subject with seasoned Russian nuclear physicist Igor Pavlov, and nuclear power researcher graduate from Arizona State University Brian Pierce. From what I can understand their opinions on the Radiological Analysis Report do not overlap. Vladimir Askinadzi interview 2012 10-09-2012 There were four of them. I’m writing these lines, and I’m back there again, as if these 53 years never happened!! Again everything is clear before my eyes. The emotions of those days are especially clear... It's amazing how you, persistent fellows, have turned us, searchers, into forensics and criminologists. We had a completely different task - to find and hand over the corpses to professionals in their field. Now they want us to plug the holes that Ivanov & Co left in the case. Dyatlov Pass Expedition 2023 07-08-2023 Expedition 2023 was a total success! Previous year we said that 2022 was the best expedition ever. This year was better. And I know where I will be next year at the same time because the vision of what is hidden and needs to be unearthed is getting clearer by the year. We found huge number of artifacts from the winter search camp and pinpoint the exact location of the spring search camp, both include lots of tin cans with legible stamps, aluminum spoon, axe with initials, buckets, ski mounts, electrical wire, batteries, a metal bracket driven into a tree to stretch the tent, firewood, 3m chimney, avalanche probe etc. The importance of these findings is that we know we can use the same methods to find artifacts left from the Dyatlov group and finally prove where did they camp, where did the tragedy start. My Bear Story 01-09-2023 During the expedition to the Dyatlov Pass 2023 I managed to get lost in the woods and meet face to face with a brown Russian bear and her three cubs. The bear had been chased by dogs in the deep forest and while I was dwelling as a real Mansi (Mansi means forest dweller), I experienced a close encounter of the third kind with the king of the Taiga. The Bear is considered the most powerful creature of the Ural mountains. A mama bear with cubs is not something you want to run into. I count my blessings. Expedition 2023 by Oleg Taymen 22-08-2023 Oleg and Olga Taymen are as tough as they come. They hike, swim by boat, fish and basically can survive the taiga for many days. They carry video camera, boat, metal detector, not the best but we will work on this I hope for next year's expedition. Their YouTube channel is the mother lode of videos on the subject. They went on the pass this winter and almost died. Posting the photos from this year's expedition takes time, because we discuss and analyze our findings. Not to mention all that life has kept in storage for us while we hike the Dyatlov Pass. So far we have Part 1. which covers our expedition before we went over the pass. Aleksandr Alekseenkov 25-03-2023 Alekseenko's version of events focuses not so much on the reasons that prompted the group to leave the tent (some external unnatural influence is assumed, for example, military tests), but on the events that followed. "This story is about the mighty spirit of nine people. Nine Humans, one by one, due to the circumstances, gave their lives, saving each other." The Nature of Holy Water 14-08-2023 Petar Ivanov studied the growth of crystals from saturated water vapor on various water samples injected into a chamber in which a constant temperature of minus 15 degrees Celsius was maintained. The resulting crystals are observed and photographed with a microscope equipped with a digital camera. He published the results of his experiments in his book "The Nature of Holy Water". They were found under the cedar. Dyatlov Pass. 18-03-2021 Mihail Sharavin, the first to discover both the tent and the dead, claims that the bodies under the cedar were covered with a blanket. There is no record of his testimony in the case files. So where is his testimony? Although the blanket doesn't appear anywhere in the protocols, just because something is improbable, in this particular cold case, it's not a merit to disregard. The cedar is a crucial point in this mystery. Something went very wrong there. Although the tent was found on the slope many believe it was not the Dyatlov group who pitched it there. But no one argues that the hikers were under the cedar. The question still is - what happened there, under this huge tree? Investigator Okishev: The deaths of the Dyatlov group were full of secrets. 01-07-2023 Draw your own conclusions from everything said by Evgeniy Okishev. He clearly knew what exactly happened there, but until the end of his life he remained faithful to the secrecy of the investigation and a non-disclosure agreement. However, due to the deep sense of shame that has not left him since the termination of the criminal case, he gave us direct hints about the cause of the death of nine hikers. Pointed out in which direction to pursue the search for the truth. Lev Ivanov unknown letters 20-05-2023 I would not like to suspect the respected forensic prosecutor and experienced investigator Lev Ivanov of official forgery. But his statement alone about the exact time of setting up the tent already raises doubts. It is known that the direct boss of Lev Ivanov, Evgeniy Okishev, was a supporter of the rocket version, as the cause of the tragedy. When the hype about UFOs began in the media in the 1990s, Lev Ivanov, who apparently was haunted the cold case, suddenly "reshaped" the rocket into a UFO. This is a very convenient version, which is unrealistic, to say the least. Friends With a Snowy Fate 13-07-2021 Old footprints in the snow and a relentless wind in the air, the Plumas National Forest in Sierra Nevada, California, held bare traces of humanity across the frozen land. Most of the campers who dared navigate the terrain were experienced with the area, especially given the wintry February climate. Yet for a group of friends from Yuba City, it was a confusing final destination that left their parents perplexed and concerned following news of their disappearances. Till this day, many answers remain about why the group went out of their way to an unfamiliar, mountainous path rather than straight home. The case is sometimes referred to as the “American Dyatlov Pass” for its similarities of cold, unforgiving weather, multiple casualties, and genuine mystery. The haunting case of the Mathias Group aka the American Dyatlov Pass 25-03-2023 This is a story about a group of five young men who vanished in the wilderness of Northern California on February 24, 1978. The whereabouts of 25-year-old Gary Mathias have never been determined. 