On Jan 25, 9195, the Dyatlov group arrived in Ivdel on train №81, stamped their route book, and took a bus GAZ-51 to Vizhay. They didn't mention or see the Ivdellag. There is another world they were living in. The main industry of the region was mining, logging, and building the railway.

Lozvinsky gorodok (Лозьвинский городок), the first Russian wooden fortress east of the Ural Mountains, was built in 1589 on the eastern bank of the Ivdel-Lozva river confluence, about 9 kilometres southeast of today's Ivdel.It was known as a gold-mining settlement of Nikito-Ivdel (Никито-Ивдель), and later Ivdel, since 1831. Ivdellag gulag was formed here in 1937. Town status was granted in 1943. (Wikipedia)


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