Protocol inspection of items found at the scene


Sheet 11

Inspection items found at the scene.

Ivdel, 5-6-7 March 1959.

Attorney forensic prosecution Sverdlovsk region Jr Counselor of Justice Ivanov in accordance with Art. 78 Code of Criminal Procedure has made a real protocol is that in the presence of the head of the department of physical training in UPI Vishnevsky, and Yarovoy -  correspondent of newspaper "Na smenu!", Yuri Yefimovich Yudin - 4th year student of UPI (Sverdlovsk, student building 8, room 531) was shown for the purpose of identification the items found in the vicinity of Dyatlov group tent and the area of ​​the fire where the bodies of Krivonischenko and Doroshenko were found, as well as clothing on the bodies.

Yuri Yudin was offered, based on personal experiences, diaries of the participants in the trek, as well as by examination of all articles to determine the ownership of the items.

As a result of the inspection of the items Yuri Yudin said that in his opinion things belong to the following people:

(Until this moment the search party members had the items randomly put in their backpacks)

1. Identified as Zinaida Kolmogorova's belongings:
a) a black backpack, old, repaired side pocket. Inside toothbrush wrapped inside a bandage, a letter from the city of Berezniki in the Z. Kolmogorova's name, a piece of soap, tied in a cloth, new box


Sheet 12

- 2 -

of matches, black flashlight, spool of black thread, light soap dish with a piece of soap, two jars from the powdered milk with a medicament, first aid kit (bandages, cotton, iodine), film, steel jar from dental powder with more medicament. Yudin said that, when he left the group at the 2nd Northern settlement, he gave all these medicament to Z. Kolmogorova.

To Z. Kolmogorova also belong: vigogne socks almost black color (tinted), white woolen socks, mended tarpaulin, mittens wool blue brown pattern, cotton, blue ski gauntlet gloves ("Краги" - russ.), dark brown woolen gloves, mended tent cover (old), home cloth slippers, new, on the sole outside herringbone pattern.

Ladies quilted jacket with artificial dark brown collar with a rubber band at the bottom and fastened hood made of blue satin. The show covers are made of decorative cloth (in the form of bags) tarpaulin jacket jacket, found in the jacket pockets: a photo id on Kolmogorova's name, 5 rub. money (rubles)

Blanket dark blue, wool blend, blue ski hat, knitted, herringbone, with vertical white stripes, black mittens trimmed with black cotton material, red scarf.

In addition, the body of Z. Kolmogorova had: blue sweater, beneath a knitted blouse with cross blue stripes, checkered shirt, blue shirt with sleeves, black bra, blue training ski pants, knitted leggings blue, fleece, skating tights, slip. Woolen brown socks with fur insoles, vigogne socks, cotton socks. On the head of a red woolen hat, beneath a blue woolen hat
(described in detail in the autopsy report)


Sheet 13

2. Identified as Igor Dyatlov's belongings:
a) a fur jacket (uncoated fabric), a fur jacket with a zipper. Backpack old, khaki, mittens coarse cloth, mask, red socks, old, replacement fasteners, covers for insulated boots, ski hat woolen, blue with white flowers, black leather gloves, dark red blanket, tarpaulin pants khaki and light colored tarpaulin jacket.
In the pockets of tarpaulin jacket and pants of I. Dyatlov were found: horn rimmed glasses, in gray case, Dyatlov notebook with a photo of Z. Kolmogorova, pocket knife with stringed carabiner, garlic cloves, compass, ski mask, rope, wire, flexor for skiing.
Ski boots, size 46.
One piece of clothing found on I. A. Dyatlov body described in the autopsy report was a fur vest with blue satin exterior. Yuri Yudin said that the vest belonged to him, and on 28-Jan-1959 he gave it to S. Kolevatov.
Boots insulated, found in the labaz.

Dyatlov's body was also wearing the following:
woolen blend blue sweater, checkered shirt, blue jersey knitwear, brown ski pants, dark green sweatpants, black satin underwear, one white wool socks, torn, two cotton socks, packaging from streptocide.

3. Identified as L. Dubinina's belongings:
a) black backpack, old, broken glasses in a case, toothbrush in a case, soap dish and soap, toothpaste. Dark blue blanket, light colored tarpaulin jacket, blue shirt, black ski pants, white balaclava, ski boots, foot wraps (bindings), woolen and white wool socks, black felt boots (valenki).


