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Vladimir Ivanovich Korotaev 18-09-2019 Vladimir Korotaev was working the Dyatlov group case in the capacity of an investigator in the Ivdel prosecutor's office before Lev Ivanov was sent over from Sverdlovsk. He was interrogating the Mansi and following up on hurricane theories. Thirty-seven years after the incident he remembers details of his investigation. "I should have been with them!" Dyatlov's classmate about the fateful expedition 28-10-2015 "There were a lot of people at the ceremony. I remember that Rustik's mother without raising her voice was muttering his name over and over again. His name was misspelled, the plaque having Ruslan, while his name is Rustem. I drew attention to this and asked to correct it. In general, all this made a very strong impression on me – I was absent for a week after... I didn't go to the second funerals, the first ones were enough for me." Teodora's cedar 05-08-2022 According to the theory of Pavlov-Hadjiyska a fallen cedar 20 ft from the first two bodies is a subject of interest for the Dyatlov Pass incident. Prof. Momchil Panayotov, member of the Dendrology department of University of Forestry, Sofia, Bulgaria, analyzed the cores brought from the location. Instructions from air by Maslennikov 26-02-1959 Slobtsov and Sharavin having discovered the tent return to the base camp where they met the Mansi group with the radio operator and received a drop message with new the instructions sent by the search headquarters. Instructions from air by Ortyukov 25-02-1959 This piece of paper was rolled inside a canister and dropped from the air on February 25, 1959, containing instructions for the Slobtsov's group on how to proceed with the search of the Dyatlov group. To this moment the operation is still believed to be a rescue mission. There is a very strange line in the text, something no one should have known yet. 64 years conference Yekaterinburg 02-02-2023 If we can prove that the can of condensed milk we found under the cedar is made in 1958 it is most definitelly left by the Dyatlov group. I can tell if it's the can is from 1958 if I see photos of Lyubinskiy Kombinat cans from condensed milk made in 1968 and 1978 because 1948 is very unlikely. If someone can help with this it will make me very happy. Please help me find condensed milk made by the Lyubinskiy Kombinat in 1968 and 1978. 63 Years conference Yekaterinburg 02-02-2022 The Dyatlov group was discovered from the air. Later, a ground check group came to the scene of the accident. This happened at the beginning of February. They found out a tree had fallen on top of the tent. Some of the bodies remained in the tent under the tree and it was obvious that they most likely had severe injuries. Some of the bodies were outside the tent. Not all bodies were found. But the search was not especially thorough... There was never any labaz 03-02-2023 A very controversial article about the labaz as we know it. I completely agree with all the discrepancies, I don't believe the Dyatlov group were "idiots" to make their labaz in the snow, and how did it survive undisturbed by animals for a month? Location of the cache site (labaz) of the Dyatlov group 25-01-2023 With a great probability the last unknown landmark location in the Dyatlov Pass incident - the labaz, is found. The cache site was made their last day alive, to unburden the ascent to Otorten. Until recently it was believed that this penultimate campsite of the hikers would never be found. Mysterious flash 01-02-2023 Publishing for the first time diaries of friends of the dead hikers from the Dyatlov group. A flash in the sky keeps appearing in witness recollection. Also that the tent found from the air - all this gives new food for thought. What is the value of such records? Because they are documentations. Contemporaries of the events are old, and often they are confused in their memories. And the paper keeps everything - how they learned about the tragedy, how they searched, how various versions were discussed at the time. There are interesting details that can bring us closer to solving the mystery. Pass without Dyatlov 30-12-2022 I had a feeling of a logical hallucination when I tried to comprehend and combine the stories of Akselrod, Slobtsov, Sogrin and some other participants in the epic search on Kholat Syakhl pass. It’s as if a dream interferes with reality, where some absurdities from the real world suddenly become quite understandable and natural. I'm already beginning to fear for my mental state and at the same time, an understanding of what this did to the Dyatlov case researchers treading these waters for decades. Interview with Victor Potyazhenko 28-05-2014 Interview by Olga May 28, 2014

Potyazhenko's landing site was near the outlier rock on the saddle between Auspiya and Lozva. He transported the bodies in March and May to the Ivdel airfield. Potyazhenko is the only one we know by name that claims to have seen the last document written by the Dyatlov group while still in the tent. Combat leaflet "Evening Otorten" is dated February 1st, 1959. In the case files there is only a typed copy of the document.

Interview with Victor Potyazhenko 02-04-2014 Interview by Helga April 2, 2014

"I helped load them and broke someone's heel. I had a heel in my hands! It hanged inside the sock and I could not stick it back. After that I stopped helping. I was afraid I might break someone's arm off. It's all important for the autopsy."

Questions to Victor Vasilyevich Potyazhenko 15-03-2014 Interview by Irina Mar 20, 2014 One of them said: "They found the students in the water, the corpses lay in the stream." But they were drinking water from the stream. I asked - which stream? And they said to me - not here, there is another group. I was surprised then, I knew that there was only one group. And there was still another group - looking for something. They were just there at the source of Lozva, and they found these corpses, two or three, in the stream that flows into Lozva, at the beginning of the source. One was there, maybe still in the water. The rest were already on the ridge. Interview with helicopter pilot Victor Potyazhenko 15-03-2014 Interview by Navig March 15, 2014

NAVIG: You say Otorten everywhere, but this rock was on the nameless mountain, 1079.
VP: I was told to fly to the Otorten area, 12 km away.
NAVIG: In fact, it was not on Otorten itself.
VP: No, in the Otorten area.
NAVIG: Why did you estimate the steepness of the slope at 40-50 degrees?
VP: Because it was very difficult to land, when the second helicopter arrived, it hovered for a while, I told him to fly away from there.

