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This is where the information not pertaining to solving the case i.e. not presenting new facts or interpretation of information related to the case is moved after being featured on the home page. Here you will find mostly public relations, public appearances and commemorations of people involved in some way in the case. The mystery of the cold case has created a universe of its own, and this place holds a small sampling of the attempts to bring light to the unsolved mystery.

Interview with Vladimir Askinadzi

21st of February, 65 years ago to the date, was when the search for the Dyatlov group officially began. I will start interviewing Vladimir Mihaylovich Askinadzi on this date. He was leading the UPI search party from Apr 25 to May 8, 1959. His probe found Lyuda, and subsequently the bodies of Thibeaux-Brignolle, Zolotaryov and Kolevatov. With his shift the search operation ended, and the confusion began. Vladimir Mihaylovich is not just a looker, his personality is very direct, frank, fair, he loves life and life loves him. He has preserved his heart and mind. This is priceless.






Teodora Hadjiyska presenting at the 65 years conference in Yekaterinburg

Teodora Hadjiyska presenting at the 65 years conference in Yekaterinburg

2 February 2024

Teodora Hadjiyska presenting at the 65 years conference in Yekaterinburg on Feb 2, 2024. This haunting mystery refuses to fade from public consciousness. Quite the contrary, it is ever snowballing in international interest and fascination.
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Expedition 2023

Expedition 2023

Expedition 2023 by Teodora Hadjiyska

Expedition 2023 was a total success! Previous year we said that 2022 was the best expedition ever. This year was better. And I know where I will be next year at the same time because the vision of what is hidden and needs to be unearthed is getting clearer by the year. We found huge number of artifacts from the winter search camp and pinpoint the exact location of the spring search camp, both include lots of tin cans with legible stamps, aluminum spoon, axe with initials, buckets, ski mounts, electrical wire, batteries, a metal bracket driven into a tree to stretch the tent, firewood, 3m chimney, avalanche probe etc. The importance of these findings is that we know we can use the same methods to find artifacts left from the Dyatlov group and finally prove where did they camp, where did the tragedy start.   Photos →

Bear photo by Luka Esenko

My Bear Story

During the expedition to the Dyatlov Pass 2023 I managed to get lost in the woods and meet face to face with a brown Russian bear and her three cubs. The bear had been chased by dogs in the deep forest and while I was dwelling as a real Mansi (the word Mansi means forest dweller), I experienced a close encounter of the third kind with the king of the Taiga. The Bear is considered the most powerful creature of the Ural mountains. A mama bear with cubs is not something you want to run into. I count my blessings.
This is not "my bear" but it is the closest to what I saw that I could find. Anyone that would take a selfie in the situation I was in, deserves to be eaten as a Darwin process of elimination. This bear was shot by Luka Esenko in Slovenia. And this is   My Bear Story →

Dyatlov Pass: Spaced Out Radio with Teodora Hadjiyska

Spaced Out Radio with Teodora Hadjiyska

Original date: September 7th at Midnight ET / 9 pm PT

I have just returned from the Dyatlov Pass, still trying to sort through my experiences. Our expedition met with a film crew who had footage of a UFO in bright daylight from July 31, 2023. As weirdly fascinating as this may sound, UFO sightings are just where the Dyatlov Pass weirdness begins. In 1959 when the tragedy took place there were numerous reports of luminous phenomenon in the sky. The 2m wooden figure pictured between the host Dave Scott and Teodora Hadjiyska, the guest in today's episode of Spaced Out Radio is from Molyobka, not far away from the Dyatlov Pass, the so-called M triangle. This is the Russian Area 51.   Listen now →

Expedition 2023 by Oleg Taymen

Expedition 2023 by Oleg Taymen

Oleg and Olga Taymen are as tough as they come. They hike, swim by boat, fish and basically can survive the taiga for many days. They carry video camera, boat, metal detector, not the best but we will work on this I hope for next year's expedition. Their YouTube channel is the mother lode of videos on the subject. They went on the pass this winter and almost died.
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Posting the photos from this year's expedition takes time, because we discuss and analyze our findings. Not to mention all that life has kept in storage for us while we hike the Dyatlov Pass. So far we have Part 1. which covers our expedition before we went over the pass.   Part 1  →
And we crossed over the pass and found the May searchers camp.   Part 2  →

