Nikolay Popov letter to Igor Dyatlov



Hello Igor!
Hello brothers!

No wonder they say: word gets around. Although the TatNII is far from UPI, I overheard that you are going on a hike to the Subpolar Urals. Goska, holy-moly! Take me for God's sake!

Igor! First, please get back to me right away. Secondly, tell me who is coming. Thirdly, how many days is the trip, and how much it will cost me, so I have all the facts to make an informed decision if I can afford to go.

For my part, I want to tell you in advance that I have no skis, no ski boots, and no backpack. But I have everything else. Do you think possible for me to get backpack, boots and skis from the institute? I would be very happy if so. I'll find the rest myself. Igor, be sure to write right away,


if the group does not mind my part me joining, so that I can inform you in time whether I can go or not. In the meantime, I will start getting ready without wasting any time.

Give all the brothers greetings from the Gloomster. Let me know what is like the new (hiking - ed. note) section. And most importantly, unlike all past times, at least write an answer.

My life at the moment is tolerable, but the hiking aspect is very bad: although we are only 5 (in total!) qualified hikers, were trained over the summer, but there is no section. Neither in the TatNII, nor anywhere else in Bugulma. And for the whole of this winter we made only one hike that lasted a day. There is neither equipment in the VSS (Voluntary Sports Society - ed. note), nor enthusiasm among the youth of the city of Bugulma.

Well bye for now! Hiking gree
tings from the Gloomster (signature)
Dec 12, 1958



Dyatlov gathers a group for the Subpolar Ural from as early as Oct 15, 1958. On Dec 12, 1958 he invites Nikolay Thibeaux-Brignolle, Yuri Doroshenko and Nikolay Popov, if the latter is allowed from his place of work, the Tatarstan Research Institute of Petroleum Machine Building (TatNIIneftemash). Nikolay Popov is always pictured with a mandolin in his hands.

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