Thibeaux-Brignolle's camera

Film №3 was shot between 41st District (January 27) and the Mansi trail or Lozva and Auspiya rivers. On the evening of January 29, or on the morning of January 30, the film was removed from the camera, wrapped in black paper and placed in a sealed box with the "common fund" of the group - 700 rubli and 9 unused replacement films. We need to deduct who the photographer is. The file case mentions 4 cameras, belonging to Krivonischenko, Zolotaryov, Slobodin and Dyatlov. While the group is on Lazva and Auspiya rivers Krivonischenko is shooting film №1. In Zolotaryov's camera listed in the case file inventory (№55149239) was found film №2 with 27 photos taken before the trek started. Zolotaryov never used this camera in this hike. Slobodin is shooting film №4. Dyatlov can be seen holding a camera on frame №4 of this film. Furthermore, we know that none of the films should be affiliated with Dyatlov's camera. Investigator Ivanov didn't pay much attention to the films. He wasn't much into group dynamics or he did not consider them important. Yuri Yudin (the only surviving member who felt sick and turned back on January 28 from North-2) kept saying that the cameras were more than 4, nearly everybody in the group had camera. The investigation didn't seem to care. Yuri Yudin also said that there are omits, negligence or intentional falsification and clean up of documentation e.g. the histological test of the "first five" bodies found. The testimony of Yuri Yudin was not convenient for the investigation. The importance of proving that there were more than 4 cameras is that somebody had taken it. It's nowhere to be found. Frame №4 shows the duel with cameras between Thibeaux-Brignolle and Krivonischenko where they exchanged cameras so they can be photographed on their own films. Frame №8 is a very good portrait of Doroshenko. On frame №9 Thibeaux-Brignolle has a "Finnish" type home-made knife suspended under his left arm which indicates that he is right handed. This is of importance in relation to the fact that a pair of knitted gloves was found in the right pocket of his jacket after his death. Thibeaux-Brignolle died from a severe head trauma. He couldn't move for sure but we don't know if he was unconscious. Some speculation say that his friends have dressed him since the gloves were both in the same (right) pocket, not on his hands. But he might have taken them off his hands and shoved them into his pocket himself (being right-handed) he had to hold onto something with his left hand (flashlight, knife). Another interesting information we can get from frame №9 is the weather in the ravine. Thibeaux-Brignolle has taken off his quilted jacket, he's unbuttoned, Lyuda's doesn't wear a hat. There is no wind, it's not snowing. There is no sign of deterioration of the weather. Zolotaryov is looking down as usual. Frame №10 is a very good portrait of Zolotaryov. Doroshenko looks pensive. Dyatlov has busied himself with something unaware that has been photographed which proves that this is not his film or else he would have looked into the camera (after giving it to somebody to make the photo). Frames №13-15 are done with a timer. To make silly funny pictures was something to be expected from Thibeaux-Brignolle's humorous demeanor. Frame №17 shows a figure out of focus, but I can clearly see a trail. So this is not something or somebody that showed up from the trees and surprised the hikers, but somebody that went from the point where the photographer is to the trees and is probably coming back. Looks like a call of nature to me. Discovery channel made a movie in 2014 called "Russian Yeti: The Killer Lives" attributing the deaths of the hikers to the shape in this photo.

  • The photographer of film №3 was in quiet and peaceful state of mind, very different from the photographer of film №1 (Krivonischenko) who showed an increased tension since the group left the last populated settlement. The number of inanimate photos is only 3 out of 17 (17.65%), the ratio is normal for an amateur photographer (20%).
  • Thibeaux-Brignolle is on 7 photos out of 17 (41%), we can see on other films too that he liked to be in front of a camera. He liked to be the center of attention. Narcissism is not necessarily a bad thing, it's not same as being egoistic.
  • Doroshenko and Zolotaryov are inside the Thibeaux-Brignolle "zone of comfort". This is one more proof that Zolotaryov was well accepted and integrated in the group, and that his age and background didn't set him apart or bring tension.
  • Thibeaux-Brignolle is totally indifferent to the girls. They are not to be seen for one exception (frame №9) where Lyuda Dubinina is in the frame, but the photo was made by somebody else, not Thibeaux-Brignolle himself, and she is in the background. The group is not fragmented around women which is sometimes observed in the infantile, immature, unformed youth teams. This is very important from victimology stand point and may be the cause for conflicts and provoke serious offense. That's not the case in Dyatlov's group.


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