Sheet 1

I approve
Chairman of the Regional
executive committee
March 13, 1959


for the search operations of the hikers group from UPI "Kirov"

Through the actions taken from February 23 to March 5, 1959, in the vicinity of the height 1079 (to the south from Mt. Otorten) a tourist tent with equipment, food and skis, as well as the bodies of the deceased hikers comrades Dyatlov, Kolmogorova, Slobodin, Doroshenko, and Krivonischenko were discovered.

continuation of the ground search to be entrusted to the Ural Kirov Polytechnic Institute, for which:

I. To detail a ground search group of 20 participants (in two groups 10 members each)

To assist the UPI in conducting its ground search:

1. For the Ural Military District:
a) to detail 10 sappers until the end of the ground search, providing equipment and food rations;
b) to detail two helicopters for ensuring uninterrupted delivery, procurement, and replacement of ground search groups in the territory of the search.

2. For the Regional Office of Internal Affairs:
a) to detail military escort from the Ivdellag in the strength of 10 until the end of the ground search;
b) to provide other ground search group with the necessary material procurement, transportation, and other needs.

3. For the Northern ground search group of the Ural Geological Office (com. Sulman) to provide two-way radio communication.

For day-to-day supervision of the ground search, to organize an operational group in the town of Ivdel, including:

  1. com. Prodanov I.S., the First Secretary of the Ivdel town committee of the CPSU (chairman)
  2. com. Ivanov V.A., the head of the Ivdellag office (deputy chairman)
  3. com. Ortyukov G.S., an instructor of the UPI "Kirov"
  4. com. Vishnevskiy A.I., the head of the sub-department of social education of the UPI
  5. com. Chernyshev A.A., the head of the ground search group.

The work of the regional commission to be continued, to establish liaison with the representatives and all the above listed organizations, to make regular reviews of the work progress and take the necessary decisions.



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