Order to the Chief of Ivdel Department of Internal Affairs Militia Major Bizyaev


Sheet 12

copy №1

K. Bizyaev


To the Chief of Ivdel city militia station
Militia Major

Comrade Bizyaev

In addition to the existing assignments in the case of the death of Dyatlov group of hikers, please do the following:

  1. Chairman of the Burmantovо village council, Makrushin, spreads a rumor that allegedly Mansi Bahtiyarov Pavel Grigoryevich saw how hikers fell from the mountain and told other Mansi about it 17/II-59
    In this regard, it is necessary:
    a). verify the information;
    b). find out where does citizen P.G. Bahtiyarov live at the moment;
    c). find out where was Bahtiyarov at the time of death of the hikers.
  2. To collaborate that the hikers where attacked by Mansi with religious motives is necessary:
    a). Find out whose camp did the hikers visit and did Mansi known about it.
    b). Did Mansi know that the hikers where headed towards Mt Otorten.
    c). Is Mount Otorten and its surroundings a sacret for Mansi? (i.e. "prayer" place).
    d). Find out which of the Mansi men hunted in the valley of the Auspiya river and in the region of the fourth tributary of Lozva river at the time of death of the hikers.
    e). Find out who was the hunter who left the ski track that the hikers followed. There is an assumption that this is Anyamov.

Make the results of this operational work


known to the prosecutor comrade Tempalov, who is investigating the case.

Deputy Prosecutor of the region
for special cases
counselor of justice


2 copies
1-st address
2-nd case
Ex. Ivanov
written by hand


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