1958 Altai

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Jul 31 - 22 Aug, 1958 hike category III in Altai: village of Inya - river mouth - Akkem - Akkemskoye Ozero - Argut river - Karagem - Chegan - Uzun
Igor Dyatlov (leader), Petr Bartolomey, Aleksey Budrin, Rudolph Sedov, Rustem Slobodin, Nikolay Thibeaux-Brignolle, Nikolay Tregubov, Vyacheslav Halizov, Vladimir Shunin, Yuri Yudin

Akkemskoye Ozero from Altai language means The White Lake.

Students participating in a hiking trip of the highest category of difficulty in Central Altai in the summer of 1958 /Igor Dyatlov leader/ handed over to the Department of Geology UPI the collection collected during the trip.

The collection may not be an adornment of the Museum of the department, but it is of great interest as a collection of characteristic samples used in laboratory studies with students at the course of geology and mineralogy. This is a great and very useful to get to study rocks and minerals in their natural environment, the conditions of their occurrence and formation etc. This is an excellent consolidation of the acquired theoretical knowledge.

The Department thanks the participants of the trip for the gift, for the interest they showed in Geology, wishes them further success and their own discoveries.

Head of the Department of Geology and Mineralogy
Ural Polytechnic Institute
S. N. Kirov

A. L. Arhangelskiy


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