New petition to the head of the Investigative Committee of Russia


A petition to the head of the Investigative Committee of Russia, Alexander Bastrykin, from the Dyatlov Memorial Foundation will be presented in Yekaterinburg on June 26 at a round table, which will be held in the ITAR-TASS press center. The petition was signed by activists of the foundation, representatives of the Russian Geographical Society, as well as relatives of the dead hikers - Igor Dyatlov, Yuri Doroshenko and Rustem Slobodin.

It is expected that the sister of Igor Dyatlova Tatyana Perminova will personally take part in the round table. Participants will also perform a search job in 1959. Peter Bartholomew, Vladislav Karelin and Mihail Sharavin, tragedy researchers Alexei Budrin, Alexander Alekseenkov and Vladimir Borzenkov, forensic expert Vladimir Ankudinov. “Russian Geographical Society” will be represented by extreme traveler Vladimir Rykshin and leaders Sverdlovsk Branch of the Russian Geographical Society.

Activists of the Dyatlov group’s memory fund and his supporters forced the prosecutor’s investigation into the death of Ural hikers to contact the Investigative Committee. Representatives of the supervisory authority stated that they stopped at three versions of what happened in 1959 on the Dyatlov Pass: a hurricane, an avalanche and a snow slab. Most of the activists of the Dyatlov Fund disagree with this - they insist on a “military version”, according to which Dyatlov group became witnesses or victims of weapon tests, after which they were eradicated.

"...While witnesses and participants of the search of those years are still alive, until the material evidences are not gone, until the environment of the incident is not trampled down, while the archives still store documents and evidence."

Letter is signed:

From relatives – Tatyana Perminova (Dyatlova)

From the Russian Geographical Society – Vladimir Rykshin

From Dyatlov Friends – Aleksey Budrin, Pyotr Bartholomey

From researchers – Vladimir Borzenkov

From advocacy – Evgeniy Chernousov

Dyatlov Pass: New petition to the head of the Investigative Committee of Russia


“We demand the initiation of a normal criminal case” - Igor Dyatlov's sister, who died with his group in 1959, turned to Bastrykin - full transcription

How did Dyatlov group die. Round table on the results of the investigation of the Prosecutor General - full video

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