Zinaida Kolmogorova diary


The transcription is made for a notebook (article 449, price 1p. 1k, from the Factory for Paper and Stationery, 3786, Sverdlovsk). Scanned 28 pages, not counting the back side of the cover. After the turning the page with date 30.2.59, as seen from the image, there must be at least 7 more turns. Below in the text, paragraphs are sometimes preceded by notes, which, when placed on a separate line refer to the text following the note. In the rest of the cases, the note refers to the preceding text.
End of note.

(note: first spread, right page):

Z. Kolmogorova
north Ural
trek III category
leader Dyatlov

24.2.59. (note: the figure of the month is corrected, visible simultaneously, one on top of the other in an unknown sequence, the numbers "1" and "2")

Here we are on a trek again. Now in Serov. The entire evening yesturday till 3 AM we sang songs. With us is sr. instructor of the Kaurov sport base Aleksander Zolotaryov. He knows a lot of songs, it's just happy somehow that we are learning new songs. Especially something called Zumba and others. Today I feel little sad. But it's nothing. We are on duty with Rustik. We went and talked to the schoolchildren, then they all saw us off, even burst into tears, didn't want to let us go.

25.1.59 (note: the figure of the month is fixed, visible simultaneously, one on top of the other in an unknown sequence, the numbers "1" and "2") arrived in Ivdel at midnight, spent the night at the train station pitching a tent on the floor. Yes, we have already been spotted 2 times by the police. Once Yuri Kriv was taken to the police station. He wanted to raise money for candy. It was funny. Then on the train Serov-Ivdel reached Ivdel, spent the night at the station, in the morning got on a bus, drove to a hotel in Ivdel. Then we took the bus and drove off. We are 20 people, backpacks and skis. Had to pile up on 3 levels, but we sang songs all the way. Arrived in Vizhay. First we stopped at the same club where we were 2 years ago. Then we were taken to the hotel. The whole evening there was a discussion about love about friendship, about dances and other things, etc. I talked a lot about things which are completely unfamiliar to me and I scarcely do, but I tried, sincerely. But this is all nonsense. But again the words of Volt come to mind. How well did he say it. We went to see "Symphonie in Gold" so powerful! So great!


We slept in beds. We got up late, very late. Rustik and I are on duty. We went into the dining room. And then we waited for the car and drove off. Today the road is not so beautiful, there is less snow. We are driving off road now. Drove for a long time. I, as always, was approached by some countryman. We arrived at the 41st settlement. Workers are simply working here, not prisoners, but recruits. There are many smart ones. We were accommodated in the small room of the driver. Today is the last day of civilization. Rustic plays the mandolin very well, I really enjoy listening to him. Today I wore Yuri's mittens, but how I did not want to! I was told that is not good not to accept them, so I took them. We talk. Not much.

27. Today is the first day of our journey. The backpack is not much but somewhat heavy. Yes, Yura Yudin is leaving us today. His sciatic nerves inflamed again and he is leaving. Such a pity. We distributed his load in our backpacks. It turns out that on the last day we see some kind of civilization,stove, people, etc. Today we arranged out backpacks to go on horseback and we are waiting them to be ready, and we will go skiing. Everyone is singing, the workers living in barracks, did not go to work, they sing. We sit and write songs. Many workers are very talented, intelligent people. Especially "the beard", his beard is ginger, ginger, and his eyes are also ginger, and brown. The guys sing well. And Rustic plays the mandolin very well. Today was the last day me and Lyuda slept in beds. Tonight we are going to be in a tent, apparently. Now we are in the 41st quarter, today our goal is to reach the 2nd Nortern. They say, there is a hut there, but no one lives in it. Hurry to the road, to the skis ... How about we go? I'm lately somehow very deeply affected by music, guitar, mandolin and other. Yesterday saw 3 movies here "On his own", "Est takoy paren" and "Sympnonie in gold" again. I want to see "Symphonie in Gold" even more times.