Expedition 2023 by Vadim Valitov

Expedition 2023 by Vadim Valitov

Real outdoorsy person. This was his first Dyatlov Pass. He went to the Lozva to fish and spend some time alone in the woods. He taught me to add pine needles to my tea. When he went on his own he was carrying a bear deterrent rocket. We didn't meet after we split, his ride back to Ivdel was earlier than ours.  See his photos →

Karelin and Alekseenkov in Ekaterinburg - July 30, 2023

Aleksandr Alekseenkov's OUTDATED version of events

Expedition 2023 has raised the interest of the English speaking world in the legend among the Dyatlov case Russian researchers, he is known as Shura (Aleksandr Alekseenkov), Guru in case files and experiments. Igor Pavlov had deep respect for him. Shura helped me enormously in 2022 and 2023 expeditions. He is the man who saves the day. I never knew what his theory is. I lived for many years without a theory so I know you can be involved with the case even if you don't have a theory. What's important is what can be done today to find out the truth. And Shura is the most active researchers that I know. He has lost count how many times he went to the Dyatlov pass, in both summer and winter. I only heard that he has a theory on the meeting with Karelin when he proclaimed that he no longer believes that there is an evidence of technogen disaster. In the post are the links to his experiments (like going in socks form the tent to the cedar in February). There is going to be update with the most resent revision of his version. This is posted in 2012...   Read more →


Expedition 2022

Prof. Momchil Panayotov

Dyatlov Pass - can trees tell us what happened?

March 2, 2023

Prof. Momchil Panayotov is a member of the Dendrology department of University of Forestry, Sofia, Bulgaria. He agreed to analyze the cores brought back from the forest where the bodies were found. According to the Pavlov-Hadjiyska theory a tree could have caused the accidental death of the Dyatlov group. The objective was to see if the year of death of a tree this old could be determined and to learn more in general about what trees, live or dead could tell us about the time around the tragedy. The reassuring news is that due to the cold climate trees in Ural can be preserved on the ground for centuries and bear witness to events that happened decades ago. Conventional dendrochronology has successfully provided informative evidence for over a century in science and judicial forensics cases.   See the video →

Teodora Hadjiyska presenting at the 64 years conference in Yekaterinburg

Teodora Hadjiyska presenting at the 64 years conference in Yekaterinburg

2 February 2023

Teodora Hadjiyska presenting at the 64 years conference in Yekaterinburg on Feb 2, 2023. She reported the results from the examination of the findings under the cedar tree which she brought with her from the expedition to the Dyatlov Pass in August-September 2022, and appealed to the public for help with the ongoing research.
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Mysterious flash - article by Komsomolskaya Pravda

64 Years In Memory Conference Yekaterinburg

2 February 2023

On February 2, 2023, in Yekaterinburg (organized by the trade union committee of UrFU employees), a conference was held in memory of the Dyatlov group perished in the Northern Urals 64 years ago, and a traditional gathering at the Mihaylovskoe cemetery at the the Dyatlov group Memorial, laying flowers. The conference was held at: Lenin Ave, d.66 in the UrFU hall called "The Boiling Point".
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Operation History with Rosen Petrov - Bulgaria On Air

"Operation History" with Rosen Petrov - Bulgaria On Air

January 29, 2023

Bulgarian On Air show called "Operation History" hosted by Rosen Petrov aired on Jan 29, 2023 about the truth of the "Dyatlov" incident of 1959. What are all the hypotheses for the group's unexplained death and are there any senior leaders of the then USSR involved? The version is by Teodora Hadjiyska, a leading world author and investigator, author of book "1079".

