May 1959 Radiograms


Radiogram 1

At the bottom of the excavated site, there was found a den from the tops of a cut spruce trees on an area of 3 square meters over the branches in a pile to the left were found a sleeveless gray woolen sweater made in China insulated knitted trousers with a brown fleece on the left side the top and bottom elastic bands of the trousers are torn, warm brown wool sweater with lilac thread, the right pant leg from the previously found trousers, one soldier's puttee from an ordinary military material with sewn brown galloon about a meter long, I can't explain the presence of the puttee stop


Radiogram 2

During excavation, items were found at a depth of 2 m 30 cm from the top of the snow cover and 30 cm above the ground stop
In place of dyatlov group tent is found the sheath from a dagger 18 cm long made of PCB and one spoon the sheath assumed to belong to kolevatov stop


Radiogram 3

To Prodanov Sulman
5/5 at 9 h 30 minutes with Kurikov 50 meters southwest of the cedar in the place of a chopped spruce grove at a depth of 10 cm were found black cotton sports trousers without a right leg from the back of the burned right trouser leg cut off with a knife stop also found the left half of the female light brown worsted wool sweater second half with a right sleeve cut off with a knife is not yet found. Sweater belongs to Dubinina stop at 11 AM was decided to excavate a trench to the southwest from the cut spruce forest in 10 m excavated portion in area of 20 m2 to a depth of 2.5 m stop


Radiogram 4

I decided to continue the excavation of this trench although it is very difficult to do this since the snow is very hard stop I request to assign to me 6 very strong engineering sapper shovels with a strong nozzle and two miners picks stop I think that the dead are nearby the excavations will require physically strong and hardy fighters of which I want to warn warn the commanders stop At 17 00 we leave for excavation your proposals and instructions please relate to Nevolin so I can execute


Radiogram 5

18 40 while digging the ditch at the bottom of the streaming creek was found a corpse in a gray sweater excavation of which continues the work has to be done in the water and I ask you to prepare tomorrow for departure by helicopter departure from here for prosecutors and investigation it is desirable to contact tomorrow through the rim at 09 AM if there are questions


Radiogram 6

Received: Temnikov
Ivan Stepanovich
this it’s outrageous, fourteen comrades and I carried the corpses to the helicopter on our shoulders but the crew was ... more than dozen ... the helicopter lifted off, despite my convincing requests, they didn’t take on board what I had requested as a communist ... the crew’s behavior was insulting I ask you to inform the General Party of the Soviet Union and twice the hero of the Soviet Union, commander Col. General Lelyushenko. for you personally. corpses are frozen in the state in which you saw them in ----- concerns their exposed parts of the body. we are not there ... guided by ... a detailed study showed that they are in a frozen state a medical expert --- refused to perform their resection because of the inability to do this, which he will personally report to you at your request


Radiogram 7

Sverdlovsk Regional Committee of the Communist Party of ermash Oblast Executive Committee Pavlov
The Ivdel City Committee of the Communist Party to Prodanov
the commander of the helicopter, captain Gatezhenko ... refused to evacuate the dead citing his refusal by an order from comrade who had prohibited to evacuate without zinc boxes stop according to the regional expert. ... completely safe stop The corpses are wrapped up and sewn into tarpaulin waterproof covers stop eliminating contamination of the point I ask you to demand instructions from the air force command immediate evacuation of corpses brought to the area of the helicopter landing pad stop solution please inform
Ortyukov 7/5


Radiogram 8

То Ortyukov
I will try to report but it is unlikely that without coffins they will agree to transport stop there will be more questions Prodanov


Radiogram 9

To Ortyukov Ivanov
Today ordered galvanized coffins tomorrow promise to send backpack stop flight by helicopter at noon in the parts where to bury since the issue is not yet resolved said Pavlov he informed Sverdlovsk city committee is ordered to contact the parents to make external inspection advice sizes of coffins


Radiogram 10

To Prodanov
I'm asking to hand over the corpses to Klinov for this reason. A detailed inspection can not be done stop The corpses are well prepared for dispatch. Ivdel is lined with spruce stop If tomorrow does not take out, then it decomposes stop If the burial is done at the height, it will not be possible to make an autopsy because of lack of basic conditions stop The revived Ivdel sent the corpses waiting for traces of violence clothes made by the hikers themselves remain a camp for the search for small items


May 1959 Radiograms


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