Memories of Commander Potyazhenko 05-03-2014 Interview by M. Piskareva, 5 March 2014

Men in black fur coats, reluctant search dogs, broken off heel from frozen body... If you wonder where did all this come from here is the answer. Victor Potyazhenko claims that it was he who discovered the tent on the slope during flying over the pass with Ortyukov. A group of comrades in black sheepskin coats were on the ground, with a small tent pitched in the forest i.e. there were people present already. It can be assumed that Ortyukov was in the dark about the big game, started by someone...
Victor Potyazhenko was then a flight commander.

Stampede 18-11-2022 Researcher Aleksander Konstantinov published this theory in Ural Stalker in January 2013. He is pointing out the behavior of the reindeer which when fleeing form a danger prefer to follow a trail and that the Dyatlov group may have pitched their tent on one. According to Konstantinov all the injuries could be explained with a reindeer tripping over the tent. The weight of an adult deer is 100–200 kg. Yuri Yudin was tormented by the mystery 04-05-2013 "The legs are bare, not damaged, not torn to blood (1.85 km through the snow and stones and the socks are intact!), and then so much work by the fire!" It is obvious that Yuri Yudin wrote these lines about the deceased Doroshenko and Krivonischenko. He couldn't understand how the guys went from the tent to the cedar without shoes, without injuring their feet on sharp stones, without tearing their socks. After all, according to the official investigation, the hikers scrambled in the dark. In memory of Vladimir Sungorkin: It was his Dyatlov Pass 15-09-2022 Vladimir Sungorkin died on September 14, 2022. He was the engine behind Komsomolskaya Pravda's involvement in the Dyatlov group case. In his capacity as editor-in-chief, he assigned a journalist, Natalya Varsegova, who for ten years had been not just following but actively investigating the Dyatlov case. Everything we know about Semyon Zolotaryov is thanks to Komsomolskaya Pravda. The question now is if someone will pick up the torch. Овручский молочно-консервный комбинат 04-08-2022 An old tin can found at the possible location of the 1959 searcher's camp. It contained sweetened condensed milk from the Ovruchskiy Molochno-konservniy kombinat (№50). Любинский молочноконсервный комбинат 05-08-2022 Tin can found with metal detector 28 cm deep in the ground under mesh of thick roots 10.8 m from the cedar tree. It once contained sweetened condensed milk made in the Lyubinskiy Molochnokonservnyy Kombinat (№27). My journey to the Dyatlov Pass July-August 2022 05-08-2022 The 13th expedition to the Dyatlov Pass by the Dyatlov Foundation was commemorated to one year from the passing of Yuri Kuntsevich, and the participants were blessed with wonderful weather. They were in high spirits with the discovery of the last, save one, of the Dyatlov group camping sites, and the exciting discovery of an old tin can in the area of the cedar, which if proven to be from 1959, could turn this case upside down! Canned time 11-08-2022 The findings of the 2022 expedition to the Dyatlov Pass may reveal a new version of the death of the hikers in 1959. Leader of the expedition Aleksey Korolyov says: "We found a rusted tin can, presumably from condensed milk, 28 cm deep underground. Huge amount of thick roots on top suggests it could be from the 50s and over the years it has been covered with vegetation. The question is, who brought this can? Perhaps the Dyatlov group themselves. But then this overwrites all previous versions, because none of them says that the hikers ate something near the cedar." The footprints were left by shod feet 29-08-2022 The conclusion of a forensic expert with 27 years of experience in the field of criminal law is that the footprints outside the Dyatlov group tent were left by shod feet walking, not running. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Lyudmil Georgiev, forensic expert, specialist in traceology, was asked to examine these photos from the case files and give his opinion on the following questions:
1. Were these prints left by people who were barefoot or shod?
2. How many people were the footprints left by?
3. In what direction did the people who left the traces move?
Dyatlov Pass. The Burning August of 2021 27-08-2021 Perhaps the time has come for people to go to the Pass not out of idle curiosity, and not because the Pass became a brand in the media, but because when you leave you became another. So that you can restart your life in the right relationship to the Spiritual world. Northern Geological Expedition 12-10-2021 Northern Geological Expedition plays a vital role in the Dyatlov Pass incident. The events take place in the area they were prospecting in 1959. How could the tent and bodies not be found for a month? Ptitsyn recollections 04-05-2022 Мнение опытного туриста. Человек-легенда, один из корифеев лыжного туризма в Свердловской области, мастер спорта, заслуженный путешественник России, Птицын Геннадий Александрович, Птицын Геннадий Александрович. Borzenkov's analysis of Puzrin-Gaume avalanche theory 14-04-2018 The authors of the article didn't make a "discovery" by spotting an avalanche on this particular spot. There is nothing unique about it. The place was not investigated because it is far from the place of events and has completely different conditions. Although the possibility of avalanches in this particular area was not denied, it has nothing to do with what happened with the Dyatlov group. 3 Comments Post-publication careers: follow-up expeditions reveal avalanches at Dyatlov Pass 28-03-2022 The Swiss "avalanche" team Alexander Puzrin and Johan Gaume have a second paper in Post-publication careers: follow-up expeditions reveal avalanches at Dyatlov Pass publishing photos of avalanches on the other side of the pass and 3D model with red spots closer to 30°. Now we know that an avalanches are possible and NOT to pitch a tent on the slopes of the Dyatlov Pass in winter. Read why an avalanche did not happen according to the evidence in the case files. 12 Comments Karelin: Avalanche is a myth 31-10-2021 "If an avalanche had occurred, then the tent could have been moved, but in fact the tent remained in its original place, as evidenced by the ski poles preserved in their places, to which the stretchers were tied. ... Medical researchers argue that when people are in a tent during an avalanche it is impossible to get injuries that are actually found on some corpses. These facts clearly indicate the absence of an avalanche."
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