V.M. Popov witness testimony


Sheet 48

witness testimony

Place of interrogation: village of Vizhay
Interrogation began on February 6, 1959, completed February 6, 1959
I, Head of the Polunochnoe Police Station Captain Chudinov
questioning as a witness

  1. Surname, name and middle name: Popov Vasiliy Andreevich
  2. Year of birth: 1908
  3. Place of birth: Kurgan region Kargapolskiy District village of Kargapole
  4. Address: village of Vizhay city of Ivdel
  5. Political affiliation: member of KPSS
  6. Nationality: Russian.
  7. Citizenship (nationality) of the USSR.
  8. Passport or other documents: no
  9. Education: 4th grade.
  10. Place of work and position (occupation): Head of the Communications Vizhay Forestry Department.
  11. Criminal record: no.

On the criminal liability for refusing to testify under Art. 92 of the Criminal Code of the RSFSR for giving knowingly false evidence under art. 95 of the Criminal Code of the RSFSR is forewarned.


The witness testified: In the second half of January 1959 I saw two groups of hikers in the village of Vizhay.
Which were going to the area of the Ural mountain range, I didn't talk to them in person.
At the beginning of February 1959 there were strong winds in the village of Vizhay.
The wind drifted the snow mass and heaped up on the open road although there was virtually no rainfall. I live in the village in Vizhay since 1951 and don't remember such winds like they were in the beginning of February 1959

I wrote this myself
I verify with my signature (Popov)
Interrogator signature (Chudinov)


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