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Why is the date February 6 on the cover of a criminal case? 13-07-2017 When the tent of the Dyatlov group was discovered there was a planned aerial survey photography from aircrafts flying at an altitude so they could see and take pictures of the terrain. If such an aircraft flew over the dead bodies and sent the information to their superiors then the tent could have been discovered as soon as February 4-5 and a criminal case would have been opened on February 6. What happened then we don't know, but one document in particular made its way into the new criminal case opened on February 26. This document, the testimony of Vasiliy Popov, is dated February 6 hence the date on the cover of the case files. Lake Bodom Murders 11-07-2024 A lakeside murder, in which three teenagers on a camping holiday were bludgeoned with rocks and stabbed in their tent, has haunted tranquil Finland for 45 years, spawning books, conspiracy theories and even the name of a rock band. The similarities with the Dyatlov Pass incident are torn tent, the year is 1960, KGB agent, military involvement, a survivor, two dead girls, authorities were careless with their treatment of the murder site, but most of all the trail goes cold as ice. "Footprints in the snow" 04-07-1999 Evgeniy Zinovyov was with Sergey Sogrin on a simultaneous trek to the Subpolar Urals at the time of the tragedy with the Dyatlov group in the Northern Urals. Zolotaryov was enlisted in this trek, Zina was invited on this trek, but both decided to go with Igor Dyatlov. They were so close to missing this dire fate. The expedition had so many misfortunes, including burning down their only tent on the first days of the trek hence they spent the remaining 13 nights in snow bivouacs, many days blizzard, one of the hikers fell sick, couldn't walk, another burned his boots and had to traverse in valenki, same thing Thibeaux-Brignolle was wearing when he was found dead. Nevertheless, Sogrin's group was the world's first winter ascent on Sablya and Neroyka. ​Judging by what the hikers were capable to overcome​, what could go wrong with the Dyatlov group? The note found on Otorten 21-06-2013 At the beginning of the search for the Dyatlov group, it had to be established if they reached Otorten. The ascent of a peak back then was proved by leaving a note at the top, taking the one left from the group before them back, and mailing it to the appropriate city hiking club. Akselrod's group found a note left by Gudkov's group dated July 26, 1956, from the Faculty of Chemistry of Moscow State University. In 2013, Maya Piskareva took an interview from Boris Gudkov, including the diary of their hike, which included Otorten, but it was not their main goal. Otorten is not interesting in the summer, the Dyatlov group wanted to be the first to climb it in winter when the weather is brutal. The interview offers insights into hiking practices and group dynamics in the 60s. "Appendix zone" 20-08-2020 An anomaly is recorded on Kholat Syakhl, near the location of the tent found in 1959. The anomaly is called the "Appendix" zone. It is said by a professional geologist to be typical for the Ural fold system. Asked if there could be gas deposits that might have exploded, the expert answered that it is not likely but "who knows". I do not know how much truth there is in the statement that magnetic anomalies can interfere with people's behavior, I have read that people have felt strangely on the pass, but no one has ever done something so outrageous as to explain the tragedy in 1959. Threat from the air 29-04-2024 Туристы, по мнению Павлова и Хаджийска, поставили палатку рядом с тем самым кедром, где будут позже найдены трупы Кривонищенко и Дорошенко. Место очень удобное, непродуваемое, рядом ручей Лозьвы, есть где взять дрова для печки. Ребята обустроились, поужинали и легли спать. Массивный ствол упал на переднюю часть палатки, сминая находившиеся там котелки и ломая ребра Дубининой и Золотареву. Тибо, Слободин, Кривонищенко и Колеватов, находившиеся дальше от входа, получили удары только толстыми сучками и ветками. Medical Dynasty. Boris Vozrozhdenniy 04-03-2024 In 2023, a unique five-volume publication was presented in Yekaterinburg "Medical dynasties of the Middle Urals". Each volume consists of a collection of biographical essays about the families of Ural doctors of various specialties. And the very first volume of the "Dynasties" was published back in 2018, in which an essay was published about the medical dynasty of the Padlovskiy - Yaroslaviy - Vozrozhdeniy - Kuznetsov. If you expect to find out details