Maslennikov 2nd notebook


According to Karelin, separate (loose) sheets with diagrams and a list of search groups were folded inside the notebooks.

Scan 1

Brown notebook cover

Scan 2

On the back: Slobodin V. M. D1-85-41 h. 57

Scan 3

Radio 2/III '59

1) Continue the search at any cost.

2) Replace part of the group - Slobtsov and Mansi (without Nevolin) pull off.

3) Send Lt. Col. Busygin - group with probes (12-14 men).

4) Send sappers with a mine detector

5) Recruit new mansi

6) 1st flight corpses + 5-6 men
2nd flight - evacuate all replaced people

7) Forecast - no worsening is expected
3-5 March t=-12, wind 5-6 m.

Radio transmitter R-114=Akselrod
-----//---- R10=

Scan 4

? Bivouac in another place
v Food -3+3
v Products - Sogrin
v Yura - topo of the area
30 men Chernyshoev 5
Akselrod 3
Headquarters 3
Karelin 5
 28 + 2  =30 men
Ivanov Lev Nikitich
Д1-63-34 кв
Elena Grig.
D1-49-66 work
secretary D1-32-04
On 2/III '59

Search labaz = mansi 2 + Slobtsov 3

Search for the pass = Chern 5 + Akselrod 3 + Car. 5 + Masl.

On duty = Slobtsov 4 + Blinov, Nevolin + Carelin-2. wood, food Slobtsov-4men+2men

Pass=helicopter= Slobtsov 7 + Yura + Ivanov + Chernyshev 2 + Car. 2

Scan 5

2/III '59 The weather is improving

Today we will look for a labaz in the upper sources of Auspiya. Sending Send on-duty on the helipad in case of arrival of the helicopter. Send group to the pass to search for victims. The first flight will take Ivanov, Yarovoy, 4 corpses, the second - 6 people from the group of Slobtsov.

Considering Questions:

1) Send to Chernyshev’s group four hoods from for raincoats.

2) Fly 2 helicopters or one in two flights.

3) No need to replace the Mansi that are going back - this is our opinion and Nevolin.

4) Since the area of work is well defined and the nature of the work requires a different experience is not difficult, I consider it appropriate the leadership of the detachment to entrust to Captain Chernyshev,

Scan 6

so that the composition of the detachment becomes military. Make The detachment and comrade Chernyshev agree on this. Set It also raises the question of withdrawing Blinov Borisov Serdytih

5) It would be nice to clarify whether a new type meteorological accident crashed over the ridge area, launched on the Urals on the evening of the first of February.

6) Thank you for your concern in the delivery of products, we ask halva oil, condensed milk, sugar, coffee, tea, cigarettes. Maslennikov.

(one sheet is torn)

Scan 7

Transmission 2/III

Sidorov - take off

Report weather 9-12-15h local. Detail summary of the expedition at 18.

Sapper 8 men, 10 sportsmen. Busygin

Helicopter 3/III; at 11-12h, 2nd helicopter after 20-30 mins


Kurikov group left 25/II looking for deer 24/II to 3/III '59, then turned back.

Scan 8

2/III '59       Found in the labaz

Condensed milk 0.4   6cans = 2.5kg
Meat 0.35 10 cans = 4kg
Sugar 8kg
Butter 4kg
Cooked sausage 4kg
Salt 1.5kg
Kissel compote 3kg
Cocoa, coffee, tea = 0.6kg
Oatmeal porridge (in br*) = 5kg
Buckwheat porridge -//-2.5
Brisket = 3kg
Powdered milk = 4pcs = 1kg
Sug. bulk = 3kg
v Noodles = 5kg
Mandolin Krivonischenko
1 pair leather** boots size 41
1 pair insulated boots Dyatlov
Рepair kit - fastened
Lighting = 2 batteries
First aid kit - 1 box

* Example: semolina in briquettes

** Could be worn (нош.) or leather (кож.)

Scan 9

Radiogram 2/III '59

Searches in the Lozva valley today failed. Twenty-two people went to the pass and then were forced to go back because of a snowstorm, there is no visibility stop. Instead, we prepared firewood, strengthened the camp, prepared it for the arrival of replacements. 400 meters from our camp going up on Auspiya search groups of Slobtsov and Kurikov discovered found Dyatlov labaz. In the labaz were found nineteen items and products weighing 55 kg, as well as a spare first-aid kit, Dyatlov warm boots, one spare ski boots, a mandolin, a set of batteries with light bulb and a spare set of skis. List and weight of products available listed in investigator Ivanov's protocol. Products by decision

Scan 10

of the latter left the camp.

Moving from the place of the last discovered overnight stay from the storage to the pass in bad weather Dyatlovets Dyatlov's group could easily have taken the ridge of height 1079 for the pass to Lozva. But the main mystery of the tragedy remains the exit of the whole group from the tent. The only thing besides an ice ax found outside the tent — a Chinese flashlight on the roof — confirms the likelihood that one dressed person would come outside, which gave some reason for everyone else to hastily throw the tent. The reason could be some extraordinary natural phenomenon or the passage of meteorological intercepts, which Ivdel saw on February 1 and on February 17, saw Karelin’s group. Tomorrow we will continue to search together with new forces and ship the planned cargo.

