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"Komsomolskaya Pravda" received the first results of exhumation of the body of Semyon Zolotaryov 14-04-2018 First results of exhumation of the body of Semyon Zolotaryov conducted on 12 April 2018 shows that this is indeed him. The skull superimposition performed by expert Sergey Nikitin matched 13 points of max 24 only 12 are needed to declare perfect fit. The speculations are now that a large mass of snow had collapsed on top of the hikers while they were hiding in the den. Komsomolskaya Pravda - Zolotaryov exhumation at Ivanovskoe Cemetery in Yekaterinburg 14-04-2018 12 April 2018 Komsomolskaya Pravda (aka KP, huge Russian periodical following and as we can see, reviving the case) exhumed the body of Semyon Zolotaryov at the Ivanovo Cemetery in Yekaterinburg. In the following days KP will conduct an examination of the DNA of the person buried under Zolotaryov's obelisk to establish his kinship with the alleged nephews. And also KP will study together with experts fractures of the ribs of Semyon. It turned out that the autopsy reports don't quite match the injuries they found during the exhumation. Hakimov interrogation 14-04-2018 On April 15 Yuri Yudin denied knowing about any changes in the return date of the trek. Who else could have Dyatlov discussed this with? The head of the logging camp department Hakimov is one of the last people to see Dyatlov alive. Immediately after Yuri Yudin's testimony Tempalov flies out to question Hakimov on the same issue. What was Hakimov doing at the time when he had to start looking for the Dyatlov group? How come the interrogation protocol is not in the case files? The White Crematoriums 14-04-2018 Victims of the red revolution: The haunting faces of prisoners worked to death in Stalin's slave camps. Trudging through mud in sub-zero temperatures, digging the earth with their bare hands and heaving huge rocks with the most primitive of tools, these horrifying photos have revealed life inside Joseph Stalin's gulag prisons, where people were worked to death in Soviet labour camps through the mid-1900s. When Lenin died in 1924, Stalin rose to power and became the state's authoritarian leader. The Gulag Camps 14-04-2018 The Ivdellag (Ivdel Gulag) is often used in the context of the Dyatlov Pass incident. Similar to the Mansi, this is a multifaceted subject that could be relevant or not, but is part of the picture nevertheless. Learning more about it will help us understand the surroundings of the events. There should be no stone left unturned. This is the first of a series of publications that will end with a direct link from a document related to the case to the Ivdellag. Interview with Solomonovich, historian-ethnographer, expert of the Ivdellag on 13 May 2008 19-04-2018 © NGO "INTERNET CENTER of the Dyatlov group tragedy", 2008. The text of the conversation of the "Center for Civil Investigation of the Dyatlov Pass tragedy" NAVIG, with historian-ethnographer, expert of the Ivdellag Felix Yakovlevich Solomonovich, in Ivdel on the case of Dyatlov Pass incident on 13 May 2008 by phone. Interview with former nurse in N-240 Ivdel 1959. Solter P. I. and V. Konstantinovich on Dyatlov case 04-05 July 2008 09-04-2018 © NGO "INTERNET CENTER of the Dyatlov group tragedy", 2008.
The text of the conversation of the "Center for Civil Investigation of the Dyatlov Pass tragedy" (NAVIG, Verden), Tuapse and others with the former nurse N-240 in 1959 Solter Pelageya Ivanovna and Victor Konstantinovich on the case of Dyatlov Pass incident 04-05 July 2008
Interview with former gynecologist in N-240 Ivdel 1959 Anna Petrovna Taranova on 9 August 2008 16-04-2018 © NGO "INTERNET CENTER of the Dyatlov group tragedy", 2008.
The text of the conversation between "Center for Civil Investigation of the Dyatlov Pass tragedy" (NAVIG, ALATAO), with former gynecologist at N-240 Ivdel in 1959 Anna Petrovna Taranova on 9 August 2008 about Dyatlov Pass case on 9 August 2008, Yekaterinburg
Interview with the widow Prudkovа V. I. on 11 June 2008 13-04-2018 © NGO "INTERNET CENTER of the Dyatlov group tragedy", 2008.
The text of the conversation of the "Center for Civil Investigation of the Dyatlov Pass tragedy" NAVIG, with widow Prudkova V.I. Yekaterinburg on the case of Dyatlov Pass incident 11 July 2008 г. by phone.
Letter Pelageya Solter (written by Victor Konstantinovich) to Yudin on 15 March 2006 13-04-2018 S.Peterburg 15 March 2006
Dear Yuri Efimovich - Hello!
First of all, excuse us for not responding to your letter in time. We are already old people, often sick, so the response was delayed. We do not know how to help you and the relatives of the victims, after a tragedy that occurred 45 years ago. Why did not you raise this issue in time? After all, many articles were written about this tragedy in the local newspaper "Severnaya Zvezda" (Nortern Star - ed. note), "Lesnoy Industrii" (Forrest Industry - ed. note), and even in "Komsomolskoy Pravde".
