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Jun 7, 1964 - Jun 24, 2021
Igor Pavlov died suddenly on June 24, 2021, from last stage pancreatic cancer.
The loss for the Dyatlov case research community is immense.
IGOR PAVLOV (Jun 7, 1964 - Jun 24, 2021)
He spent the last two decades of his life researching Death Mountain, and now he has set off on his own Expedition Unknown, to that undiscovered country.
"Игорь Павлов собрал ту базу, на основе которой англоязычное сообщество узнало первичные данные ("матчасть" по-русски) данной истории. Он был не единственный, но лучший по совокупности всего. Я знал его по переписке 8-9 лет. И мне будет очень сильно его не хватать. Читайте его книгу, цените его труд. Он этого более чем достоен. Соболезнования родным и близким выражаем. Пусть будет R.I.P."
КУК, Общественный фонд "Памяти группы Дятлова"

"Igor Pavlov put together the foundation on which the English-speaking world learned the basic data of this case. He was not the only one, but the best in the totality of everything. I knew him by correspondence for 8-9 years. And I will miss him very much. Read his book, appreciate his work. He is more than worthy of this. We express our condolences to family and friends. Let his soul R.I.P."
KUK, Dyatlov Group Memory Fund
"Игорь Павлов — личность такого масштаба, постичь который сложно. Думаю, он навсегда останется с нами и многие свои перевальные дела мы будем соизмерять с его мнением, оглядываясь в прошлое и предполагая, а что бы об этом написал Игорь...
Царствие Небесное нашему талантливому, чуткому и глубоко порядочному другу!
Давайте беречь друг друга. Жизнь слишком внезапна..."
Наталья Варсегова, специальный корреспондент Комсомольской правде

"Igor Pavlov is a personality of such a scale, which is difficult to comprehend. I think he will forever remain with us and we will measure many of our revelations on the case with his opinion, looking back in the past and guessing what Igor would have said about this...
The Kingdom of Heaven to our talented, sensitive and deeply decent friend!
Let's take care of each other. Life is too sudden..."
Natalya Varsegova, special correspondent for Komsomolskaya Pravda
Let his soul rest in peace. He now knows all the answers we are still looking for.
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Recently Igor wrote to me:
"I first registered on the Dyatlov forum under the nickname 3.14. Now, in essence, the result. I decided to go back to the origins and add π to the name."
π is an infinite decimal i.e. after the decimal point, the digits go on forever and ever. This is how I will remember Igor - with infinite knowledge on the case, infinite patience for anyone that would listen, and my respect and gratitude, that I will carry forever and ever.
Teodora Hadjiyska

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Mark Hrabn 29-07-2021 08:02 (GMT)
Words cannot express any understanding of the sorrow for your loss of Igor.

I knew him only through your work but his memory, like that of the Dyatlov group binds us together today in a family of shared values and respect.

If we have any purpose in life, it is to touch the hearts of others - to leave a legacy and through Igor’s work, which you brought to us all… he has.

These are, without doubt, difficult times for those that knew him personally but please take some comfort from the fact that his memory will live on in towns, cities and countries that he never visited.

With deepest condolence,

Mark Hrabn
Wendy Ryder 28-07-2021 11:04 (GMT)
Rest in peace. We are so grateful that you left such a great book as part of your legacy.
Robert Mitrovic 28-07-2021 09:57 (GMT)
Rest in peace, sorry to hear about it.
Eirn Escobar 24-07-2021 06:38 (GMT)
What a truly brave man Igor Pavlov was to suffer in silence. His loss to many people throughout the world is massive. He helped to solve, brilliantly, a complex mystery with grace and dignity. May his soul Rest In Peace.
Adriana V 14-07-2021 09:53 (GMT)
I was trying to find my words when the previous comment appeared so I remembered and looked up something that resonated in me:
"Our dead are never dead to us, until we have forgotten them." – George Eliot
RIP Igor Pavlov. Your work will live.
Eric Lloyd 14-07-2021 09:49 (GMT)
"Our loss is Heaven's gain, until loss is lost when we meet again" And this is not just a compassionate quote. In this case there is so much sorrow that the lines between life and death are occasionally blurred. We speak of dead all the time. The important thing is to understand what he had to say shortly before leaving us to bang our heads with this riddle.
RMK 12-07-2021 00:51 (GMT)
I was very sorry to hear that Igor Pavlov suddenly passed away. I am thankful that he lived to see his theory published, in the book he wrote with Teddy. The world has lost one its most perseverant, knowledgeable, meticulous, and original researchers into the Dyatlov Pass Incident.
MarieUK 10-07-2021 17:02 (GMT)
Thank you for sharing your extensive knowledge of the Dyatlov group. You will forever be a part of this RIP brave man
Michael Gross 10-07-2021 12:17 (GMT)
He will be greatly missed. Igor Pavlov's knowledge of the Dyatlov Pass Incident was breathtaking. Rest In Peace sir.
Bertie 10-07-2021 00:20 (GMT)
So sorry that we have lost you, Igor.

I only knew you for a short while, through your friendly presence on, but your detailed Dyatlov research, spanning many years, will continue as a lasting legacy and blessing to readers and researchers all around the world.
Rest peacefully, my friend.
morski 09-07-2021 23:00 (GMT)
So sorry to hear about it. May Igor rest in peace.
MKelly 09-07-2021 22:08 (GMT)
He was taken from us too early, but he has left an amazing legacy through his work for the Dyatlov Group. In the midst of sorrow, I feel so thankful that he was able to finish his book, and that I have the privilege of reading it. His work has reached far, and I know its benefits will continue to spread.
Martin Pesch 09-07-2021 22:06 (GMT)
This is undoubtedly exceedingly sad news. I hope you got the answers now.
God's blessings and peace.
Carla Sánchez 09-07-2021 21:59 (GMT)
I bought your book and diligently followed the instructions to find more information /1079 only to be presented with yet another tragedy. I will cherish what you have left us. We are like children that can no longer ask questions but have to find the answers on their own. "We Only Part To Meet Again" R.I.P.
Martin Lavay 09-07-2021 21:50 (GMT)
Mimořádná obsáhlost a mimořádná přehlednost. Tyto dva pojmy zdobí web DYATLOVPASS.COM, jako výsledek dlouholeté práce Igora Pavlova a Teodory Hadjiyské. Stvořili dílo, ze kterého čerpají experti i laici. O to je jejich práce cennější.

A Igor už není mezi námi…
Je to veliká škoda. Čest jeho památce.
Extraordinary comprehensiveness and extraordinary clarity. These two concepts adorn the DYATLOVPASS.COM website, as a result of many years of work by Igor Pavlov and Teodora Hadjiyska. They created a work from which experts and lay people draw. This makes their work more valuable.

And Igor is no longer with us…
It's a pity. Honor his memory.
Kateryna 09-07-2021 20:44 (GMT)
It absolutely breaks my heart that I never got to talk to you... At least now you're with them. Hope they welcomed you warmly. Rest in peace.
Amy Splawska 09-07-2021 16:29 (GMT)
I never met Igor, but I have had the pleasure of reading his book. His dedication to this case was amazing!
JR Cowan 09-07-2021 14:24 (GMT)
So sad. At least he was occupied with working on this remarkable book in his last days and taking his mind off his illness. He left a legacy for many people this way.
Travis Thomas 09-07-2021 10:50 (GMT)
Rest in peace dear Sir.
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