Scan 11

Questions: Small messages

1. Chernyshev's group and Sidorov both are asking to leave the latterhere.

2. Need candles, five pieces left.

3. Tomorrow morning, we are sending Kurikov’s group back, giving them reference for their work.

4. Send telegram on my behalf to Sverdlovsk, Pervomayskaya 104 Energochermet

Scan 12

24 u. (unquoted - ed. note) 16'=

To Maslennikov=

tomorrow, in your area weather is expected to improve and decided to send two helicopters to you at the same time after reconnaissance of the area and they will drop off 8 sappers with mine detectors and a group of ten men headed by an officer while you remain the leader of the search your deputy is appointed captain Chernyshev. by the general party the instructions given to the plant manager to consider you on a business trip. Against the evacuation procedure proposed

Scan 13

by you today we do not object make the most expedient decisions independently requested products will be sent to you use food from the labaz after the inventory nothing against the evacuation of Borisov Serdityh why send Blinov is necessary to send Blinov back. we clearly don't have flying weather continue the search for the whole group untill the whole group. We will send a telegram to your wife now. Send the coordinates of the labaz = Commission =

09     1000     130 Moscow time to give only weather on the airfield in the absence of Maslennikov these sessions are not mandatory, and with me at 1300 main control session at 1600 rc. (reverse check - ed. note)

5) Please call me to report and resolve issues with leadership of the detachment.

Scan 14

To Maslennikov

1. If Sidorov agrees we have no objections. Other questions will be answered tomorrow.

1 call at ?12


  1. I ask the sappers to after the mine detectors to work with the probes.
  2. Coordinates of the labaz (storage - ed. note) are reported.
  3. Give us your permission for Sidorov to remain.
  4. Except the three members of the Slobtsov group, all the other UPI students leave. Blinov missed a lot of classes.
  5. I ask to call me to report and address the issue of leadership of the detachment.

Scan 15

1/III '59

We consider today the final day. Will feel with probes the whole area with deep snow. If we do not find anything with the probes, we will have to wait for spring (May-June). They didn't go further than this place. Snow here in places is more than 2m. It is established that the disaster occurred on the night of February 2.

0850    1000    1100    1200 r. (receipt - ed. note) (32509    

On January 31, during bad weather, the group left Auspiya from an overnight stay, which was discovered first and went up to the pass. But the wind stopped them and they returned to the tree line of the forest at the upper sources of Auspiya and set up a camp here. This is about where our camp is now. The next morning they made a storage shed and left some of their products here. At 15.00 (in the afternoon they built

Scan 16

storage) they again went to Lozva through the the pass and climbed to the place where the tent we found was pitched. Probably during the blizzard they took the slope of height 1079 (main ridge) for the pass from Auspiya to Lozva. They went up to the ridge and were driven away by a hurricane wind, decided to set up a camp at this place at 6 pm The tent is installed very firmly, according to all the rules, all skis are under the tent, then empty backpacks, padded jackets, on one side there are food supplies, on the other - shoes. There were also all the blankets, all personal belongings of the group. The tent is set up with accounting for the strong wind from above.

Scan 17

Radio 3/III

  1. I ask you to raise the issue of trip assignment to the managers of search teams leaders engineers Karelin, Akselrod, Atmanaki.
  2. 2 kerosene lamps

continuation 1/III -----------

the group had dinner (there are food leftovers in the tent) and began to undress in order change their wet clothes, boots and put on dry ones. It was at that moment that something happened that made the group half-dressed run out of the tent and rush down the slope. Perhaps someone dressed came out to relief himself, he was blown away. The responders to the scream were also carried away. The tent is pitched at the most dangerous place went it comes to wind. It was impossible to climb back from 50 meters, as the tent was (see page 9) (ed. note - here 26)

Scan 18

3/III '59

overcast 6-8 height at the level of the mountains is visible 5-7km wind west down 2 in the mountains 8-10 temp. -5°.

50 to 09 50 kg       helicopter

3/III-59  1200 to 1400 rc. (reverse check - ed. note)

A group of sappers arrived, 8 people safely reached the camp. The corpses were sent by helicopter, the prosecutor and correspondent also arrived. 17 people are participating in the search. In the morning the weather was better, now the wind is increasing. The search continues. Chernyshev.

Scan 19

Radiogram 3/III

Snowstorm lasted all day. Wind over the pass to 25 meters, visibility 5-8. The search continued. The group of Captain Vlasov carefully examined the valley of the stream, at the sources of which was Dyatlov group accident happened. The group reached Lozva. No traces of Dyatlov was found, creek is a snow dump site from the main ridge, the snow is very deep. The probability part of the group to have left this Lozva valley are none. Moiseev also passed here thorough with the dogs. Another group continued to probe the slope. Two hundred meters of deep snow, one hundred meters wide leading to Kolmogorova's dying place stop Nothing

Scan 20

was found stop Once again examined the site at the cedar stop The amount of work done at the site cutting the fir trees suggests that besides two there is someone else stop Maybe this spruce branch is used for the snow pit in which the rest sleep. Tomorrow this site will be subjected to more thorough inspection. On the way back from the search we gather the passengers from the second helicopter. We are staying in the same tent, we are still thirty people.

Tomorrow we will continue searching. Since the probes, despite our request, were not brought to work half of the detachment ten people. The rest will be working on a helipad near

Scan 21

the camp, found the site.

Our requests:

1) Instead of candles, send two kerosene lamps.

2) If possible, put a question on travel arrangements for search team leaders to engineers Karelin Akselrod Atmanaki. Addresses at Ivanov.

3) Postgraduate Korolyov left the institute without registration, please call.

4) Need to send garlic.