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Editor-in-chief of Komsomolskaya Pravda Vladimir Sungorkin and TV presenter Andrei Malakhov at the Dyatlov Pass

In memory of Vladimir Sungorkin

September 16, 2022

Vladimir Sungorkin died on September 14, 2022. He was the engine behind Komsomolskaya Pravda's involvement in the Dyatlov group case. In his capacity as editor-in-chief, he assigned a journalist, Natalya Varsegova, who for ten years had been not just following but actively investigating the Dyatlov case. Everything we know about Semyon Zolotaryov is thanks to Komsomolskaya Pravda. The question now is if someone will pick up the torch.

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1079 book signing on the Dyatlov Pass

1079 book signing at the Dyatlov Pass and Foundation

August 2022

The book signing of "1079" in 2022 was very emotional because it took place on the Dyatlov Pass and then at the Dyatlov Foundation. I held the Russian edition in my hands for the first time. It is the pinnacle of the the whole book creation. To my deepest sorrow I had to do it without my co-author and mentor Igor Pavlov.

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Expedition 2022

Expedition 2022

July 30-August 11, 2022

This rare once in a lifetime expedition is something that I think exists outside of the events of the day and will hopefully advance the knowledge of this fascinating incident for people the world over. It is a milestone in our efforts to uncover all existing details and mysteries about the Dyatlov case.

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Mansi rapper Bizzo

Rapping in an endangered language

Don't blame the people living there!
It's like blaming a birch tree for growing in the wrong place.
I also want to know what kind of horror happened there,
what were they doing there, why they stopped breathing under the snow.
I'm pained, but what can we do?
We can only pray to God that no one else perishes there.
God help us!

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Teodora Hadjiyska presenting at the 63 years conference in Yekaterinburg

Teodora Hadjiyska presenting at the 63 years conference in Yekaterinburg

February 2, 2022

The Dyatlov group was discovered from the air. Later, a ground check group came to the scene of the accident. This happened at the beginning of February. They found out a tree had fallen on top of the tent. Some of the bodies remained in the tent under the tree and it was obvious that they most likely had severe injuries. Some of the bodies were outside the tent. Not all bodies were found. But the search was not especially thorough...
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63 anniversary of the Dyatlov Pass tragedy

2022.02.02 conference in memory of the Dyatlov group

The new head of the nonexistent foundation is Aleksey Koskin working together with the son of Yuri Kuntsevich, Aleksander. Aleksey Koskin is very well known Dyatlov case researcher and we have to this day most photos because of him. It became apparent that Komsomolskaya Pravda is interested in a crime scenario and desperate to come up with some evidence. Journalist Natalya Varsegova presented a 3D model someone sent her that makes a scrap of a film negative look like a suspicious gathering of people, one even carrying a rifle. She talks about exhumation of all bodies including that of Zolotaryov, for the second time. Teodora Hadjiyska, presented the book "1079", starting with an explanation of the date February 6th on the cover of the case files. The rest of the presenters predominantly spoke of rocket malfunction scenarios.

The sensational photo →     "1079" presentation →     Тhe conference full broadcast →

CrimsonPod on the eve of the 63rd anniversary

CrimsonPod on the eve of the 63rd anniversary

Tuesday, February 1, 2022 / 9:00 PM EST

Over half a century has passed since the incident occurred, and there are still just as many questions surrounding it today as there were when it occurred. Join us on February 1st, the 63rd anniversary of the mysterious incident, as we discuss it with Teodora Hadjiyska, the foremost expert and author of  1079". Will we finally learn what happened all those years ago or will the answers remain hidden beneath the ice and snow of the Ural Mountains?

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The Knew Knowledge with Stoycho Kerev

The Knew Knowledge with Stoycho Kerev

December 18, 2021

Bulgarian National TV show called "The New Knowledge" hosted by Stoycho Kerev premiered on Dec 18, 2021 an episode about Dyatlov Pass incident with guest Teodora Hadjiyska, co-author of book "1079 The overwhelming force of Dyatlov Pass". Trying to explain Dyatlov Pass in less than 30 mins while the equipment keeps failing due to "energy interference".

