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Vladimir Askinadzi: To hide the truth about the murder of Dyatlov group, the authorities came up with a missile version 13-04-2018 Vladimir Askinadzi: It was convenient for the authorities to let out a rumor about the missile version, because this version justified all the secrecy surrounding this case. It somehow calmed people and even relatives of the deceased. This version was taking the search away from the real truth. Metal fragment with «waffle» design supports the rocket launch theory 13-04-2018 Aluminum construction more than one square meter was found four years ago. As experts explained, a similar "waffle" design is used on the rocket tanks for durability. Head of the Dyatlov Foundation is one of the adamant defenders of the rocket version of the tragedy on Dyatlov Pass. The rocket theory 13-04-2018 Unsuccessful military trials could have caused the death of Dyatlov group in 1959.
"A number of very serious facts and findings lead us to that conclusion" - Komsomolskaya pravda and Channel 1 are investigation, Head of the Dyatlov Foundation Juri Kintsevich seem to be adamant about it.
Dyatlov Pass: the results of the second DNA tests of the remains of the alleged Semyon Zolotaryov 14-04-2018 Second examination, this time conducted by such an authoritative scholar as Pavel Ivanov, showed that the DNA of the person buried under the sign "Semyon Zolotaryov" matches the DNA of his niece. But this fact does not exclude the version of other researchers suspected that under the name of Semyon his brother Nikolai could be buried, who, according to archival documents, worked with the Germans and disappeared without a trace during the war. Therefore, we can not yet put a end on this investigation. Tibo broken wings 14-04-2018 Russian engineer. Great-grandson of a French architect.
An emotional interview of Maria Piskareva with Anna Ermolaeva - Nikolai Thibeaux-Brignolle second cousin, Marina Evgenyevna Kazantseva, and her brother Sergey Evgenyevich Kazantsev. The history of the Thibeaux family. Memories of Kolya. Questions about the identification of Kolya's belongings. His date of birth.
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