Map Vizhay (Вижай) Sverdlovsk Oblast, Russia

Dyatlov Pass: Vizhay

Dyatlov Pass: Vizhay


Dyatlov group arrived in Vizhay on Jan 25 14:00 by bus Gas-51 cramped with Blinov group. Stayed at a guest house. Tearful farewell with Blinov group. Watch movie "Symphonie in Gold". On Jan 26 13:10 Dyatlov group leaves on the back of the truck to 41st logging site. See the diary entries from these dates, Igor and Zina mail their last post card and a letter to their families. Entries in the diaries from Vizhay →

Katinas research and 3D model of location

Katinas is a member of Russian forum taina.li and he has tried, and succeeded in my opinion, to pin point where does the parting with Blinov group took place in Vizhay. This is most probably where the Gaz-63 that took Dyatlov group to 41st logging settlement also left off at 13:10 on 26 Jan 1959. Katinas used characteristic utility poles, fences and buildings to prove that the location is in front of the Communication center in Vizhay. You can see it on the maps above.

Dyatlov Pass: Katinas 3D model of the Communication center in Vizhay

Figures in Dyatlov group case that live in Vizhay

  • Aleksey Semyonovich Cheglakov - Chief of the Militarized Firefighters (ОВПК) of the 8th forest division of Vizhay logging branch in 1959 Testimony →
  • Ivan Fokeevich Pashin - Forester, rescuer from the very beginning of the search. In the case files his middle name is recorded as Vasilyevich for some reason Testimony →
  • Ivan Dimitrievich Rempel - Forester of the Vizhay region Testimony →
  • Georgiy Ivanovich Ryazhnev - Chief of the 1st forestry department of Energo Lesokombinat in 41st district in 1959 Testimony →

Vizhay and its people

Aleksey Semyonovich Cheglakov   


Ivan Foteevich Pashin   


Ivan Dimitrievich Rempel   


Georgiy Ivanovich Ryazhnev   



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