Kolevatov's sister identifying belongings (draft)


Sheet 50

Kolevatov's sister

My brother had a pocket watch, he fixed it, similar to the one here (Molniya).

In the summer of 1958 from 3/VI in the Sayan mountains on a trek

in VIII, early September in Perm for about a month, lived in Perm.
31/XII went on a hike along the Perm road to station Boytzy.
He was at the Faculty of Physics and Technology. 54-55-56 in Moscow, at the research institute.

Finnish knife with leather scabbard, found in the tent, identified by Kolevatova as belonging to her brother.

A key from a door lock found by Kolevatova in his pocket was identified and returned to her.

A handkerchief with purple flowers was identified by Kolevatova and returned to her.

Three bills of 100 rubles given to him on 23/I-

not found on him.


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