about Boris Alekseevich’s criminal record, then you are definitely going to dissapointed, because there is not a word about this in journalist Liya Ginzel’s essay "Warm Home". However, this publication is interesting in that it contains many clarifications and details about the family of Boris Alekseevich in his second marriage, with Rosa Vyacheslavovna Padlovskaya, who came from a family of hereditary doctors. Teterkin group attempting Otorten in March 1992 14-03-1992 The group of Andrey Teterkin (6 men and 2 women) attempted Mt Otorten in March 1992. We can learn a lot from the circumstances. Their documentation answers a lot of questions about the route, how do you climb Mt Otorten in winter, which way do you take, where do you camp, how do you make the labaz, do all the hikers climb the peak etc. Here is only the part of their travel notes from March 15 to March 18. This is the loop where they fail to climb Mt Otorten, and there are links to the whole map and all the notes and photos. Could geologists be involved in the deaths of the hikers at the Dyatlov Pass? 02-02-2024 The hikers, according to Pavlov and Hadjiyska, set up a tent next to the very cedar tree where the bodies of Krivonischenko and Doroshenko would later be found. The place is very convenient, windproof, next to the Lozva tributary, there is plenty of firewood for the stove. The guys settled in, and were getting ready to go to bed. A massive trunk fell on the front of the tent, breaking the ribs of Dubinina and Zolotaryov. Thibeaux-Brignolle, Slobodin, Krivonischenko and Kolevatov, who were further from the entrance, were hit only by thick twigs and branches. The stove went down. Conversation with searcher Brusnitsyn 2007 01-05-2007 Vadim Brusnitsyn took the items out of the tent. He was constantly distracted and did not protocol what he was doing. Soon after they began stripping down the tent there was an order to to put everything back inside the tent and bring it to the landing site. Brusnitsyn and Sharavin dragged the tent with its contents for half a mile towards the rock outlier where now hangs the memorial plaque. As he took most of the photographs, he is rarely pictured in any. Yuri Koptelov excerpts from an interview with Channel 1, 2013 03-11-2011 "We began to rise, and there we saw a clearing, a cedar tree, and in the clearing lay two corpses and a fire between them. Everything is clean, white, powdered, just a little bit of snow lies on top of the corpses, on the ground and on the fire. I think that people put them here because... When they died, naturally, no one could have been there. People laid them down. But who, I don’t know. There were no traces." Yuri Koptelov recollections 2011 03-11-2011 "At the edge of the clearing stood a tall tree. In the middle of the clearing we saw traces of a fire. Two bodies lay on the ground with their heads facing each other (at right angle) near the fire. In underwear, on their back. The one who was lying barefoot towards us had a brown-red face! The nose was dark, as if bitten by nutcracker. But most importantly! Almost a month passed, and they lay on the ground only slightly dusted with snow! And there was no snow under them! This was evidenced by the position of the fire, also slightly dusted with snow. But around this clearing the snow was quite deep!" Interview with Koptelov 2008 01-02-2008 The story behind this picture is in Koptelov's recollections. The dating of the photo is also now possible because Koptelov was at the tent with Karelin when the latter just arrived on the pass with a helicopter on February 27. Koptelov didn't know Karelin. He only learned after the photo was published in the public domain who he took to the tent right after he found and reported that he and Mihail Sharavin had found the first bodies. Isn't it strange that they asked him to take them to the tent and not the bodies since the tent was visible from the landing site and the bodies were somewhere in the ravine? No one knew about the cedar or where to look. In the following days the mystery will deepen. Dead Cedar 30-12-2023 A 10 m tall cedar lying on the ground 5m away from where the bodies of Doroshenko and Krivonischneko were found was analyzed by an expert dendrologist Assoc. Prof. PhD Momchil Panayotov. and the last ring is from 1958. In the photos from February 1959, this tree is already on the ground, covered with snow, so much that it can not be seen. The dating shows the tree fell after the end of 1958 and before the first bodies of the Dyatlov group were found. Shumkov group 25-03-2023 Our fire burned all night. We survived thanks to the fire and the