Receipt from A.A. Dyatlov


Sheet 46


To the chairman of the trade union committee of the Ural Polytechnic Institute, comrade Slobodin

The investigation into the death of hikers established that Igor Dyatlov owned the money we found on him in the amount of 971 rubles.

271 rubles were given back to the father of the deceased - Dyatlov Aleksey Aleksandrovich in the prosecutor's office of the region. I request the remaining 700 rubles to be given to the cashier of the trade union committee through Gordo on a receipt warrant in my name from 2/IV-1959.

Criminal Persecutor
Junior Counselor of Justice      /Ivanov/

I, Aleksey Aleksandrovich Dyatlov received from comrade Ivanov:
1) Letter for the transfered to UPI 700 rubles.
2) Money in the amount of two hundred seventy-one rubles (271)
3) Photo exponometer "Leningrad"
4) Camera "Zorkiy" №55242643
5) Wriswatch "Zvezda" on a strap with arrows coated with luminous substance.
6) Metal box painted in yellow.

24/VI 59 (signature Dyatlov)


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