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Boris Bychkov - Recollections. Theory. 14-04-2018 We had to print as many photographs from the films of the members of the deceased group as possible in order to distribute the pictures to the families of the deceased, as well as to our friends and members of the UPI hiking club. To our question: "why?", Lev Ivanov gave a strange, as it seemed to us, explanation: "In case someone wants to imply that what happened is the result of improper leadership and confrontation inside the group." On some films, hiking photographs were followed by photos of corpses taken by those who found the dead. Who is Who 16-03-2021 This section contains information found by dozens of researchers and scattered across various thematic sites. The materials are systematized and will be supplemented and refined in the future as new information becomes available. The New Yorker article on Dyatlov Pass 11-05-2021 An article came out in The New Yorker on May 10, 2021, titled: Has an Old Soviet Mystery at Last Been Solved? by Douglas Preston. I, Teodora Hadjiyska, and Igor Pavlov consulted the author with information and felt compelled to take one final unsolicited look over the details. Here is our fact check.
A note from us: There is no need to turn the members of the Dyatlov group into martyrs. Finding the truth about their tragic death will remain a cause worth fighting for without presenting them as perfect, virtuous individuals. We have long lived in countries where there was a constant impetus for people to be turned into exemplary statues. This is like burying a broken body in a golden sarcophagus. Let's remember the Dyatlov group as normal, ordinary, young people, not monuments.
Dyatlov Pass has become a clickbait 09-02-2021 While in Russia journalists are digging into state archives, the researchers going to the Dyatlov Pass every winter and summer, making measurements and proving theories, the former head of the Sverdlovsk prosecutor's office opening an initial investigation and announcing its conclusion losing his job in the process, the west world solves the case with a trip to Hollywood. If the authors do not claim to have solved the case but only reinforced a very old theory that is very strongly disproved, why all the western headlines on the date of the incident all sang the same song that the case is solved? 9 Comments What was a Human Intelligence Collector doing on the pass? 14-04-2018 Lieutenant Colonel Shestopalov led the sappers in 1959. Why was he running around the pass with probes himself? He had a high rank, we found out that Shestopalov was a Human Intelligence Collector. Is this another smoking gun? Firstly, the very fact that Shestopalov is investigating something at the pass, and secondly... The order to send him to the pass was issued on the basis of a telephone message dated February 14, 1959. February again. Most likely, this is another mistake. But if you remember Tempalov's strange note dated February 16, the date on the cover of the criminal case - February 6, then aren't there too many misprints in this tragedy? Kuryakov was fired from the prosecutor's office 14-04-2018 The main reason for the dismissal of Andrey Kuryakov was the use of official powers and his intention to promote his wife, who was a deputy prosecutor, to the post of prosecutor of Yekaterinburg. She is now also fired. It is believed that it was thanks to him that the Prosecutor General's Office initiated the check into Dyatlov's death. As it turned out later, he did not make statements on behalf of the Prosecutor General's Office, but to prepare a dissertation for the degree of candidate of legal sciences. The criminal case on the death of the Dyatlov group was cut short 14-04-2018 Discussion of the results of the documentary audit. The prosecutors compared the materials of the Dyatlov group criminal case against other case files of that period for the presence or absence of similar violations. "There was no snowstorm": New investigation conclusions on the weather the night of the Dyatlov Pass incident 14-04-2018 The first question that comes to mind when you look at the photos and read the diaries is if it was the weather that killed the Dyatlov group. After all, this is the most common reason for incidents in the mountain, especially multiple deaths with no survivors. In this part of the Urals there are no direct weather measurements, the nearest meteorological station Burmantovo being 47 miles away. What can modern methods do about the precise temperature, wind speed, wind chill index and snow cover present on that dreadful night 61 years ago? The Prosecutor's office investigation in 2019 made it its goal to find out as much as possible. Independent experts and participants in the search operation in 1959 disagree with their conclusions. The investigator of the death of Dyatlov's group was warned of incomplete official compliance 14-04-2018 A decree of the Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation dated August 10, 2020, and signed by Igor Krasnov says that on July 11 this year, Mr. Kuryakov, acting for personal purposes, took part in a press conference announcing the completion of the investigation into the death of Igor Dyatlov's group in 1959. He used official resources for an investigation made part of his PhD paper. The management has also complaints against Andrey Kuryakov, that using his official position, he tried to influence the replacement of the prosecutor of Yekaterinburg. Since 2015, the city department has been headed by Svetlana Kuznetsova. The position