persistence with which we padded each other, not letting anyone fall asleep. After this cold night it was a quiet, sunny and very frosty day. After 15 hours of "running" on skis down to the people and warmth, we reached the district 41. "We weren’t expecting to see you anymore", the workers greeted us. Correspondence with the granddaughter of forester Rempel 01-01-2024 "When the guys went hiking anyway, in the area where the group was in the mountains, and it was at that time when my mom and dad saw a very bright light of an explosion in the sky. It was unmistakably an explosion, early in the morning and it was still dark, so it was clearly visible from our porch. After that the group did not go to the check point at the appointed time and immediately a group with foresters gathered to search." V.M. Askinadzi. Selected passages from 10 years of correspondence with Galina Sazonova 22-10-2023 "People stopped believing in the official information, and then they used us as news bearers. Our arrival was eagerly awaited. What new will the next group bring? Therefore, we were always surrounded by a large number of curious people. The people accepted everything that came from us with faith. But they had no idea (and neither did we!) that we were telling what they had skillfully put into our brains. This understanding came much later." What secret informants wrote about the Dyatlov group 25-03-2023 The senior lieutenant's operational group (white out) inspected an abandoned house in the 2nd Northern mining village, where the hikers spent the night. When examining the house, traces of hikers' presence about a month ago were found. During the inspection, part of a note was found on a piece of student’s notebook with the following content: "Igor, let’s talk!!!" Presumably written by Z. Kolmogorova, as well as two wrappers from foreign sweets, presumably made in the GDR. Remembering Sasha Kolevatov 17-10-2012 A book signed by Kolevatov as a gift to a girl who went on treks under his leadership: "I give this book as a token of my great respect. May your life, Valya, be full of questions and endeavors, with many adventures, quests and challenges; remember your friends, travel and get to know your vast Motherland! It has no boundaries! Only forward! May 27, 1958 A. Kolevatov" Askinadzi. Selected passages from letters - part 2 19-11-2020 "I read your questions and counter questions involuntarily arise - why did they suddenly interest you? After all, any question should be, at a minimum, the beginning of some "path that leads to the temple", to the solution to the "mystery of the century". As I understand it if someone has their own interpretation of the incident and is missing "a little something" - maybe this "guru" will explain. Then the question make sense and it is clear how to answer it. But no offense! Unfortunately, I sometimes receive completely ridiculous questions. I will answer only in a manner that is clear to me, don’t blame me!" Askinadzi. Selected passages from letters - part 1 10-09-2014 These are a selected letters that Vladimir Askinadzi sent to Maya Piskareva in the span of 5 years. Askinadzi is one of the remaining searchers who is direct, frank and doesn't invent facts or repeat half truths. Vladimir Askinadzi says what he remembers, doesn't repeat facts he only heard about, and as a witness to the events from 1959 he is as good as it's gonna get. This is a unique opportunity to hear from him what happened on the Dyatlov Pass while the bodies were being discovered. Vladimir Askinadzi is grounding all the theories to the facts he witnessed first hand. And he is being honest, to this day he is racking his brain with no explanation to the tragedy. Sokhondo Nature Reserve: The Trans-Baikal Dyatlov Pass 05-10-2023 This terrible story happened on Christmas Eve, 1982. On December 24, four workers of the Sokhondo Nature Reserve died in the remote taiga: junior researcher Mihail Orlov, laboratory assistant Sergey Konkin, forester Igor Baholdin and his common-law wife Tatyana Terehova. The oldest of them, Baholdin, was only 27 years old. No one knows for sure what happened that day. So they dubbed this story the Trans-Baikal Dyatlov Pass, comparing it with the mysterious death of nine hikers in the mountains of the Northern Urals in 1959. The radioactive trace on the Dyatlov Pass - two conflicting opinions 29-09-2023 The radioactive contamination in the Dyatlov case is one of the most complicated, controversial and unclear subjects we could come across. On top of the mind boggling fact why did the lead investigator order a radioactive test only on the last four bodies found in