Slobodin's camera

Photos 1-12 on Film №4 are made before the trek. Frame №5 is a playful photo of Dyatlov perched on a tree. This photo tells us the photographer was on a very friendly base with Igor who is fooling and not afraid to look silly. Members of the group appear on frame №17. Frame №21 proves that film №4 was shot by Slobodin. Frame №22 is blurred and out of focus, but we can see Thibeaux-Brignolle and Zolotaryov swapped hats. There are similar photos of that moment on film №1 and film №5. It is interesting that Zolotaryov was showing his camera for everybody to see (hanging on his neck most of the time) but he didn't make photos on this trek. Not with the camera that was found in the tent anyway.

  • Dyatlov trusted Slobodin, they were on a very friendly basis.
  • The few inanimate objects in the photos are indicative of lack of any stress, that was present in the photos made by Krivonischenko.
  • Lack of interested towards Zina and Lyuda (similar to the film №3). This minimizes the risk of tension in the group triggered by competition for girl's attention.
  • Slobodin avoided personal pictures. He clearly favored group photos. Slobodin doesn't show personal preferences, he sees himself as a part of the group. People like that are emphatically friendly. They usually make good leaders.


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