of her deputy is occupied by Venera Kuryakova, who is the wife of Andrey Kuryakov. Materials from the new investigation 16-07-2020 We can review some of the results from the Prosecutor's preliminary investigation. The documents were immediately bombarded with criticism by the case researchers and experts on the Dyatlov Pass incident. We start with the location of the tent, with which Kuryakov spoke very proudly at the press conference held in the Komsomolskaya Pravda editorial on July 11, 2020. Results of the Investigation 14-04-2018 Dyatlov Pass: hikers were killed by an avalanche. The cause of the death of hikers on the Dyatlov Pass in the Northern Urals in 1959 was an avalanche. This is the conclusion of the prosecutor’s investigation. New petition to The Prosecutor General Dyatlov case to be moved to Moscow 25-06-2020 Relatives and activists of the Dyatlov group's memory fund continue to insist that the group was victimized by a man-made disaster during tests of military weapons (missiles). Three most likely versions are called: negligence on behalf of the rocket engineers who made a mistake in the design of the hull or engine of the aircraft, unsuccessful launch and sabotage. Since Sverdlovsk Prosecutors are not considering following up on these leads they petition the case to be moved to Moscow. Whose body is this? 18-03-2019 On 15 of March 2019 Russian channel 1 aired a show about the expedition to the Dyatlov Pass with the participation of journalists from Komsomolskaya Pravda, television, representatives of the prosecutor's office and experts. The sensation was when on 47:00 a photo from Lev Ivanov's archive was shown for first time of a frozen body that is not any known member of Dyatlov group. Or is it? The Attorney General authorized new investigation 10-10-2018 The Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation has authorized a new investigation of the death of Dyatlov group. Statement New petition to the head of the Investigative Committee of Russia 25-06-2020 Activists of the Dyatlov group’s memory fund and his supporters forced the prosecutor’s investigation into the death of Ural hikers to contact the Investigative Committee. Representatives of the supervisory authority stated that they stopped at three versions of what happened in 1959 on the Dyatlov Pass: a hurricane, an avalanche and a snow slab. Most of the activists of the Dyatlov Fund disagree with this - they insist on a “military version”, according to which Dyatlov group became witnesses or victims of weapon tests, after which they were eradicated. Dyatlov Pass - the latest version. A trap for the prosecutor. 14-04-2018 In this version Dubinina and Zolotaryov are run over by a snowmobile. Thibeaux-Brignolle head injury, the wound on Kolevatov's head, and the abrasion on Kolmogorova's side and lower back could also have been caused by a snowmobile. The author, Igor Povetkin, assures us that on February 1, 1959, nothing fell from the sky to height 1079, no flying saucers, no rocket engines, no comets with meteors. All the evil was done here below, on earth. Is Dyatlov Pass in Siberia? 25-06-2020 Which way is Siberia? The answer is harder than you think.
The Washington Post's Moscow bureau chief, David Filipov, goes looking for Siberia.
Ural Stalkers Flight from the Mountain of the Dead 14-04-2018 Vadim Chernobrov is called the chief ufologist of Russia. He died at the age of 52 from cancer. He was chasing UFO's all his adult life. Did radiation from the sightings caught up with him at the end? On the 40th anniversary of Dyatlov Pass tragedy he went on an expedition to the Mountain of the Dead, as he calls it, and published in his book shortly after. He left a very interesting legacy to the Dyatlov group case, one that we built on to this day. Reach into Space 18-05-2020 In the race into space, the Russians can claim bigger satellites and more powerful rockets. If the U.S. can retort that it has a big lead in scientific achievement, the man most responsible is James Van Allen, whose instruments, designed and largely constructed in his basement laboratory, brought back from space discoveries the Russians never made... Today he can tip back his head and look at the sky. Beyond its outermost blue are the world-encompassing belts of fierce radiation that bear his name. No human name has ever been given to a more majestic feature of the planet Earth. Great Balls of Fire 18-05-2020 The U.S. Southwest, land of rockets, atom bombs and flying saucers, had another sensation last week: green fireballs streaking across the sky, behaving like nothing ever seen by earthlings before. In 13 days, eight brilliant objects dazzled Southwesterners. According to Dr. Lincoln LaPaz, head of the Institute of Meteoritics at the University of New Mexico, a fall of nine bright meteorites in a year over a comparable area would be considered exceptional. "I just don't know what to make of it," said Dr. LaPaz. "I am almost inclined to ask those [atom bomb] fellows out in Nevada what they are doing." Interview with Stanislav Bogomolov 14-04-2018 Stanislav Bogomolov met with Lev Ivanov in 1990 and published the first "Mystery of fireballs" article. This interview was taken in 2019. Bogomolov remains supporter of Lev Ivanov's fireballs theory:
I have read many publications on the subject. There are always more questions than answers. In fact the questions that matter are only two: what caused the horrendous injuries and where did the radiation come from. I doubt that the prosecutors will be able to answer them, but I am looking forward to their findings.
