In 2009 researchers Aleksei Koskin and Yuri Kuntsevich gained access to the archives of the late Prosecutor Ivanov. The numbering of the films is taken from Koskin's photo archive.

  • Film №1 - 34 photos, belongs to Georgiy Krivonischenko
  • Film №2 - 27 photos, belongs to Semyon Zolotaryov (photos from before the hike started)
  • Film №3 - 17 photos, photographer unknown (most likely Thibault-Brignolle)
  • Film №4 - 27 photos, belongs to Rustem Slobodin
  • Film №5 - 24 photos, photographer unknown
  • Film №6 - 36 photos, of which only 28 relate to this trip. This film precedes Film №1 (to be exact, it should be numbered №0 since it ends where Film №1 begins). The film has been misplaced after the photos were developed.
  • Loose photos - 8 photos that are taken during the trip but are not part of the other films.
  • Damaged film from the camera found on Zolotaryov's body.



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