Discovery protocol of hikers camp site


Sheet 2


camp site found of Igor Dyatlov group

28.02.59 the prosecutor city of Ivdel Jr Counselor of Justice Tempalov in the presence of witnesses: comrade Maslennikov and Brusnitsin Vadim Dmitriyevich living in Sverdlovsk, Sheynkmana St № III, room 31, Sharavin Mihail Petrovich living in Sverdlovsk, Vtuzgorodok, housing 9, room № 201, Kurikov Stepan Nikolaevich living in Ivdel region village Suevat Paun (Paul - ed.), have written this report upon finding the place where Dyatlov group of hikers stayed overnight. Camp site is located on the northeast slope of mountain 1079 (Kholat Syakhl - ed.) at the source of Auspiya river. Camp site site is located 300 meters from the top of the mountain 1079 on a slope of 30°. Camp site consists of a pad of flattened snow, on the bottom are stacked 8 pairs of skis. Tent is stretched on ski poles and fixed with ropes, at the bottom of the tent 9 backpacks were discovered with various personal items, jackets, rain coats, 9 pairs of shoes. There were also found men's pants, and three pairs of boots, warm fur coats, socks, hat, ski caps, utensils, buckets, stove, ax, saw, blankets, food: biscuits in two bags, condensed milk, sugar, concentrates, notebooks, itinerary and many other small items and documents, camera and accessories to a camera.

All items found were transferred for an inventory and delivery to ... base chief search group Evgeniy Maslennikov Polikarpovich for which this protocol was drawn up.

There are no bodies found in the tent.

Attorney city of Ivdel

Jr Counselor of Justice / Tempalov /

1) Brusnitsin
2) Sharavin
3) Kurikov

The head of the unit
4) Maslennikov


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