Russian channel 1, Andrey Malahov 04/16/2013 - Part 1


Throughout the episode host Andrey Malahov repeats that their crew together with correspondents from Komsomolskaya Pravda lived for a week on Dyatlov Pass. To this day there are 64 theories of what might have happened in Feb 1959. This program is discussing Love quarrel, Criminal versions of Mansi and escapees from the gulag.

I have only introduced the people that are life in the studio.

Love triangle theory

Irina Rashevskaya (Ирина Рашевская) - Igor Doroshenko sister who was 14 at the time of the events She thinks her brother was poisoned because foam on his mouth. Malahov is steering her towards the feelings between Zina and Doroshenko. She reads from Zina's diary where it says that Zina is jealous.
Natalya Varsegova (Наталя Варсегова) - Komsomolskaya Pravda journalist. She is explaining that according to Zina's diary both she and Yuri had come to terms of their breakup, that they are not together anymore. Natalya says that we are speculating about Dyatlov's feeling about Zina because in his vest, in his inner pocket was found a passport with photo of Zina.
Dmitriy Alyoshkin (Дмитрий Алёшкин) - extreme survival specialist. He says that in a group of people conflict start shwoing at the 3-5 day, and having two women in the is a red flag. This raises a commotion.
Evgeniya Bordzilovskaya (Евгения Бордзиловская) - actress She says the times were romantic back then.
Pyotr Bartolomey (Пётр Бартоломей) - friend of Igor Dyatlov, who was also a hiker and member of the UPI sports club, the mountaineering section. He was asked by the host does he believe that Igor could separate his professional responsibilities as a the leader of the group and his feeling for Zina. Pyotr answered that nowadays is hard to understand what the ski hiking meant back in the days. He asserted that personal life was compartmentalize. Igor was in a good physical shape and morally stable. On the Circumpolar Urals there was no map in these days, and we had to cover 40 km without a map. Igor had in his head the information about the whole region. he was not the leader of that hike, but he was leading us. Malahov says that Igor could have been a genius and recite the Periodic table by heart but this is not preventing him from falling in a love quarrel. Audience applauded.
Nikolay Varsegov (Николай Варсегов) - Komsomolskaya Pravda correspondent He says that it doesn't matter what the alleged altercation was about, it doesn't explain why did they cut open the tent and went out in socks.

Criminal version - Mansi

Boris Slobtsov (Борис Слобцов) - one of the leaders of the search in 1959 who found the tent and the storage (labaz) Slobtsov says (record is form another interview) the first version that was investigated was that the indigenous people Mansi killed the hikers because they were going to their sacred Mt Otorten.
Malahov describes the Mansi as average height 160 sm who live from hunting, fishing, herding deer and farming. Mansi worship spirits and ancestors.
Valeriya Gamatina (Валерия Гаматина), wide of pilot Patrushev, says (recorded) that Otorten in Mansi means Don't go there. Mansi believe that the gods sit in white on top of the mountains, smoke their pipes, and the smoke rings turn into flying saucers. Malahov tops that with legend that Mansi ritualistically had to kill 9 birds, deer, beasts as a sacrifice to the gods of death i.e. the number 9 was part of their religious practices.
Oleg Shusharin (Олег Шушарин) - hiker who went to the same mountains in the summer after Dyatlov group incident. (so much for the mountain to be closed after 1959). When stopped at the near by village to buy food supplies, he was sitting on a bench, everybody else was inside the store, a 30-35 year old Mansi next to him asked ‘Was it your fellow students that perished in our mountains a year ago?", and when Shusharin affirmed this, the man said: "It was us who killed them." Mansi thought the hikers were punished by spirits for disturbing them.
Nikolay Varsegov sais that the tent was found with all toggles fastened with the exception of the two bottom ones. Possibly in the scenarion that somebody was obstructing the entrance and this is why the hikers flee the tent by cutting it.

Criminal version - convicts escaped from the gulag

The unexplained fact remains that non of the belongings of the hikers was taken, and this includes food, clothes, shoes, money, alcohol, and equipment i.e. skis.
Aleksandr Koshkin (Александр Кошкин) - researcher. He tells a story about a man who on his death bed says that he worked in the gulag and that his boss often went hunting with higher party officials in the taiga. They hopped on a chopper, and had a sort of barter with Mansi for gold, hides, and other hunting trophies, in exchange of ammunition and guiding the Russians. They hunted at night with a flair. Dyatlov group witnessed the poaching and were terminated for that.
Mihail Vladimirov (Михаил Владимиров) - hiker who's group was on Chistop at the time of the incident This group saw the light balls in the sky to the west, in the direction of Kholat Syakhl. Chistop is 33 km south-east from Dyatlov Pass. They thought that Dyatlov grup concered the peak (Otorten) and are shooting a flair to celebrate.
Aleksandr Tesler (Александр Теслер) - psychiatrist No way they were hunting at night, bad weather, searching for game with flairs. The audience is buzzing with questions - the Mansi didn't hunt there because the place was sacred.
Alina Kizyarova (Алина Кизярова) - she is local and became an actress in Moscow She says that no other tracks are found in the area. How did they manage so thoroughly to cover all their traces?
Boris Slobtsov (Борис Слобцов) - leader of the search group in 1959 Kirilenko told us to dig and not to stop till we find the bodies because they could abscond in Norway.
You should see the faces of Vladimirov and Bartolomey listening to this...

