Protocol of the Route Commission


Sheet 7


route commission at the Sverdlovsk city committee on physical culture and sport

including Korolyov, Novikova, Maslennikov, Bogomolov

As a result of evaluating the composition of the route, the qualification of the group for the trip, the lists of equipment, food and estimates, the routing commission of the Committee for Physical Culture and Sports rules:

1. To approve a category III ski trip on the route city of Vizhay - 2nd Northern - Mt. Otorten - Mt. Oyko-Chakur - Toshemka river - city of Vizhay
group of 10 people, under the leadership of I. Dyatlov

2. Determining the following checkpoints and dates:
28 January this year in city of Vizhay telegram post card
12 February this year in city of Vizhay for ending the trek telegram post card
as well as the first day on the route.

Reports at the checkpoints are to be sent to the address of the organization in Sverdlovsk, UPI, sports club, ph N___ comrade L. S. Gordo

Copy to the address of the Route Commission GK FK and S Sverdlovsk, Pushkinskaya 3
comrade Ufimtsev

Special instructions to the group:




3. Report must be submitted by April 10

Chairman of the Route Commission: (signature Korolyov)
Members of the Route Commission (signature Novikova)
(signature Maslennikov)

8 January 1959

Received route book No.5 and a copy of the protocol of the Route Commission to be shown to the controlling organization.

I undertake to carry out the deadlines and instructions of the Route Commission.

Group leader (signature Dyatlov)

20 January 1959


  1. Dyatlov
  2. Dubinina
  3. Kolmogorova
  4. Kolevatov
  5. Slobodin
  6. Bienko
  7. Krivonischanko
  8. Thibeaux-Brignolle
  9. Doroshenko
  10. Yudin
  11. Zolotaryov



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