5) Tell the relatives of Chernyshev’s group that everyone is alive and healthy.

6) Need to prepare for the replacement of the remaining students with army men. M-v

Scan 22

1. Due to the great difficulty of landing helicopters, please consider finding a new landing area for your camp area covered from strong winds conditions for a site with a radius of one hundred meters under low trees. At the center of the site, trod a square 10 by 10 meters.

2. Ten more people will be sent tomorrow. Prepare to send someone you consider possible, but not more than 10 people.

3) We consider it extremely necessary for Maslennikov to organize a search for all the people who arrived for 2-3 days after which he may be reporting. 4. Inform the search plans for the coming days.

Scan 23

5. Instead of candles, send two kerosene lamps.

6) All heads of institutions in Sverdlovsk, of which people are busy searching, are instructed to extend business trips = Pavlov =

There is a section one and a half kilometers long, one hundred meters wide, where the probes should pass. With this, all the work will be completed, there is nowhere esle to search.  This will take three days if the weather does not worsen. M-v

Scan 24

be healthy, wish you success
Maslennikov in your home was serkova reassured all right =

  30 men
1) 8 sappers
2) 3m. duty 2+1
4) 10m. probes Kar.4 + Chern.1 + Aks.4+2
5) 4m cedar Vlasov 4m + 2sap + 2sap
5) 5m-helipad + 3duty.
(27) Chern.1 + Slobtsov.3+ Shevk.3 + Blinov.1
Karelin - in charge of the men on duty
Karelin - 3ч.
Blinov - 1
Slobtsov - 3

Scan 25

(monument scheme)
(Ed. note: In March it was decided to establish a temporary monument. According to unconfirmed data, this pyramid was installed in the area of the helipad on the pass by April (before the arrival of Blinov group)

\Scan 26

(ed. note - continuation from 17)

torn, the (hikers - ed. note) down the hill could command to abandon it and go into the woods. Knowing the slope in the direction of Auspiya, where the forest is near, they wanted to hide there, maybe find the site of the storage. But the slope to Lozva is very rocky and 2-3 times farther from the forest. They made a fire and Dyatlov with Kolmogorova (they are better dressed) went back to look for the rest and for clothes. Couldn't keep up and they fell. The position of their bodies speaks of this.

Today 4h. will look for the storage, the rest will search for the dead. We feel well, please send 15kg of crackers, 5 shovels. Advise the weather for 3 days, did Grebennik get going. Maslennikov.

Scan 27

In the direction of the wind at 10-15m from the tent lay sneakers and socks, a storm jacket, a fur jacket, pro

|\     Chinese flashlight
| \________x__________ snow

Tent for 10 people


x  ice axe
   1079  x spare skis
° 900

Slobtsov dropped off 23 on Otorten

24/II went to Lozva, then to the foot of the ridge Charka-Nur
‹ ridge


25/II reached Dyatlov campsite on Auspiya
26/II 3 groups went up, down, to Purma to meet with mansi
27/II All groups gather on 1079

Scan 28

Lt.Col. Shestopalov:
area 300х150

The weather is very good. Search continue, 31 people worked from half past nine to six. Processed three hundred meters by two hundred and sixty wide. Another group began to probe the cedar area. Found a handkerchief two and a half pairs of socks, torn cuff from a gray sweater sleeve. Nothing more can be said. Three people were preparing the site for a helicopter right outside the tent, an area of 50x50 was cut down. Climbed the ridge, where was pitched

Scan 29

Dyatlov tent and height 1079 as well. No traces of ascend were found. Mine detectors are useless, and lieutenant colonel immediately switched to probes
11+10+8+5=34 men

In addition to the two military groups of Chernyshev and Shestopalov, Akselrod’s civilian group has been organized, the whole camp is 34 people. Report the results of the investigation Dyatlov items, maybe it will help finding the place. What was the weather on February 1. Maslennikov

Scan 30

Reply 4/III '59

1. The commission considers it necessary for Maslennikov to prepare for the flight for the report on March 6. Pay special attention to all human and wolf tracks, their direction, quantity, from the film on which tracks are photographed.

2. Advise who to be in charge of the search team while you are away.

3. What is product availability 4. A telegram was received in the name of Maslennikov: Business trip extend wish successful assignment Chernavin

Scan 31

dvd Chernavin

5 Investigation of items (from the tent - ed. note) is not over.

6 Weather February 1 in Ivdel was temperature 17 northwest wind 14 meter per second.

7. Avalanche probes are in Sverdlovsk tomorrow the sixth, will be here, and send to you

There is no gray sweater on the corpses, all clothes in order. A satirical flyer was found "evening otorten" dated by Dyatlov group February 1=

Scan 32

The approach to the helipad should be one hundred meters, at least on one side. Send the telegram to your Moscow comrades and greetings to everyone =

wish you success in further search and good health =

gb sk 1900 Moscow time

scheme Search site
Lt.Col. Shestopalov

Scan 33

Search chart (comments):

(10) to 6=8 hours
pr.250m - 40 min
з/ч - 50 meters
1000 meters
20 times
40 mins
800 min
200    10+4=14h
300m - 1hour
250m - 1hour
2000 meters 8 hours

Scan 34

  1. All traces of Dyatlov group found in the search area were photographed, there are no wolf tracks here.
  2. The leadership of the detachment can be entrusted to Captain Chernyshev.
  3. The bread was delivered to the entire squad for ten days, lies on the pass hardening, No sausage for lunch at the camp. The rest is enough. Further needs will be reported in 2 days.
  4. Thank you for the hard work bye.
  5. The whole search team is working smoothly, purposefully. Nobody else is in a rush to go home.