45 years after the disappearance of the Yuba County Five, he is still missing. Because of the many hard to explain (or believe) facts the incident is dubbed "the American Dyatlov Pass". 5 'Boys' Who Never Came Back 25-03-2023 "What I looked for all the time I was up there were his glasses", says Mathias' step father. "I didn't think the bear would eat that." He is sitting at his dining room table. His voice is gruff. He is tired of reporters and tired of the pain and tired of not understanding what happened to the boy. Mathias' mother, across the table from him, says she had not turned on her television in weeks because she does not want to find out that way. She says she is going back up there on the weekend, back up to see if she can find something the searchers missed. "There's no place to look, Ida", says Klopf. "I'll find someplace", Mrs. Klopf says, turning her face away. Out in the cold 27-02-2019 "This case is bizarre as hell." said Jack Beecham, Yuba County Undersheriff. Many questions still remain in Beecham’s mind about what happened the night of Feb 24, 1978, and the weeks that followed. But he’s convinced that whatever took the boys up into the woods, it wasn’t their own doing. "They were either forced or manipulated", Beecham said. "And where does Mathias come into that? Maybe he had nothing to do with it – we’ll never know. But I think he did." Following a 1978 interview with Mathias’ longtime acquaintance Janet Enzerra, Yuba County Sgt. James Black wrote that Mathias had repeatedly told Enzerra of a dream where he and several other people would disappear. A.Y. Deev (Doc-tor) letters 25-03-2023 Andrey Yuryevich Deev, Doctor of Medical Sciences and Candidate of Biological Sciences, a graduate of the Leningrad Medical Academy: "About the "multidirectionality" of the two cases. The fact is that the investigations between the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the State Security Service (KGB) did not intersect. KGB initially investigated a different version. They didn’t even investigate, but proved. And not a version, but a fact. I mentioned that the death of the group became known before the search began. There was an unplanned leak of information... At that point, it was advantageous to attribute the incident to natural causes. And this, I must say, brilliantly succeeded. As you can see, there is a lot of fog, no explanations, and the logic is lost in delirium. Note that I said that 11 corpses are in the case, but I did not say that they were found at the Incident Site. Not at all! And I'll tell you where the leak came from! Pilot. You know him. He was very worried later..." What is wrong with the case 29-05-2023 Journalist Natalya Varsegova is summarizing what was revealed at the conference that took place in May 2023 in Yekaterinburg. Koskins Aleksey and Elena who were one of the first people that gained access to the case files in 1989 tell how it all started. The case files were handled, photographed, copied, Vladislav Karelin had them in his home overnight even in 1984. Anyone who had access to the files could pinch a photograph or a page for keepsake, and in USSR at any time access is given if you know the right people. Not even on a high level, just someone who can take the case out of the archive. Film №6 from Krivonischenko's camera went missing even from the "foundation" at Kuntsevich's residence. The Dyatlov case files are melting down faster than the North pole. Who and why hushed up the case on the death of the Dyatlov group 16-06-2016 Vladimir Korotaev was the investigator of the Dyatlov group case for the first 20 days. There was doubt about his involvement since his signature and name do not appear anywhere in the case files. His superior, Okishev, confirmed that Korotaev was on the job. Korotaev friends and colleagues also confirm that he was a good investigator. Korotaev says that when the bodies were found and he reported to his bosses about the autopsy findings they were drinking at Lozva and didn't bother to give a second look at the case. They said that the hikers died from hypothermia and there is not anything more to it. Korotaev was replaced with Lev Ivanov. He ended up blaming it on aliens, but officially said nothing since he cared about his job. The investigation into the death of the Dyatlov group is unreliable 22-01-2014 Seasoned forensic expert Natalya Saharova reported the Dyatlov group case file was conducted sloppily, with omissions that couldn't be excused. The worst is the lack of photos, unless they were taken from the case files, then there are the traces of rebinding in the process of which pages could have been taken away. Even for the procedures in place in the USSR for the time this high profile case is conducted in a way that no court should admit it. But the case didn't make it to court. It was closed and locked. Dyatlov group could have taken doping 16-02-2014 Brusnitsyn's theory is that the Dyatlov group took