Latest additions to the site

We have dug up a great deal of search photos which instead of just dumping here will undergo some cleaning and restoration. You will see more than 300 new photos rarely published due to their low quality after scanning the originals. Other photos will seem familiar, but since Facebook is not allowing replacing photos the only way is to delete and upload the newly processed photos. Each photo undergoes a lengthy process of (1) mending tears and folds damaging the texture of the paper, (2) adding lost information by finding similar photos where the information is still intact, and (3) distinguishing the artifacts added during scanning and removing them. In the following months you will see a lot of photos being added or replaced. The process is resourceful, takes time and determination, since we are following all forensic guides of enhancing a photo without tampering with the information it presents. Here are illustration of all three cases with before and after examples.


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