Scan 35

5/III day

1) Probes are needed by the end of the day 5/III. On the helipad 2 men Chern. + 2men Shest.

2) Sr Lieutenant Avenburg will lead a group of sappers, Lieutenant Colonel Shestopalov must return.

3) We have no missiles to connect groups during bad weather.


temp 8-9 wind west 10-14 meters sec gusty

  1. We ask all comrades to write home a letter Atmanaki telegram to his father, since relatives are very worried, esp. Chernyshev and Vlasov
  2. Set round the clock armed duty in the tent.
  3. The landing area should be at least 100 meters from the tent (the answer is given)
  4. Lieutenant Colonel Shestopalov can return with a helicopter tomorrow.

Scan 36

  1. Atmanaki to submit the text of the telegram and the address of his father where to send.
  2. Weather around the airport on 1 February the temperature is minus 8-9 wind 10-14 m/s gusty. In the evening we will report the weather in Burmantovo on 1 February
    = Commission
    Report the exact place of work of Akselrod, Atmanaki, Karelin groups. Avalanche probes did not arrive, expected in the evening.

Scan 37

Radio 5/III

Today was windy again, the wind swept 15 meters, visibility is poor. Yesterday, the Shestopalov group passed a section near the cedar 300x120 meters. Today the detachment worked especially hard, covered 500 meters from 250 to 150 meters wide. Halfway between Kolmogorova and Dyatlov, a fifth body was found under 15 centimeters layer of snow. This is more than likely Rustem Slobodin. Wearing a warm ski cap on his head, black sweater cotton pants underpants three pairs of socks. Abrasions in several places on his face. There is a wound on the hand.

Scan 37

On one leg, a black felt boot. A watch pobeda on his wrist stopped at a quarter to nine. Lying with his head bent in the direction of the mountain. An act is drawn up. Tomorrow afternoon we will carry him up. Remained area of 500x100 square. All groups are merged now for the search in one, walking with probes close to each other in a front of 30 people sectors on the search site divided in squares. It will be tomorrow too. The tent is guarded around the clock from the first day of work, Weapons here are more than enough.=

Scan 39

The address and telegram of Atmanaki Revda of Sverdlovsk Engels 29 Atmanaki I am in the mountains healthy don't worry I'll be around the tenth Georg Zhora.

The names of Muscovites
Baskin Semyon Borisovich
Bardin Kirill Vasilyevich
Shuleshko Evgeniy Evgenyevich

We will all write letters today

To Maslennikov

  1. Transfer the leadership of the whole group to Chernyshev, prepare yourself for the flight to report. Take along with you Sergeant Verhovskiy from Chernyshev group

Scan 40

very necessary here. Tomorrow will be sent a new man.

  1. Prepare the body to be sent, record his position, take a photo.
  2. Tomorrow we will drop off products for all members of the group except the bread lamp probes
  3. According to preliminary investigation, the cause of the tragedy is unclear. medical examination showed that there was no foul play. As of the stomach content, it can be determined that the group had its last meal in about ten hours=

Alcohol Sausage Cond. Milk no bread sent

Scan 41

Regarding will regard w account products your we will take into account your request, maslennikov is allowed to departure 7 Mar=Pavlov

1200 We wish you success in work and good health


  1. Not nesessary to send a men in place of Verhovskiy
  2. Of the products desirable sausage, condensed milk, alcohol
  3. Corpse photographed several views
  4. In Chernyshev's group everyone is healthy, tomorrow they will send letters with Verhovskiy.
  5. Tomorrow work at all areas will be completed, let me fly the seventh.

Loose page

Protocol №1

Finding the body of Slobodin from UPI hiking group (leader Dyatlov)

Mar 6, 1959
Height 1079

We, the undersigned, Evgeniy Polikarpovich Maslennikov (Sverdlovsk, Zavodskaya, 32-84), Ivan Alekseevich Vlasov (Ivdel, Mekhanoshina, 20), Sergey Antonovich Verkhovskiy (Ivdel, Krasnoarmeyskaya, 52 b), Semyon Borisovich Baskin (Moscow I-51, Malokaretnaya 3, apt. 1)
drew up the present act as follows:



signature Maslennikov

signature Vlasov

signature Verkhovskiy

signature Baskin

Loose page

Drawing of the Dyatlov tent location and cedar

Loose page

Drawing of Kolmogorova, Slobodin, Dyatlov and the cedar tree

Scan 42

Plan for Mar 6, 1959

Remain - Sidorov, Vlasov, Nevolin, √

Transportation - 6 men Potapov +1men Chern.

Search - 22 men.

Leaving Lt.Col. Shestopalov (Verhovskiy)

1) It is necessary to pay for the skis, which made the sled.

2) Need to send Tipikin Sogrin Akselrod

Forest 3-5 meters around the site is cleared and 7x7 meters area is cleaned to the ground

Scan 43

Radio Mar 6, 1959

Weather is not good for search. The search team passed the entire valley of the stream at 250-meter-long by hundred meters wide. Nothing found. A small group passed the forest border below 880 along the ridge above the stream of the incident. Part of the group going further from the cedar across this ridge is excluded as there is deep, friable snow all over the slope. Tomorrow the probes will go through a deep ravine of 50 meters from the cedar, going to the pass between heights 880 and 1079. Also we will go through a small section of the upper part of the slope under the Dyatlov tent for the second time. There is nowhere else to look.