Sheet 14

checkered shirt with small squares, ski mask, socks, brown and gray wool socks. Yuri Yudin said that he gave L. Dubinina the gray wool socks.
In the pockets of jacket were found: paper string, a piece of the tent cover, a safety pin, a little powder and onion. Above the pockets on the jacket is pinned hiking badge. Left sleeve of the tarpaulin jacket is rolled inversely. In the pockets of the ski trousers are found: elastic bandage, a letter starting... Vale ... large comb, 2 pencils, hair clip and money 35 rubles.
Black slip trimmed with red, matching bra, knitted tights blue, blue ski hat, cotton bag. Ladies' handkerchiefs - two white with brown border and one with squares.

4. Identified as N. Thibeaux-Brignolle's belongings:
a) backpack, tin from tea with film, dark blue coarse wool blanket, dark blue old hat, matches in oilcloth, checkered shirt with squares (found by the fire - one sleeve is turned out), tarpaulin jacket, shoes
In the pockets of jackets and trousers: handkerchief, bandage, box of matches, flashlight, pocket knife and Finnish type knife, compass, a pin, spare belts for ski, 1 ruble money, black padded jacket, fastened to the left side, felt boots (valenki) black, hemmed.

5. Identified as R. Slobodin's belongings are new backpack khaki and on it tied a toy - rubber bear, towel, binoculars, red blanket, light colored tarpaulin jacket, tarpaulin pants, black padded jacket, scorched, balaclava, one felt boot (valenka). Repair kit –


Sheet 15

two screwdrivers, awl, pliers and wire. Toy hedgehog, pencils, a box with screws, 2 spools of thread, fishing line, notebook. Camera "Zorkiy", the number is not known, ski boots, mask.

On the body of R. Slobodin were found: black cotton sweater, checkered shirt underneath. Between the sweater and the checkered shirt were 2 insole, a pen in the pocket of the shirt, passport in the name of Slobodin, money 310 rubles (100, 50x4 and 10 rubles), socks under the shirt gray knitted fleece shirt, and under it a singlet. Ski pants, beneath blue sweat pants, warm pants (matching the fleece shirt), satin pants, pocket knife in the ski pants, a comb, and a pencil.

On the right leg felt boot and four pairs of socks, on the left foot socks, and the felt boot is missing. In Slobodin's tarpaulin jacket are 3 letters concerning Bienko, and in the pocket of the ski pants letter from the trade union.

6. Identified as Doroshenko's belongings:
a) black backpack, burgundy blanket, blue padded jacket, knitted training pants, shoes, checked scarf vigogne, ear flaps hat, tarpaulin jacket, and in the pockets of the jacket two notebooks and 20 rubles. money (10x2).

b) Doroshenko's dead body was wearing:
checkered shirt with large squares, warm pants, lime green singlet, blue trunks and blue shorts. On his feet are three whole cotton sock, three torn socks and a pair of woolen socks with burn marks.

7. Identified as Zolotaryov's belongings:
a) blanket with green stripes, light colored tarpaulin jacket, white woolen scarf, shoes, mended with wire, black beret, ski hat, a bottle of


Sheet 16

vitamins, cork tab, film 1 piece. Zolotaryov's backpack contained notebooks, "Crocodile" magazine, bay leaf, pepper. Black quilted jacket, a camera with a viewfinder and additional lens.

8. Identified as Kolevatov's belongings: black backpack.
Blanket of soldier cloth, jackets and pants, fur vest, ski boots, a balaclava, a bar. In addition, strap, pacifier, a fragment of a comb, a pack of cigarettes "Aromatnye", aluminum flask.

9. Identified as Krivonischenko's belongings:
backpack, blanket dark green, blue padded jacket scorched, tarpaulin jacket and pants, mandolin in а case, fur socks, balaclava and gloves made of decorative fabric, ski boots, felt boots, aluminum flask. In the pocket of the tarpaulin jacket are found comb, compass and scissors. On the tarpaulin jacket were 2 badges: 2nd sport category and "hiker", string "D" for the mandolin, and a toy "bear".

