P. S. Bahtiyarov witness testimony


Sheet 86

witness testimony

On 10 March 1959 the prosecutor criminologist of Sverdlovsk region Jr Counselor of Justice Tempalov interrogated in Ivdel as a witness, with the observance of art. 162-168 Code of Criminal Procedure of the RSFSR

  1. Surname, name and middle name: Bahtiyarov Procopiy Ereme Savelyevich
  2. Year of birth 1942
  3. Place of birth Ivdel area Anchug river
  4. Nationality: Mansi
  5. Political affiliation: none
  6. Education (what school graduated from and when): illiterate
  7. Occupation a) currently - the place of work and position: Hunter
  8. b) at the moment of the events: the same
  9. Criminal record: no
  10. Permanent residence (exact address and phone number): Bahtiyarov yurt 60 km from the village of Vizhay
  11. Passport: no
  12. Relation to the accused: stranger

Warned about the responsibility for the first part of Art. 92 of the RSFSR Criminal Code for refusing to testify and under Art. 95 RSFSR Criminal Code for knowingly giving false testimony. Signature (Mansi sign).


The witness testified: My Russian language is bad and I need an interpreter. An interpreter Bahtiyarov Nikita Vladimirovich is warned of perjury in the translation and mistranslation of art. 96 CC. Signature

I arrived at Ivdel four days ago, together with Nikolay Bahtiyarov from their yurts, which are located 60 km from Vizhay. We came first to Nikita Bahtiyarov to buy his small-caliber rifle and register it in the police in the city of Ivdel. Nikolay bought the rifle from Nikita. I learned about the missing hikers on 21/II-59 from Mansi Nina and Katerina Bahtiyarov women. At the time when the helicopter landed near the yurts Petr, Nikita, Nikolay and I were hunting deer. The yurts were only women and my brother Sergey. In February and January we didn't leave far from home. Hunted near the settlement named after the 19th party congress. Nikolay and Pyotr Yakimovich Baktiyarov went in the middle of the month of February 1959 and Burmantovo Suevat-Paul Nikolay, he is tending the reindeer at the Mansi children boarding school and went to work. Pyotr and I went to the village of Suevat-Paul

Sheet 87

to visit Mansi. Pyotr doesn't hunt well, he can't walk because he has TB. Prayer mountain is in the upper sources of Vizhay river not very far from our yurts about 30 km. I myself have never attended a prayer ceremony on the mountain, and Mansi are not a strong believers nowadays, young Mansi don't recognize religion. Me neither. I do not know what happened to the hikers, and haven't heard anybody talking. I don't know where are they now. 8 hikers slept at Pyotr and went along Vizhay river, and I don't know what happened with them after that. Where were the hikers killed or weather they are still alive, I don't know.

It is recorded correctly, it was read to me.


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