Scan 44

Ready to fly tomorrow to report. Maslennikov.

Due to the fact that the helicopter tomorrow will undergo a routine inspection its departure to you is scheduled for March 8. Assign comrades to the additional equipment of the site according to the instructions received by you from the crew. =Pavlov=

The ground under the helipad is uneven, so we don’t need to clear it from the snow to the ground. We will level it and press the helicopter to the ground, 10 meters closer to the tent from the center of the site.

Scan 45

It is advisable to know the leader's plans for the search for the near term. We are surprised by the large number of products sent.

To Maslennikov
Further plan for the search will be discussed after your departure.=
We wish you success in your search and good health bye 1200

Scan 46


1. Tomorrow the presence of Yuri Yudin and Stepan Nikolayevich in Ivdel is desirable.

2. Whether to wait today helicopter?

3. Please send telegrams

a) Sverdlovsk Zavodskaya 32 apt. 84 Maslennikova Greetings on your holiday will be back soon Zhenya

b) Akselrod

c) Atmanaki

d) The whole group of Chernyshev asks to convey congratulations to their wives today in regards to Happy 8th of March.

Scan 47

7/III '59

28 people continued to search all day. No results. A lighted flashlight was found 450 meters below the tent; 20 meters from the tent - a piece of broken skis. Tomorrow, March 8, is announced to be a the day off. I think that the search should stop until the end of April. The weather is improving.

Tomorrow, three Muscovites will fly out with me, part of the civilians is desirable to leave.

Scan 48


Tomorrow, at about 11-12 am local time, a helicopter will arrive which you must fly to report on the results of work and measures for further search. Tomorrow communication only with the airfield. Please Moscow comrades to stay in the camp until measures for further searches are determined. Take with yourself Verhovskiy from the group of Chernyshev. Congratulations to all men on Women's Day. Your telegrams are all transmitted. Landing a helicopter at the usual place =Pavlov=

Scan 49

Helicopter landing will be at the usual place=

Once again we ask the Moscow comrades to stay=Pavlov=

Due to the extraordinary tragic case checking the materials of preparation of Dyatlov group’s expedition is entrusted to a special commission, so there is no need to do this work additionally and the team can check the work of the city’s hiking section in 2-3 days. In this regard, we once again ask you to postpone the departure for a few days. =Commission=

Scan 50

(Calculations for the search)         5=1 500 000 :30

1500х200= 300 000 sq.m. х 8=2 400 000 :30 50 000 pokes

80.000 pokes

5 days


2000 х 5=10000 pokes

Section length 1500 m

Width - " - 200 m

Area 300.000 sq. m (30 hectares) (74 acres - ed. note)

Q-ty pokes per sq. m     5 p

Total pokes     1 500 000 p

Per man (from 30) 50.000 p

Per day                    10.000 p

In one hour 1 man covers 250 m → 1250 p

For 8 hours → 10.000 p

Scan 51

Schemes of measurements on the scene of accident
(the valley of stream of Lozva r.)

(ed. note - very popular drawing by Maslennikov)

Scan 52

(search scheme)

Scan 53

(slope steepness and trace patterns)

Scan 54

(blank page)

Loose page

The list of search groups on location of the incident with Dyatlov group

Name Organization From what date
in the mountains
1 E.P. Maslennikov Verkh-Isetsky Metallurgical Plant Feb 27
2 Karelin SRI of Metallurgical Heat Engineering Feb 27
3 Atmanaki ПНТЗ Feb 27
4 Akselrod Hydromash plant, Sysert Feb 26
5 Sogrin UPI Feb 26
6 Tipikin UPI Feb 26
7 Korolyev UPI Mar 3
8 Chernyshev Ivdellag Feb 26
9 Yablonskiy Ivdellag Feb 26
10 Nevolin (rad. op.) Northern Expedition Feb 25
11 Avenburg sapper unit Mar 3
12 Savelyev sapper unit Mar 3
13 Kudin sapper unit Mar 3
14 Golubev sapper unit Mar 3
15 Vasilchenko sapper unit Mar 3
16 Mordovin sapper unit Mar 3
17 Tymkov sapper unit Mar 3
18 Potapov Ivdellag Mar 4
19 Zauzin Ivdellag Mar 4
20 Biryukov Ivdellag Mar 4
21 Sautbekov Ivdellag Mar 4
22 Syunikaev Ivdellag Mar 4
23 Polyakov Ivdellag Mar 4
24 Borey Ivdellag Mar 4
25 Peremot Ivdellag Mar 4
Loose page
26 Ivdellag Mar 4
27 Ivdellag Mar 4
28 Moiseev Ivdellag Jan* 27, Mar 6
29 Baskin Moscow "Burevestnik" Mar 3
30 Bardin Moscow "Roskomfizkult" Mar 3
31 Shuleshko Moscow "Roskomfizkult" Mar 3
Head of the group (E. Maslennikov) Mar 8, 1959
* Must be a typo, it says "I" instead of "II" for February


Scan 55

Message 8/III '59

I Organizational side

a) Bivouac
b) Food
c) Equipment
d) Destribution by group

Replacing groups

Duties - doctor, supplies manager, duty officer,
Poorly - cook, food, doctor


II Search organization. Ridge probing system

°         °
°         °

Inspection, probing with sticks, Mansi
Probing 1 500 х 200 = 300 000 sq.m (30 hectares)
х5 = 1.500.000:30 50.000:5=10.000 in hour-250m-1250 p.
Work in the cedar area За 8ч-10.000 pr.
Working with dogs
Height 1079, ridge, saddle 1079/880,
pass, stream Lozva r., Lozva r., chum.