May and not on the first found in February-March, why order the tests on first place and then not taking in consideration the outcome at all, we can not agree on what the results tell us. I have discussed the subject with seasoned Russian nuclear physicist Igor Pavlov, and nuclear power researcher graduate from Arizona State University Brian Pierce. From what I can understand their opinions on the Radiological Analysis Report do not overlap. Vladimir Askinadzi interview 2012 10-09-2012 There were four of them. I’m writing these lines, and I’m back there again, as if these 53 years never happened!! Again everything is clear before my eyes. The emotions of those days are especially clear... It's amazing how you, persistent fellows, have turned us, searchers, into forensics and criminologists. We had a completely different task - to find and hand over the corpses to professionals in their field. Now they want us to plug the holes that Ivanov & Co left in the case. Dyatlov Pass Expedition 2023 07-08-2023 Expedition 2023 was a total success! Previous year we said that 2022 was the best expedition ever. This year was better. And I know where I will be next year at the same time because the vision of what is hidden and needs to be unearthed is getting clearer by the year. We found huge number of artifacts from the winter search camp and pinpoint the exact location of the spring search camp, both include lots of tin cans with legible stamps, aluminum spoon, axe with initials, buckets, ski mounts, electrical wire, batteries, a metal bracket driven into a tree to stretch the tent, firewood, 3m chimney, avalanche probe etc. The importance of these findings is that we know we can use the same methods to find artifacts left from the Dyatlov group and finally prove where did they camp, where did the tragedy start. My Bear Story 01-09-2023 During the expedition to the Dyatlov Pass 2023 I managed to get lost in the woods and meet face to face with a brown Russian bear and her three cubs. The bear had been chased by dogs in the deep forest and while I was dwelling as a real Mansi (Mansi means forest dweller), I experienced a close encounter of the third kind with the king of the Taiga. The Bear is considered the most powerful creature of the Ural mountains. A mama bear with cubs is not something you want to run into. I count my blessings. Expedition 2023 by Oleg Taymen 22-08-2023 Oleg and Olga Taymen are as tough as they come. They hike, swim by boat, fish and basically can survive the taiga for many days. They carry video camera, boat, metal detector, not the best but we will work on this I hope for next year's expedition. Their YouTube channel is the mother lode of videos on the subject. They went on the pass this winter and almost died. Posting the photos from this year's expedition takes time, because we discuss and analyze our findings. Not to mention all that life has kept in storage for us while we hike the Dyatlov Pass. So far we have Part 1. which covers our expedition before we went over the pass. Aleksandr Alekseenkov 25-03-2023 Alekseenko's version of events focuses not so much on the reasons that prompted the group to leave the tent (some external unnatural influence is assumed, for example, military tests), but on the events that followed. "This story is about the mighty spirit of nine people. Nine Humans, one by one, due to the circumstances, gave their lives, saving each other." The Nature of Holy Water 14-08-2023 Petar Ivanov studied the growth of crystals from saturated water vapor on various water samples injected into a chamber in which a constant temperature of minus 15 degrees Celsius was maintained. The resulting crystals are observed and photographed with a microscope equipped with a digital camera. He published the results of his experiments in his book "The Nature of Holy Water". They were found under the cedar. Dyatlov Pass. 18-03-2021 Mihail Sharavin, the first to discover both the tent and the dead, claims that the bodies under the cedar were covered with a blanket. There is no record of his testimony in the case files. So where is his testimony? Although the blanket doesn't appear anywhere in the protocols, just because something is improbable, in this particular cold case, it's not a merit to disregard. The cedar is a crucial point in this mystery. Something went very wrong there. Although the tent was found on the slope many believe it was not the Dyatlov group who pitched it there. But no one argues that the hikers were under the cedar. The question still is - what happened there, under this huge tree?
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