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interrogation witnessed
On April 14, 1959, Romanov, prosecutor of the Investigative Department of the Prosecutor's Office of the Sverdlovsk Region, interrogated this question in the oblast prosecutor's office as a witness, in compliance with Article 162-168 of the Code of Criminal Procedure of the RSFSR
1. Surname, name and patronymic Krivonischenko Alexey Konstantinovich
2. Year of birth 1907 3. Place of birth city of Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine
4.Nationality: Ukrainian
5.Partiynost: member. The CPSU since 1947
6. Education (which school graduated and when: Higher
7. Lesson: a) currently - the place of work and position: the head of the management of "Uralenergostroyekhanizatsiya" b) at the time to which the testimony refers: the same.
8. Previous conviction: - -
9. Permanent residence (exact address and telephone number): Sverdlovsk, ul. Moscow 29, Apt. 27, Tel. D-1-96-30, Sl. Tel. D-1-21-36
10. Passport:
11. What is the relationship with the accused: -. -
On the responsibility for the first part of Art. 92 of the Criminal Code of the RSFSR for refusing to testify and under Art. 95 Criminal Code of the RSFSR for giving knowingly false testimony is forewarned. Signature. (all - on the standard form of the witness interrogation protocol, - note)


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The witness showed After the burial of my son ... the mouth of 1959, I had in my apartment ... trouble students, trainees ... those tourists. Among them were those ... istas, which at the end of January and beginning ... ala were on a campaign in the north, a few ... le of Mount Oorten. There were at least two such groups ... at least ... the stanzas of the two groups told that they had been watching on the 1st of February in the evening ... their light phenomenon to the north ... the location of these groups: the extremely ... glow of some rocket or ... yes. The glow was constantly strong ... one of the groups being already in the tent ... gotavlivayas to sleep, were alarmed ... glow, went out of the tent and ... yudala this phenomenon. After a while ... they heard a sound effect ... a strong thunder from afar. ... I told them I did not tell you ... since they never before ... and I do not know, but obviously the students ... they and those who heard this light ... you can find a new phenomenon ... there were a few people ... e groups were in the North in it .... it is not difficult to determine. The students ... did they observe this ... twice: the first and the seventh ... for 1959.

... students told me that ... a bonfire was found at the cedar ... not dressed on the dead - mine ... and Doroshenko, at the same time oblozhe ... without shoes, and bare-toed socks. ... u can assume that the ... -. at the cedar, at the fire there were more ... dead there. The rest (inaudible)


Sheet 274

they were already dead, or if they were still alive and left at the campfire like a temporary base - then the abandoned did not see the clothes, since freezing probably would have put on themselves everything that would have had the opportunity and would have seen that you can wear.

Tell the same students that the fire at the cedar was not extinguished by a lack of fuel, but because the fuel stopped to be poured. This, too, obviously could be either because people who were at the fire did not see what to do, or because they were already blind or dead (blinded) is a misspelled signature. They say that a few meters by the fire there is a dry tree, and under it a fallen tree that has not been used. In the presence of a fire, it was not possible to use ready-made fuel without seeing it, that is, being blind, it seems to me that it was so. Both the tourists found at the campfire gradually lost sight (but very quickly) and although they had the opportunity to support the fire then the fuel reserves - they could not do this, because they did not see what to do. They were already dead when they were frozen. Only my guess.

/signature /(Krivonischenko)

Interrogated /signed /


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