Search the labaz (storage site - ed. note)

Plane takeoffs - 46 takeoffs 10/III, 120 airplane/hours, 200K rubles

Scan 56

(blank page)

Scan 57

III. Search results. Tent, footprints

27/II 3 bodies - on top of the snow cover.

27/II body of K - found by a dog

5/III body of S. - search. party

4 bodies are not found 2/III - labaz (storage - ed. note) found

At the cedar - items, at the tent - flashlight.

All the people are here, not gone anywhere (hours 3-4).

IV. Our suggestions (where could they go?)

30/I - overnight on Auspiya

31/I - attempt to go over the pass and overnight at the labaz (storage - ed. note

1/I - Storage site and at 15-00 left

At 18.00 - overnight at the slope Mt. 1079

\return Dyatl./ At 22-23.00 - escape from the tent (time-moment changing clothes)

Did the group intentionally camp on the slope

Error during a snowstorm - the slope is identical

Not intentionally - Dyatlov cautious, storage site, easy, previous overnight stay is bad,

Reasons for leaving the group from the tent:

1) Exit one person, fall, exit the rest. Calculation on the storage site, could not return

2) Meteorocket night, explosion, fright

3) Attack Mansi - knew about the group, went to Otorten, scare the infidels,

Scan 58

(blank page)

Scan 59

Shotguns, come out one by one, run (Caucasus).

Cons: No traces. Gone from above.

4) Attack by animals (wolves)

5) Group psychosis - panic.

V. Search prospects:

a) Stop - the whole area was examined, the snow was very dense, frosted, we went over 2-3 times.

b) If continued - replace all completely, can not work more than 3-4 days. Physical and Moral Factor.

Dig up the valley. 8-10K probes per day, the whole area is inspected - no diligence.

End of april, begining of may - Chernyshev group.

Scan 60

(blank page)

Scan 61

Radiogram 9/III '59

  1. Today, continue to search the band 30-50 meters near the surveyed areas of the valley.
  2. As a result of the 4-hour discussion of the results of the search, it was decided that within 3-4 days all the squad members of the search to be removed.
  3. Today at 12.00 pm prepare for the departure of the following comrades:



    Landing from the top platform.

  4. The leadership of the remaining part of the detachment during the days of evacuation should be entrusted to comrades Potapov and Korolyov.

Scan 62

  1. The airfield at the tent is rejected due to insufficient deforestation for approaching from the east. Take action.
  2. All property of the Institute to accept Korolyov.
  3. Shipment of food and equipment to make the last, so they could be left in the camp if necessary for new coming groups.

Scan 63

To Potapov

  1. The work on probing the slope should be continued On the designated in the morning sites
  1. Work on probing the slope should continue.
  2. We agree with your work plan for tomorrow.
  3. There will not be helicopters tomorrow. Cigarettes send the day after tomorrow.
  1. For the sick Solovyov tomorrow we will send a helicopter.
  2. The order of evacuation will be sent additionally.
  3. Instead of the area of the stream, which is well surveyed, it is more desirable to tackle the area above the cedar, which has not yet been surveyed. No hurry when working to prevent the stop working with all safety precautions.

Loose page

It is advisable to start work on the left side of the ravine from the stones ridges and reach Kolmogorova, because further it's been already passed three times. You can stop working with around the cedar, we misunderstood you at first.

  1. Report the temperature and wind tonight.
  2. Yesterday it was recommended to search in the area above the cedar, that is, to the south of it, and not behind the ravine, where searches are useless. It is advisable to continue working near the cedar in the indicated area.

With your search plan on the left

Scan 64

(blank page)

Scan 65

(scheme of fixture of the monument?)

Scan 66

(blank page)

Scan 67

10 Mar

Specify the search location

1. Continue the search on both sides of the surveyed area of the valley, taking into account the traces on the trees
  1. Report what is done on the lower helipad for approaching from the east.
  2. Report Solovyov's condition
  3. The change of the entire squad composition due to the repair of helicopters will begin on March 12. On the 1st day, comrade Solovyov and the miners will be removed, on the 2nd day all the rest.
5. Tomorrow cigarettes will be dropped off and lifted off comrade Solovyov.
Do not slow down the search during this period. March 12 cigarettes will be dropped off and a radio with batteries.
5.    Pavlov.

Scan 68

(blank page)

Scan 69

(overnight tent scheme)

Scan 70

(blank page)

Loose page

Search groups

v 1) Yuri Evg Yarovoy
Mar 1 was ice axes
cornice - knock down
hq 3 4
Karelin 5 5
Slabtsov 9 9
guides - 2
Chernyshev 5 5
Akselrod 3 5
Kurikov 5 5
30 35
v 2) Blinov - " -
v 3. Karelin
4. Atmanaki
5. Serdityh vv
6. Shavkunov
7. Borisov
8. Скутин v Withdrawn
v 9-17. Slabtsov group
v 18-22. Chernyshev group
23-24 Dog trainers Moiseev + Mostovoy
v 25-29. Akselrod
v 30. Maslennikov
v 31-35чел. Mansi (Kurikov) + radio operator (Nevolin)
36. our radio operator - Chernousov

Search plan

1. Camp setup Comrade Slabtsov
1. Radio operator for comm. with Akselrod
2. The work of the guides
3. The work of Akselrod
4. The work of Slabtsov
provide      Task -
Responsible group leaders (??)
Leadership in general
Composition of the detachment:
Strict following of instructions
Strict adherence to rules for safety
in the mountains when carrying out the search work
Evacuation back

Loose page

helicopter             chairman labor union committee Slobodin D1-85-86 add.