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1079 book signing

1079 book signing and Flight 1079

October 29, 2021

My "1079" book signing trip ended on Flight 1079. Pilots Oren Barak and Luis Eraso signed my boarding pass, and I signed their books. I don't believe in coincidences. Everything is connected.

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Expedition 2021

An era of titans has ended

An era of titans has ended

†   IGOR PAVLOV co-author of "1079", dies

†   YURI KUNTSEVICH head of the Dyatlov Foundation, dies

The Burning August of 2021

Dyatlov Pass. The Burning August of 2021

August 27, 2021

"Perhaps the time has come for people to go to the Pass not out of idle curiosity, and not because the Pass became a brand in the media, but because when you leave you became another. So that you can restart your life in the right relationship to the Spiritual world."

Read the article by Vladimir Selitskiy→

Yuri Kuntsevich last expedition

Yuri Kuntsevich's last expedition

August 20, 2021

"After his death and on the day of Kuntsevich's funeral, many words were said about what a wonderful person he was. If you knew how things would turn out, we, the participants in his last expedition, would have canceled any of our plans and would do everything in our power to save Yuri Konstantinovich."

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Graham Phillips on Dyatlov Pass

"For many, it's just business."

August 10, 2021

"It seems to some that this human tragedy, where 9 people died, is just another hyped up and trending topic. There are always a lot of people there, some are taking pictures, some of the enthusiasts are conducting their own investigations." Graham Phillips, journalist

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New monument

New four-meter high monumnet

July 1, 2021

"A huge four-meter sculpture was erected in memory of the students who died there in 1959 at the Dyatlov Pass. The author of the monument is the new wave artist of the Russian avant-garde Grigoriy Emvi (real name Grigoriy Maslennikov)."

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Dyatlov Pass: Teodora Hadjiyska on Midnight Society Radio

Midnight Society Radio

June 26, 2020

Teodora Hadjiyska on the Midnight Society Radio with Tim Weisberg
Fri Jun 26, 7–10 pm PDT on Midnight.FM

Podcast MP3

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Expedition 2019

Expedition Unknown Josh Gates, Teddy Hadjiyska and Mike Libecki

Off The Map

"It's not that I had a revelation, but being on the spot where it happen just makes it personal experience, and I have a better understanding why nothing make sense. Pitching the tent where it was found doesn't make any sense. Going down to the cedar tree instead back to the labaz makes perfect sense - you can't go against the wind, it's brutal, you won't make it even to the memorial. We had almost same temperatures and wind that are recorded in the diaries -13°C, -26°C at night and warm south-west wind. I stood in the middle of the night in that exact spot and looked at what Dyatlov group saw. I felt the mighty mountain and the doom of life. But I couldn't understand why..."
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Dyatlov Pass Expedition Unknown Mystery of Dead Mountain

Expedition Unknown Mystery of Dead Mountain

Aug 28, 2019

"Mystery of Dead Mountain" premieres in US on Discovery Channel Wednesday, Aug 28th, 9PM EST

Braving sub-zero conditions of Siberia, Josh Gates investigates the Dyatlov Pass incident, during which nine hikers died under suspicious circumstances in 1959. – IMDB

Watch on Discovery Channel →

Dyatlov Pass Expedition Unknown Siberia's Coldest Case

Expedition Unknown Siberia's Coldest Case

Sep 4, 2019

"Siberia's Coldest Case" premieres in US on Discovery Channel Wednesday, Sep 4th, 9PM EST

Josh Gates concludes his in-depth investigation of the Dyatlov Pass Incident. Taking on Dead Mountain's brutal conditions, Josh and two investigators re-trace the last steps of the hikers. A big discovery could finally solve the mystery. – IMDB