psycho-stimulants which will explain why they cut the tent and went barefoot and barely clad into the cold. But they cut something else too, which Brusnitsyn describes in detail, the birch or bamboo ski pole that was supporting the north skate of the tent. Brusnitsyn's argument is that no one in their right mind would "cut the branch they are sitting on". The Den 02-03-2019 On May 5, 1959, Askinadzi saw the Kurikovs discussing small thawed-out twigs, and then going to Ortyukov. Mohov later recalled that, on their return from the slope to the camp along the ski track laid along the right bank of the fourth tributary, the students ran into Nevolin, who told them that, 150 meters to the right of the ski track, there were thawed-out stubs of small chopped silver firs, as well as a pine needles trace of up to five meters long going down the snow above the stream. An instruction had been issued to start digging after dinner in the area of that trace, about 200 meters away from the search camp. The snow was wet and dense, but digging was easy... "1079" book signing at the Dyatlov Pass and Dyatlov Foundation 01-08-2022 The book signing of "1079" in 2022 was very emotional because it took place on the Dyatlov Pass and then at the Dyatlov foundation. I held the Russian edition in my hands for the first time. It is the pinnacle of the the whole book creation. To my deepest sorrow I had to do it without my co-author and mentor Igor Pavlov. Teodora's cedar 05-08-2022 According to the theory of Pavlov-Hadjiyska a fallen cedar 20 ft from the first two bodies is a subject of interest for the Dyatlov Pass incident. Prof. Momchil Panayotov, member of the Dendrology department of University of Forestry, Sofia, Bulgaria, analyzed the cores brought from the location. "1079" book signing and Flight 1079 10-11-2021 My "1079" book signing trip ended on Flight 1079. Pilots Oren Barak and Luis Eraso signed my boarding pass, and I signed their books. I don't believe in coincidences. Everything is connected. Oleg Arkhipov - modern researcher on the topic of the Dyatlov Pass 01-02-2023 "I approach this case as a historical phenomenon. In order to correctly understand the essence of what happened in the Northern Urals in 1959, it is necessary to study not only the materials of the investigation, but also to know the realities of that era." "During the interrogations, they denied everything." Unknown trail in the case of the Dyatlov group 15-01-2023 Today, some experts tend to believe that the shamanic version is somewhat consistent with the official one. There was a Mansi trail in the story with the Dyatlov group, but it was not the natives who killed the hikers, but the "spirits of the forest". So the northern people call the mighty forces of nature. Mansi trail in the Dyatlov Pass case 01-04-2023 Mansi are cruel for scolding a child to wash her hands after picking on her feet at the table. Korotaev and his story about Anyamov killing his wife. Apparently only he knows about this, and it is not the first time he is embellishing or entirely making something up. Businessman paying for а signs (Vizhay) and а tombstone (Zolotaryov) and now coming with its own contribution into the suspicion of the very people he lives with, the Mansi, since Kireev is based in Ivdel. The only viable information in this article is the fact that Mansi were not paid the 500 rubles a day they were promised to help with the search in 1959 and that on June 18, 1959 they had to beg for 35 rubles a day. There is no document that they were paid even this. If I were a businessman I would see that the Mansi got at least one book published in their own language. Have Swiss researchers solved the mystery of the tragedy on "Death Mountain"? 15-04-2023 The article was originally published in 2022 and updated in 2023 with the new photos that Dmitriy Borisov from Ural Expeditions & Tours took on January 7, 2023. Slab avalanches have been documented in each of the last three winters - "and they are getting closer and closer to the location of the tent", says Alexander Puzrin. This time the documented slab avalanche is only 700m from where the Dyatlov tent was found. Interview with Korotaev 2007 31-03-2007 Korotaev's recollections are all over the place but same as Lev Ivanov he didn't suggest investigating on the basis of his memories. They meant well, wanting to bring attention back to the case to be reinvestigated. In all the recollections of contemporaries you will notice certain bits that are repeated with the same words throughout all the interviews, and some interpretations, usually a hearsay that change. But the big picture is that something is not right with the case. This is the common denominator. With Korotaev I am not sure what his favorite theory is, only know that it is not murder and not avalanche. It is not necessary for one to commit to a theory, it is even better to be free from a bias when sifting through the information. Archival document on monetary compensation to the mother of Semyon Zolotaryov 10-03-1959 Russian Sheet 201  Meeting minutes №10    Meetings of the Executive Committee of the Ivdel City Council of Workers' Deputies city of Ivdel March... Andrey Leshchenko, great-nephew of Semyon Zolotaryov 07-04-2013 When they announced the death of Semyon, Vera Ivanovna and Maria went to Sverdlovsk. They were taken to Ivdel and offered to show the place of death of the group from a helicopter. Maria was afraid to fly, and Vera Ivanovna got into a helicopter and flew over the slope. They showed her from above the place where the group died, took a photograph, where this place was indicated with a cross. Maria told everyone until the end of her life: 'What a brave grandmother we have, she was not afraid to fly!'
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