Feb 21, Gordo + Blinov + lag-
Feb 22, 1 group 2 Mansi 10 people UPI=hikers (2 groups)
Feb 24, Vishnevskiy + Artyukov        (Otorten)

    Group of Northern Expedition = 4 sleds+radio set=

    3 teams of reindeer Feb 23, 1959 (in the morning or at noon)

1) to Oyka-Chakur    2) to the ridge in the middle of the route.

23 - from Sverdlovsk    3) to Otorten.    26-31
26 - From Vizhay               80km from Ivdel 1-6 5-6days

1) Feb 28 - left 2nd Northorn     Vizhay-Otorten 1182 = 56.5х2=113km 6 days
2) Feb 12 - left Vizhay      Otorten-Oyka-Chakur 1279 = 46.0х2=92km

    Chistop 1292m     O-Ch = Vizhay (7-10) =52.0х2=104km 4days
                                     155km+15%=                              310km

3 times a day - Gordo (from Ivdel)...
Organized shifts (around the clock) in the UPI trade union committee

Feb 21, Vizhay-2nd Northern-Auspiya-radial ascent Otorten )?? pass)-
Feb 22, Vizhay-source-from south Oyka-Chakur-yurt-Ivdel

another helicopter flew - Vizhay-yurt-
Yak-12 2nd Northern-Ushma-Purma-Auspiya-Chistop from the west-

Feb 23, Group to Otorten-up Lozva-Mt Ot-landed one and the second group


Feb 24, We were again at Otorten, the group stayed down the mountain, the group was not found. They went to Vishera, along it-to Lypya-B. Moyva river-Oyka-Chakur-Vizhay-to the north Toshemka

Feb 6-7 - up Lozva - narrow ski tracks

        Blizzard Feb 12-15

Loose page

Chernyshev group (military) Hikers 12=00         25-26-27- 28
Military   11=23
Grubennik's group 1
1. Oleg Ivanovich Grebennik
2. Vladimir Viktorovich Shlyapin
3. Vitaliy Nikolaevich Kostrulin
4. Ivan Tim. Tatsienko
5. Vladimir Alekseevich Skachkov
6. Vladislav Vladim. Kirsanov
petty officer Slesarev (District 70):
talked with Dyatlov in the evening
10 pm on Jan 26 in Vizhay
He had a gun
Yaburov Boris
Slabtsov group
1. Boris Slobtsov E-3
2. Vadim Brusnitsyn Mt-3
3. Stanislav Devyatov Pt-5
4. Vladimir Strelnikov    Pt-5
5. Yaroslav Krotov Rt-4
6. Vladimir Lebedev Pt-3
7. Vyacheslav Halizov Rt-5
8. Mihail Sharavin Mt-4
9. Yuri Koptelov М-4
Mechanic of the Northern Expedition
Titov: Mansi group went out
only on Feb 25, 9am
The hunter gave information - in Auspiya -
- overnight with a tent

E=Economic, Mt=Metallurgical, M=Mechanics, Pt=Physicotechnical, Rt=Radiotechnical

Loose page

Burmantovo  Feb 1

time weather wind mph temp °F
3 pm overcast N 11 17.6
6 pm cloudy - " - 2.2 14
7 pm - " - - " - 6.7 12.2
9 pm - " - - " - 2.2 8.6
11 pm - " - W 2.2 23
12 am cloudy NW 6.7 – 5
3 am clear W 6.7 – 5.8


Scan 71

Meeting 10/III

Ermash, Chernyshev, Vishnevskiy, Artyukov, Ivanov, Maslennikov.

  1. Send 10 sappers + 10 students
    Stud. group withdraw = 12-13/III '59
    Replace radio operator with new.
  2. Relocate the camp on the 4th tributary Lozva under the leadership of captain Chernyshev.
  3. In case of bad weather, do not carry out work; detachment to go to the site at Auspiya r.

Scan 72

(blank page)

Scan 73

From Dyatlov Route book

25/I Ivdel post office   25/I Vizhay post office

26/I went out in Vizhay office of Ivdel IFL MIA (IFL - Ivdel Forced labor camp, MIA - Ministry of Internal Affairs, ed. note)

Scan 74

Topos Y. Krivonischenko:

Group diary "In the country of mysterious signs"

New tent construction.

New method of walking - 5 min w/o backpack, rest 10-15 minutes and catch up the group (nonstop method)

31/I - Dyatlov: we came out of the tree line. Wind is western, penetrating, with a speed similar to the air draft created by a taking off airplane. I can't even start thinking of setting up a storage. It's close to 4 we are going down Auspiya river. Not enough firewood, frail damp firs, started fire with logs, supper in the tent. Warm. "It is hard to imagine such a comfort somewhere on the ridge, with a piercing wind, hundreds kilometers away from human settlements."

1/II Slobodin - didn't write anything.

Scan 75

"Evening Otorten" №1

1/II '59

Editorial "Greeting the XXI convention"...

Science: snowmen in N. Ural in the area of Otorten

Philosophical seminar: on the theme of "love and tourism" every day — Dr. Tibo and Ph.D. Dubinina

Armenian Quiz: Can 9 hikers get by with one stove and a blanket?