Back to the Mansi theory

Mihail Serdyuk (Михаил Сердъук) - Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation He is saying that he has been to this places hunting, and they are energy places, this topped that the local were saying not to go there, and that 9 of them will die, could have caused moral breakdown. Serdyuk also says that Mansi traditionally make potions, there could be hallucinogenic mushrooms involved.
Georgiy Cherdantsev (Георгий Черданцев) - journalist. His theory is that Dyatlov group were poisend, that they tested some heating appliance i.e. the stove, something they wanted to test that couldn't in laboratory environment. The audience is asking what caused the traumas and Cherdantsev answers that the important thing is first to explain what made the hikers flee the tent and run to the forest.
Malahov is trying to channel the conversation repeating: Mansi gave them hallucinogenic mushrooms and frightened them with the omen that 9 people will die.
Nikolay Varsegov takes over and says that Mansi were questioned in 1959, even there was a rumor that they were left in cold for intimidation, and then they were suddenly released. All interrogations stopped. Where did thsi directive come from?

UFO theory

Many sightings of light balls in the sky. 31 years after closing the case Lev Ivanov publishes article "Mystery of the Fireballs"
Aleksey Komanyov (Алексей Команёв) - researcher he says a UFO was hovering, didn't like the fact that the hikers was watching it and targeted them with a blast to blind and deafen them.
Lyudmila Morgunova (Людмила Моргунова) - sister of Rustem Slobodin
"I stood close by the coffin, like this [she leans over]. The skin color [of my brother] was exactly like chocolate. Exactly like chocolate."
Malahov says that the blast could explain the radioactive contamination on the clothes of the hikers. According to him the interesting question is why four of the hikers were injured so much worse than the other five.
Yuri Yakimov (Юрий Якимов) - researcher with his own theory. He says only something about the poses of the bodies being dynamic as a result of an instant death.

Yeti theory

Malahov introduces the Yeti theory
Sergey Chernobrovkin (Сергей Чернобровкин) - local resident He doesn'r say he have encountered Yeti, but that state of the tent and the broken bones sound like could be the result of attack by a Yeti.
It is known that the local forest giant can snap a human like a matchstick.
Malahov says that after the case was closed, documents classified, all the participants in the search had to sign a non-disclosure for 25 years.
Boris Slobtsov (Борис Слобцов) - leader of the search group in 1959 He says that nobody that he knows, him included, have signed any non-disclosure documents.
Anatoliy Mohov (Анатолий Мохов) - participant in the search 1959 He didn't sign non-disclosure.
Pyotr Bartolomey (Пётр Бартоломей) - participant in the search 1959 He didn't sign non-disclosure.
Irina Rashevskaya (Ирина Рашевская) - Igor Doroshenko sister who was 14 at the time of the events She says that when friends came to their house they always closed the door when discussing the case. That it seemed to her that they didn't feel comfortable to freely talk about the case.
Georgiy Cherdantsev (Георгий Черданцев) - journalist He is asking the question what did Yeltsin Know?
Nobody cares to discuss this.
Aleksey Komanyov (Алексей Команёв) - researcher He appeals lets talk about UFO
Alya Sagliani (Илья Саглиани) - anomaly researcher He says that the place is an energy anomaly. He has gathered stories for two years about events observed int the sky. Locals often see orange light spheres in the sky. There are many reports of sightings around the time of the incident. He also says that the area has powerful magnetic distortion.
Georgiy Cherdantsev (Георгий Черданцев) - journalist He is asking if there is UFO, Yeltsin, Yeti, whatever, why run outside where the scary object is?
Aleksey Komanyov (Алексей Команёв) - researcher He says that we must agree that the group encounter anomaly occurrence because they made sure 100% that they will die after they left the tent. I guess he means that it must be something extraordinary to make you act like that.
Aleksandr Tesler (Александр Теслер) - psychiatrist The group jumped uot of the tent in the state of distress and horror (applause) and something fro outside must have caused it. They couldn't just sit inside the tent and suddenly something...
Malahov is asking Yuri Yakimov can a event in the sky lit the tent through the canvas so the hikers are panicked to the level in which they cut the tent open to flee without outer clothes. He is telling his theory. The concept is that some extraterrestrial object with blinding lights and little henchmen with floating orbs, that respond only to a human glance, could have caused the panic that occurred on that fateful night. When asked he says he doesn't believe in the Yeti theory.
Aleksey Komanyov says that especially in the Urals Yeti has been spotted. Malahov says that a kid took a photo of a Yeti in the area.
Video of steps left by Yeti, then the Yeti itself and the kids running back. Aleksey Komanyov says this video is fake.



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