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There are a few things I need to rectify, thanks to my Russian friends who watch so I don't stray from the right path:

  • I said in the interview that for a trek to be considered category III difficulty the hikers need a certain number of nights where they don't lit a fire i.e. "cold nights". This is not true. The closest to this is that they need certain number of overnights in a tent, not refuge, cottage, house, etc. So where the group pitched their tent doesn't really matter for the category of difficulty. Seasoned hikers explained the choice of place for the tent the night of Feb 1st on the slope without a stove with the fact that the group was training for an expedition in the Subpolar Urals where there is little wood. Hiking groups often had to sleep without a stove. But this is not a requirement. Dyatlov group was under no pressure to meet any requirements or go in any places they were not ready for.
  • Dubinina's hat and coat were found on Thibeaux-Brignolle and not Zolotaryov, as I said in the interview, and as I have repeatedly written it over and over again for 6 years now. Why? Because this is what Lev Ivanov said in the Resolution to close the case:
    "The dead Thibeaux Brignolle and Zolotaryov were found well-dressed, worse dressed Dubinina - her jacket made of artificial fur and a cap were found on Zolotaryov, Dubinina's naked leg was wrapped in Krivonischenko's woolen pants."
    This will lead to two more publications, how exactly were the clothes distributed, and what else was Ivanov mistaken about in the Resolution to close the case, one of the most cited documents in this case.


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