Technology News: Hiking sledge (good while riding on the train, by car and on horseback). Not recommended for freight transportation on snow.

Sport=new world record for stove assembly - 1:02,27.4 (Dor+Kolm-radio technicians)

Scan 76

(blank page)

Scan 77

Conversation in Serov - gratitude.

Notebook with inscription.

Mansi: Auspi - Ya (creek)

Nyer - bare peak

Oyka - man

Ekva - woman

Kolmogorova - 30/I tonight we'll set up a labaz (storage - ed. note)

Tibo: The opinion about the group is good, the group is friendly, well prepared. In general, great chaps.

Scan 78

(blank page)

Scan 79

Discussion of the death of Dyatlov

K. V. Bardin: The opinion is firm - Dyatlov's group did not die because of omissions in the preparation of the expedition. However, there are many omissions. If it were to collect information in Sverdlovsk and Ivdel, the culprits would be the people who organized the group.

  1. Dyatlov. Took off with all the documents.
  2. The sports club signs everything, but does not understand anything, it's all done by activists who disregard the organization.
  3. The control date is postponed to 15 / II, but this is a private conversation. The deadline was missed, but they noticed this only on 16/II. The prosecutor will have to work on that.

Scan 80

  1. Expedition projects were not in check - a mistake of the route commission. There were no backup variants. Dyatlov took all the documents with him, UPI didn't know about this. There was no petition.
  2. The UPI section has complete confidence in everyone, without any control. Sports club - does not follow, does not control. Documentation started.

Scan 81

Discussion in the City Committee of Physical Culture and Sport 16/III '59

In UPI - Disregard of documentation and the resulting lack of control. Sports club does not know anything.
Documents and equipment issued w/o protocol.

In the route commission of the tourclub.

Project and 3 copies of the protocol, route and documents
Hikers cards
Protocols are stored unstitched
Everything is stored at home
Need a petition
Need a calendar plan for group's arrival

1st winter hike in this region.
Were eligible to participate: 3 overnights in Манараге; 8/I group approved. Route book received 23/I '59


23=from Sverdlovsk in Serov
25 - Vizhay
26 - 41st logging district
27 - 2nd Northern
28 - along Lozva
29-30 - Auspiya 31 - pass 1- pass

Scan 82

Control date 12/II, deadline moved to 15/II (according to Yudin-Blinov).
18 - inquiry to Vizhay
19 - reply from Vizhay
20 - Gordo and Blinov go to Ivdel
22 - headquarters Slobodin with staff Slobtsov flew
23 - Otorten, 24 - upper Lozva, 25 - Auspiya, 26 - tent
24 - Kurikov and Bahtiyarov
25 - Grebennik group, Karelin
26 - Chernyshev
27 - Base camp established, search begins.

General plan of the trip - route, plan equipment, food, estimate
Does the group meet the requirements
Retreat measures
Communication with institutions - direct and control
Hiking - III category. Questioned. Help hikers. Rescue service. Equipment. People.

Corpus delicti:

Legal Responsibility for autorization - City Committee of Physical Culture and Sport
-------//----------- for the preparation and conduct -
Bad instructions - the Route Commission

Scan 83

Bureau of the CPSU 27/III '59

Lack of control led to the death of Dyatlov. Many digressions from main instructions. Personal responsibility. All in words, there is no control over the work of hikers - in the sportsclub.

Siunov - does not pay attention to sports work,

Zaostrovskiy - same, slow in search.

Lack of control, irresponsibility - City Committee of Sports club, Sports club UPI, Routing Commission.

Control - completely unorganized for groups of III category.

Deficiencies in the instructions (2 - about organizations and route commission).

The unsatisfactory organization of searches by UPI: learned only on the 16th, and search began after 5 days.

Scan 84

Gordo: Allowed hiking Sogrin and Dyatlov with funding. Milman asked documents Dyatlov, he promised.

There are flaws in the organization of hiking.

Death of Dyatlov - due to lack of control, irresponsibility

Siunov, Zaostrovskiy - unresposive, weakness in search.

Ivanov: It was not necessary to send in February. There was nothing supernatural, the group is to blame.

Ermash: Careless attitude to the organization of such expeditions. Tent dilapidated. Must look at the forecasts. Moral qualities of the group are low - 3 hours, place of tent inappropriate, fled.

Control - criminal: Gordo, City Committee of Sports club

Scan 85


Leaders had irresponsible attitude to the organization of hikes: Slobodin - reprimand, Gordo - dismissal, reprimand,

Siunov, Zaostrovskiy - put on observation.

  1. Kurochkin - reprimand, Ufimtsev - rebuke (sternly reprimand - ed. note)
  2. Lyubimov - warning
  3. Repyev - note with comments on instructions.
  4. Events in the UPI and in the city about hiking.
  5. Review in the City Committee of Sports club of all hikes II and III categories.
  6. Forecast from the weather service.
  7. Maps. Material aid.

Scan 86

(blank page)

Scan 87

vv Control terms, points, communication not possible - no fixed max, min

vv Radio transmitters, - no

vv possible assistance - 2 weeks hike from the neares settlement.

vv Why can not refuse, - everything in check

Violations of the instructions

In short - the amount of search work.

Who is searching, search tips.


Maslennikov Evgeniy Polikarpovich (1924-1978) Master of Sports, head of the regional hiking club, leading the search operation in 1959.


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