Malik witness testimony


Sheet 265

witness testimony

On April 7, 1959, the prosecutor of the Prosecutor's Office of the city of Ivdel in the Sverdlovsk Region, Jr Counselor of Justice Tempalov interrogated in the office as a witness, in compliance with Article 162-168 of the Code of Criminal Procedure of the RSFSR

  1. Surname, name and middle name Malik Igor Nikolaevich
  2. Year of birth 1939
  3. Place of birth: Tyumen Oblast, Abatskiy region village of Tihvinka
  4. Address: city of Ivdel, Military unit 6602 "C"
  5. Political affiliation: member of VLKSM (Komsomol)
  6. Nationality: Ukrainian
  7. Citizenship: USSR
  8. Passport or other documents: military id №009321
    issued by unit 6602 on 16/XI-58
  9. Education: 6th grade
  10. Place of work, position (profession): serviceman
  11. Criminal record: no

Warned on the responsibility for the first part of Art. 92 of the Criminal Code of the RSFSR for refusing to testify and under Art. 95 Criminal Code of the RSFSR for giving knowingly false testimony.

Signed: Malik


The witness testified: on February 17 at 6:40 am while attending my duties I noticed a moving ball of bright white color that appeared on the south side. The ball was brightly white, in a dense white fog. The misty cloud grew thicker and brighter, and the ball inside was glowing with bright white light and was moving northward. The ball was visible for 10-15 minutes after which the ball could not be seen in the north.

I personally wrote the interrogation protocol.
April 7, 1959.
Malik (signature)

Prosecutor Mr. Ivdel Tempalov (signature)


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