Mystery of the fireballs by Lev Ivanov 14-04-2018 On the scene of the incident we found that some young trees on the forest tree line have traces of burning, but they are not in concentric shape or any other system. There was no epicenter. This once again confirmed a source of heat ray or completely unknown to us energy acting selectively - the snow was not melted, the trees were not damaged. It seemed like when the hikers walked on their feet more than five hundred meters down from the mountain, someone dealt with some of them as direct targets. Mystery of the fireballs by Stanislav Bogomolov 14-04-2018 It wasn't in the usual sense an explosion of a shell or a bomb. It was different, as if a balloon had burst. The fact, that at the edge of the forest, where the hikers so hastily ran away from the tent, the tree branches were as if singed. Not burnt, not broken, but singed. I suppose it all happened like this: the guys had dinner and went to bed. One of them came out of natural need (there were traces) and saw something that made everyone leave the tent and run down. I think it was a light ball. It caught up with them, or it happened by chance, at the edge of the forest. Explosion! The mystery of the death of hikers on the Kola Peninsula 29-03-2020 Andrey Malahov live on Russian Channel 1 delved into the mysterious circumstances of the death of a group of ten students from the Kuibyshev Aviation Institute on the Kola Peninsula - in the area of the Chivruay Pass in 1973. Dyatlov Pass incident vs. Chivruay tragedy 13-04-2020 Why compare incidents that have nothing in common? The Dyatlov Pass incident opens the door for a lot of speculation. If I could discover so much while not believing they are related in any way, then imagine what a blast the media would have. Nor is Chivruay Pass the only one, Hamar-Daban follows on its heels. The renaissance of interest garnered by the Dyatlov Pass incident is now expanding to cover multiple deaths in the mountains under mysterious - or not so mysterious - circumstances. The mystery for many begins by wondering why would anyone venture there in first place. Personally, I enjoyed this research immensely. The Chivruay Pass incident is interesting on its own, and doesn't need the overshadowing mystery of the Dyatlov case. Chivruay 1973. How it really happened. 14-04-2018 These are the recollections of Dr. Vladimir Borzenkov, a member of the search party in 1973. He is also an avid Dyatlov group case researcher, so his insight about the similarities between the two incidents is indispensable. Chivruay left them forever young 30-05-2018 Dyatlov Pass search and rescue operation was unprecedented and was surpassed only years later after the Chivruay tragedy on January 23, 1973. The Chivruay tragedy was compared to the tragedy that occurred with students of the Ural Polytechnic Institute under the leadership of Igor Dyatlov in February 1959 in the Northern Urals. A connection was found between the death of the Dyatlov group and the tragedy on the Chivruay Pass 29-03-2020 The mystery of the Chivruay Pass haunts for many years the relatives of climbers who died in 1973 under mysterious circumstances. 46 years ago, the dead bodies of ten students of the Kuibyshev Aviation Institute were found on the Kola Peninsula. Their faces froze into a horror mask. The investigation ruled the cause of their death to be hypothermia. Buryatia Dyatlov Pass 14-04-2018 There were seven of them: three girls, three young men from the Petropavlovsk Azimut tourclub, and their 41-year-old group leader, master of sports in hiking. The group set off on a designated route of category IV difficulty to Hamar-Daban. Only one of them returned... Barnaul skiers tragic death 14-04-2018 On January 28-29, 10 corpses were found in the area of the Pavlovsky tract. This is how the indictment begins in the case of the death of a group of Komsomol skiers in the vicinity of Barnaul in 1946. Another tragedy with many parallels with the Dyatlov group incident, although the situations seem to be different. More than 10 years later, by 1959, the attitude of those in charge had practically not changed.
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