28 January 1959

On January 28, 1959, Dyatlov group sets off from 2nd Northern settlement on their last journey.

Dyatlov group diary

January 28
We were awaken by the rumbling voices of Yurka Kri and Sasha Kolevatov. Weather so far is smiling at us. It's only -8C outside.
After breakfast, some of the guys lead by Yuri Yudin, our well- known geologist, went to look for local minerals. They didn't find anything except pyrite and quartz veins in the rock. Took them long time to wax their skis and adjust the mounting. Yuri Yudin goes back home today. It is a pity, of course, that he leaves us. Especially for me and Zina, but nothing can be done about it.
Started at 11.45. We go up the river Lozva. We take turns to head the group for about 10 minutes. Snow cover is significantly less than last year. We have to stop and scrape the wet, melting snow from the bottom of the skis. Yurka Kri is behind and makes sketches of the route. The bank of the river near Second North (especially the right bank) are limestone cliffs that rise high at places. Overall the terrain becomes flatter, entirely covered by forest.
We stop to rest at 5:30 pm on river Lozva. Today we spend our first night in the tent. The guys are busy with the stove, sewing curtains out of sheets. With some thing completed and others not, we sit at dinner. After dinner we sit for long time around the campfire and sing heartfelt songs. Zina even tries to learn to play mandolin under guidance of our musician Rustik (Rustem Slobodin). Then we resume our discussions, mostly about love. Someone comes up with an idea that we need a special notebook for ideas that we might come up with. Conspiring, we started going into the tent two people at a time. The suspended stove radiates heat and divides the tent in two sections. The further section is occupied by me and Zina. Nobody wants to sleep by the stove. We agree that Yurka Kri (Krivonischenko) will sleep there. On the other side sleeps the person on duty (Sasha Kolevatov). Yurka couldn't stand the heat and after laying down for 1-2 min, he got up and moved to the second section cursing and accusing us of treason. After that they still argued about something for a long time, but at the end all was quiet.
Lyuda Dubinina - this entry is not signed, but can't be anybody else but Dubinina.

January 28 - Yuri Yudin departs from a 2nd Northern settlement. Another depressing abandoned place on vast stretches of Siberia. Some of the houses ("izba" in Russian) are abandoned and began to fall apart.

Zina Kolmogorova diary


Uncle Slava is leaving today on his horse, and Yura Yudin is leaving too. He took a few samples. I saw this type for the first after the drilling. There is a lot of chalcopyrite and pyrite. Last night the boys made stupid jokes. In my opinion, if we don't pay attention to them, maybe they will be less rude. And so far, nothing. It's time to go out, but they are still digging and digging. I do not understand what's taking so long. The first 30 minutes are over. Of course, the backpack is somewhat heavy. But it's possible to go. The first day is always difficult.

left forward
Sasha Kolevatov tested his device, then quit.
Second halt.
It was much easier to go yesterday without backpacks
snow, snow, snow, snow
on the banks frozen river snow snow
Boundary stone.

Lunch was an hour at 4 pm
After lunch we did just one more hike and stopped to rest.

I mended the tent. We lay down to sleep. Igor was rude the whole evening, I just couldn't recognize him. I had to sleep on the wood near the stove.

Lyudmila Dubinina diary

28 january Woke up at 8 o'clock in the morning to someone's talk. It turns out to be Yuri Krie and Sasha Kolya. The weather is as warm as yesterday (t ° -8 °) Eat, h
After breakfast, some of the guys Yura Yudin, Kolya and Yura Doroshenko went for the rocks in the core storage, where they decided to collect minerals for the collection. Nothing but pyrite, and there were no quartz veins in the rock.
Gathered for a long time, prepared rations, greased the skis then

Dyatlov group pitched their tent at 17:30 on 28 January 1959 - 10 km from their starting point in 2nd Northern and 7 km to Auspiya river.



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