Тhawed, a river, many huts

ya - river
sos - brook, together
pashte/pache-rum - hello friend
nyor - stone, if there nyor is added to the peak - the peak is bare
oyka - man
yani hum - man big
mais - small
ekva - female
ekvat - alone
ayrish - a girl
From Burmantovo to Volen paul airplane
nyan - bread
emos -good
mol - bad
saka - good
(at)Sol - (not)truth
Solval - salt
Pud - pot
Vat - water
Vit - wind
Hul - fish
Neul - meat
sali - deer
Vazhenka - female
sohta - alpha male
sun - sled
sushep - look
yun - house
pyrya - scram (to the dog)
col - city
pisal - gun
topor - truck
kasay - knife
seranki mayen - give me the matches
atim - don't have
oli - have
Teynkvem - eat
ail - drink
eri - must
ergan - sing
Olna - money
tselkoviy - ruble
akvat - 1
kita - 2
hurum - 3
nila - 4
at - 5
hot - 6
sat - 7
vovel - 8
nevel - 9
pul - 10
tinalil - eat
yuvtilum - sell
sup - pants m
gacha - f
sapaki - slippers
yelsup - dress
neks - sable
kutya - dog
pis-pis - mouse
suy - pine
paul - village
vor - forest
vorhum - bear forest man
vas - duck.
kat - hands.
layal - legs.
pum - head.
punki - teeth.
palin - ears of
ayemun - large
saam - eyes
nyel - nose.
ayserm - cold
polem - freezing
kur - stove
paltin - heat
chuval - stove
osemsau - good bye
nan - you, tav - he
am - I
nanki - you
amki - me


Tyumen region
Berezovsky district
village Nyaksimvol
(sable slope)
Ognev Nikolay Grig.

Rudik Ivan Ivanovich

The whole day went, in front of the horse, behind the horse on the river Lozva. They often flew to ice, cleaned skis. They came already in the dark for a long time looking for a hut with windows and doors. 2nd North is an abandoned village, nobody lives here at all, and what beautiful places! It's just Chusovaya. The stones on the banks are some cliffs, limestone, white. Today we go a few km along the Lozva River, and then we pass to the Auspiya river.

(note: the arrow from "Today" is drawn down to "Auspiya River" and to the following date "28.2.58")

28.2.58 (note: she got wrong the month and the year)

Uncle Slava is leaving today on his horse, and Yura Yudin is leaving too. He took a few samples. I saw this type for the first after the drilling. There is a lot of chalcopyrite and pyrite. Last night the boys made stupid jokes. In my opinion, if we don't pay attention to them, maybe they will be less rude. And so far, nothing. It's time to go out, but they are still digging and digging. I do not understand what's taking so long. The first 30 minutes are over. Of course, the backpack is somewhat heavy. But it's possible to go. The first day is always difficult.

left forward
Sasha Kolevatov tested his device, then quit.
Second stop.
It was much easier to go yesterday without backpacks
snow, snow, snow, snow
on the banks frozen river snow snow

Lunch was an hour at 4 pm
After lunch we did just one more hike and stopped to rest.

I mended the tent. We lay down to sleep. Igor was rude the whole evening, I just couldn't recognize him. I had to sleep on the wood near the stove.


Today is Yurka's birthday (note: Yuri Doroshenko). We go first to Lozva then we turn to Auspiya. Surroundings are beautiful. Along the Auspiya Mansi have passed. A trail is visible, grooves, a path is visible. We often see Mansi signs on the trail. I wonder what they write about? Now the Mansi trail goes south.

(note: the turn is the sketch of the notch, the initials with the date Oct. 5, 1958, the drawing of the ax?)

Now we sit the three of us: Rustik, Yurka and I Waiting for the rest. For the night stopped near the ski tracks. We are burning firewood with Yurka. We talked about the past. Such a playboy.

30.2.59 We go on Auspiya
cold (ayserm). Mansi trail ended. Pine forest. There was sun in the morning, now is cold (ayserm). All day long we walked along Auspiya. Will spend the night on a Mansi trail. Kolya didn't get to be a watchman so me and Rustik will stay on duty today. Burned mittens 2 and Yurkin's quilted jacket. He cursed a lot. Today, probably, we will build a labaz.

(note: blank turn, on the left page, a mirrored impression of the previous page)

(note: last turn - left page is blank)

(note: on the right one):

The brighter, the greater diaphragm number, if the diaphragm is lower, there will be less light on the film, the shutter speed is longer. Aperture - closed

(note: vertical arrows pointing up below each of the last two words)

(note: on the last bookend, left page):


Zinaida Kolmogorova diary


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