Decision to appoint criminal expert


Sheet 301


(to appoint criminal expert)

On March 16, 1959 in city of Sverdlovsk Investigator of the Prosecutor’s Office Prosecutor criminologist of the Prosecutor’s Office of the Sverdlovsk Region of the Sverdlovsk Region (class rank, last name) Ivanov having considered a criminal case on the death of hikers from Dyatlov group

and taking into account


On the evening of February 1, 1959, a group of 9 people died on a mountain marked "1079". As it was established, the group suddenly left the tent, and there is reason to believe that the tent was cut by someone.

Considering that the establishing the fact is the tent was cut or torn apart is essential to the case,


in accordance to art. 63 and 171 of the Criminal Procedure Code of the RSFSR, I am


assign in this case forensic examination to resolve the following issues:

  1. Is Dyatlov group tent cut?
  2. If yes, are the cuts made from inside or outside?

At the disposal of the expert to present the tent of Dyatlov group.
The expertise is entrusted to Sverdlovsk NIKL (Forensic Research Laboratory).

Prosecutor criminologist
Jr. Counselor of Justice
(signature) /Ivanov/

Sheet 302

The Prosecutor’s Office of the Sverdlovsk Region, the Investigation Department, sends an act of forensic examination № 199 of April 16, 1959 on the case of students' death.

Cost of examination - rubles. The specified amount is subject of reimbursement by the court in state revenue.

Appendix: examination certificate, 2 photo tables, forensic evidence

Deputy of Sverdlovsk Scientific Research. Forensic laboratory of the Ministry of Justice of the RSFSR

Kretov (signature)


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