Letter Pelageya Solter to Yudin (2006) 13-04-2018 St. Petersburg
Dear Yuri Efimovich
I am sorry to have waited to answer your questions. We received a newspaper from Ivdel, and our daughter Lyudmila made a copy we are sending you so that you can see what the Northern Star of the city of Ivdel is writing !!! Have you graduated from the institute?
The Route Not Traveled 14-04-2018 The mystery of Oleg Vavilov's death - the son of the famous Soviet geneticist A group of nine hikers in the Causasus mountains suffered a deadly incident on February 4, 1946, with Oleg Vavilov the sole casualty. A senior instructor (Schneider) joined the group at the last moment. He was alone with the victim at the time of the incident, where he was supposed to secure him with a rope. There is the mention of a blow with an ice ax in the death certificate. Schneider was allegedly included in the group by NKVD to execute the elder son of a famous Russian scientist, Nikolay Ivanovich Vavilov. Stalin is known to have gone after the children of people he hated. Was the incident in the Caucasus Mountains ordered from above? People are still conflicted over this controversy. Dropped On Orders From Above 14-04-2018 The famous Russian scientist Nikolay Ivanovich Vavilov had two children from two marriages. The youngest son, Yuri, is still alive and working on the study of archives, collecting bit by bit the life story of his father. But until recently, very little was known about the eldest son Oleg. Almost everything that was known more concerned Nikolay Ivanovich Vavilov himself. Candidate of Historical Sciences Yakov Grigoryevich Rokityansky, biographer of Vavilov, for many years sought evidence of the life of Oleg Vavilov. He got lucky. He met Oleg’s widow, Lidiya Vasilyevna Kurnosova. Based on her stories and documents, which she managed to save, he collected unique information about the life of the eldest son Nikolay Vavilov. Memories of Georgiy Karpushin about the events of 1959 13-04-2018 "I am 81 years old. Now you understand why I want to tell you the little that I know? "- asks Georgy Karpushin. In 1959 Karpushin was the senior navigator of the 123rd flight detachment of the Ural Civil Aviation Administration. According to him, he was the first to spot the tent of dead tourists. The story of G. Karpushin fills an unknown page of an old tragic history, although it is in many respects at odds with the well-known versions. The Death of Hikers 1959 - Kizilov Gennadiy Ivanovich 13-04-2018 This summary on the investigation of the tragedy with the Dyatlov group was compiled on the basis of new facts set forth in the article. The new facts were obtained entirely from the analysis of the documents of the criminal case (CF), the protocols of the debriefing of the search parties and the relatives of the hikers of the Dyatlov group, as well as publications in the press about this incident. Memories of Commander Potyazhenko 14-04-2018 Men in black fur coats, reluctant search dogs, broken off heel from frozen body... If you wonder where did all this come from here is the answer. Victor Potyazhenko claims that it was he who discovered the tent on the slope during flying over the pass with Ortyukov. A group of comrades in black sheepskin coats were on the ground, with a small tent pitched in the forest i.e. there were people present already. It can be assumed that Ortyukov was in the dark about the big game, started by someone... Victor Potyazhenko was then a flight commander. Interview with Gamatina (Patrusheva) V. N. from the movie "In search of the missing Yak" 13-04-2018 In the aftermath of the terrible tragedy and the mystery surrounding it, 26-year-old Sverdlovsk pilot Gennadiy Patrushev made an independent investigation into the causes of the death of the Dyatlov group. He knew personally the students, met them in Ivdel, he warned them about the danger of the route to Otorten and he also first discovered their bodies on the mountainside. Memories of Valentina Gamatina about Gennadiy Patrushev from 1 May 1999 13-04-2018 Fates are personal, different walks of life. Sometimes this will entangle and the fate of a person will tie in such a knot that he is struggling to untie this knot his all life. This is life. God works in mysterious ways. It happened to me. Of the six girlfriends who lived in the city of Nikolaev, that is in Ukraine, fate brought me to the Urals, where my husband came to serve. Patrushev Gennadyy Vasiyevich. Interview with the widow of the pilot Patrushev Valeriya Nikolaevna Gamatina on 1 February 2009 13-04-2018 Gennady, met with Dyatlov, I think in Ivdel - no, then I was corrected, in Vizhay. I already left, I was no longer there, I left in the summer in 1958, our son was born. Here. " He was well acquainted with Igor, quickly converged, the benefits of age were almost the same and Igor purposefully asked him about these mountains. Otorten. Interview with Vsevolоzhskaya Lyudmila Borisovna on Dyatlov case 24-26 March 2008 13-04-2018 Lyudmila Vsevolоzhskaya was waiting in city of Serov for her group top arrive from Perm to head on a trek to Otorten. At the same time Dyatlov group spent Jan 24 1959 in Serov. Two days after they took the train to Ivdel Lyudmila Borisovna got a telegram that their trek has been rerouted to Isherim. A huge monument was erected at the Dyatlov pass 01-07-2021 A huge four-meter sculpture was erected in memory of the students who died there in 1959 at the Dyatlov Pass. The author of the monument is the new wave artist of the Russian avant-garde Grigoriy Emvi (real name Grigoriy Maslennikov). 3 Comments
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