Watch on Discovery Channel →

Discovery Channel

Discovery Channel

Jul 23, 2019

This season, Josh Gates connects with innovative researchers and uses cutting-edge technology to tackle history’s most challenging mysteries. The search for answers – and adventure – will take him into the most extreme climates on the planet, as he braves sub-zero temperatures to snowmobile across the Siberian Tundra investigating one of the coldest cases of the Cold War: the baffling deaths of nine hikers on Russia’s infamous Dead Mountain. – Discovery Newsroom

Dyatlov Pass: Petition 26 June 2019

New petition to the head of the Investigative Committee of Russia

June 26, 2019: Activists of the Dyatlov group’s memory fund and his supporters forced the prosecutor’s investigation into the death of Ural hikers to contact the Investigative Committee. Representatives of the supervisory authority stated that they stopped at three versions of what happened in 1959 on the Dyatlov Pass: a hurricane, an avalanche and a snow slab. Most of the activists of the Dyatlov Fund disagree with this - they insist on a “military version”, according to which Dyatlov group became witnesses or victims of weapon tests, after which they were eradicated. Read more →

Dyatlov Pass: Return To Dead Mountain

Return To Dead Mountain

Bedtime Stories produced new video on Richard Holmgren's Katabatic wind theory. Watch the video →

If anyone would like to learn more about the Swedish expedition to Dyatlov Pass in 2019 or about the Anaris incident in 1978 here is an interesting read →

Dyatlov Pass: Spaced Out Radio with Teodora Hadjiyska

Spaced Out Radio

March 22, 2019
Midnight ET / 9 PM PT
Host Dave Scott
Guest Teodora Hadjiyska
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Dyatlov Pass: The Swedish-Russian Dyatlov Expedition 2019

The Swedish-Russian Dyatlov Expedition 2019

Jan-Feb 2019

Richard Holmgren, Andreas Liljegren, Ekaterina Zimina and Artem Domogirov pay homage to the events of 1959 and the 60-years anniversary of the Dyatlov group demise, get personal and up close experience of the the terrain and conditions, what it takes to traverse in the same time of the year, and apply it to their theory of the falling (katabatic) wind. To the trek, theory and gallery →

Dyatlov Pass: Press conference with Prosecutor's office 4 Feb 2019

Press conference with Prosecutor's office

4 Feb 2019

Dyatlov Pass: Yekaterinburg conference 2 Feb 2019

Yekaterinburg conference

February 2, 2019

Dyatlov Pass: 50th anniversary photos

50th anniversary photos

Photos kindly provided by Dyatlov Pass tragedy researcher Vladimir Borzenkov (WAB). See the gallery →


Expedition 2018

Dyatlov Pass: Photos by Alexey B (19-23 Feb 2016)

Ural Expeditions & Tours

March 2018

The first expedition on dog sleds to Dyatlov Pass in Northern Ural. Dog sleds vs snowmobiles →

Dyatlov Pass: Photos by Alexey B (19-23 Feb 2016)

Photos by Alexey B

February 19-23, 2016

Mount Kholat Syakhl noticeably rose against the background of the other mountains and was covered with a dense blanket of a swirling giant cloud that hides the flowing lines of the mountain relief beneath. In the boiling foam of this cloud on the background of an absolutely cloudless sky, snow-white whirling foam sparkling in the sun emerged, broken by the wind into shallow icy dust, which descended with terrible force, picked up by the hurricane wind. We have not seen anything like this in our lives! Photos by Alexey B →

Dyatlov Pass: Photos by marinner966 (Dec 2014)

Photos by marinner966

December 2014

Mystical place

A place that every extreme traveler must visit. The place, shrouded in unsolved mystery for 55 years! That same cedar and that very stream will freeze blood when you realize what happened on February night of the 59th year. Photos by marinner966 →

Dyatlov Pass: Teodora Hadjiyska on Midnight in the desert radio show

Midnight in the Desert

November 16, 2018

Teodora Hadjiyska on the Art Bell's radio show with Dave Schrader
Fri Nov 16, 2018 9-11 pm PDT "Midnight in the Desert" →

Podcast MP3


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