Krivonischenko's body was wearing: checkered shirt, undershirt, remains of underpants, trunks, one sock.

In addition, some things remain unidentified, such as:

boots covers (all torn - 9 pairs);
cotton socks, whole and torn - 25 pcs.;
woolen socks and vigogne, whole and torn - 21 pcs.;
gloves woolen, fur, cotton, insulated and non-insulated - 20 pieces ;
gaiters - 17 pieces (blue and black);
balaclavas - 3 pcs.;
different bags from under the items - 12 pcs.;
home shoes (slippers) - 1 pair.


Sheet 17

Not identified:

singlet knitted, red worn down,
sweater black new vigogne,
sweater blue new vigogne,
sweater brown old vigogne,
linen towel,
scarf woolen white,
trousers satin, black, training,
pants black, satin, mens.
2 snow mask.
dark brown fur hat.
fur collar black
leather for shoes (repair kit)
handkerchiefs 2 pieces (white, embroidered with green flowers and ladies hanky)
tourniquets 2 pcs, glasses approx. -4 - 4.5 D in green case, flashlight "zhuchok"
tooth brush, white, Chinese,
axes - 2 large, 1 small
two-handed saw, in a case.
skis - 1 pair, ice axe - 1 pc.
Utensils: spoons - 7, mugs - 5, aluminum cups - 3, buckets - 2, stove with stovepipe.


Protocol is read to us, it's written correctly:

1. (No signature)

2. Yudin (signature)



Jr Counselor of Justice

Ivanov (signature)


Sheet 18

Items retrieved from the labaz March 3, 1959

Ski boots 1 pair
Cotton socks 1 pair
Mandolin 1
Insulated boots 1 pair (belonged to Dyatlov, there were frozen socks inside, apparently put in while wet - ed. note)
Ski cap 1
Ski mask 1
Checked shirt 1
Ice ax1

Inventory by
N.F. Pletnev and
A.M. Vishnevskiy
Mar 3, 1959 1400


Sheet 19

Inventory of clothes and shoes property of the Dyatlov group, located in the storage room of the Ivdel airport

Description Qty Notes
1 Backpacks 1+1+1+1+1+1+2+1 = 9
2 Sweaters 3+ = 3
3 Flasks 1+ = 1
4 Woolen underhelmets 1+1+1+2+1+1 = 7
5 Woolen socks (pairs) 2+3+1+1+1+2+2+2+3 = 17
6 T-shirt 1+1 = 2
7 Underpants 1+1 = 2
8 Cotton socks (pairs) 6+1+1+1+2+2+2 = 15
9 Cloth footcloths (pairs) 1 = 1
10 Masks 1+1+1+3 = 1
11 Checkered shirt 1+ = 1
12 Cloth mittens (pairs)
fur and leather
1+6 = 7
13 Trousers 1 = 1
15 Stove with pipes 1 = 1
16 Ski boots (pairs) 6+2 = 8
17 Valenki (pairs) 3,5 = 3½
18 Skating cap (pieces) 1+1+1 = 3
19 Boot covers (pairs) thin ½ +1+1+2+1+1 = 6½
20 Axes big 2 = 2
21 Axes small 1 = 1
22 Fur hat 1 = 1
23 Crosscut saw 1 = 1


Sheet 20

- 2 -

Description Qty Notes
24 Quilted jacket
25 Wool blankets 9 pcs = 9
26 Storm jackets 9 pcs = 9
27 Compasses 1+1+1 = 3
28 Pocket watch 1+ = 1
29 Finnish knife 1+ = 1
30 Leather mittens (pairs) 1+ = 1
31 Storm trousers 4 = 4
32 Padded jackets 6 = 6
33 Fur jackets 2 = 2
34 Fur leather jacket 1+ = 1
35 Flasks 1 = 1
36 Pots 2 = 3
37 Warm boot covers (pairs) 1 = 1 of which 2 fur pairs
38 First aid kit (set) 1 = 1
39 Mittens different (pairs) 5 = 5
40 Fur mittens 1 = 1
41 Cloth slippers (pairs) 1+1 = 2
42 Gaiters (pairs) 2+6 = 8
43 Cotton trousers 1 = 1
44 Fur hat 1 = 1
45 Woolen scarves 4 = 4
46 Felt caps 2 pcs = 2



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