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April 14, 1959 Prosecutor of the Investigations Division of the region. Prosecutor Romanov interrogated in the prosecutor's office of the region as a witness, with observance of Art. Art. 162 - 168 of the Code of Criminal Procedure of the RSFSR

1. Full name Aleksander Dubinin

2. The Internet publication omits personal information

In view of the fact that I was not at the site of the death of a group of tourists and I was not informed of my parents' true reason for the death of my daughter, I allow myself to express my personal opinion about the causes and perpetrators of the death that has developed from the following.



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Until now, I can not get used to the idea of ​​how we in the Soviet Union, in the large industrial and cultural center of the country, could have such a criminal disregard for preserving the lives of a whole group of people.

Send people to a life-threatening hike in the mountain-taiga, uninhabited area, where in January-March there are strong storms that fall off their feet (according to local residents - (head of the site - Vizhay, - (Pila) - the accountant of the Ivdel administration) not only a person, but also a deer, frequent blockages, without developing or carrying out absolutely no even elementary measures to some extent preventing danger to life, without completely checking the passage of the route and the state of the group without organizing any control One hundred, without giving the radio group, and thus completely depriving it of any opportunity, in case of disaster, to call for quick help means giving up people for almost 20 days in dangerous conditions to the mercy of fate, which is a big criminal offense. if the group had a walkie-talkie, or a checkpoint was organized along the given route, it can be assumed that some of the people in the group would have been saved, only by the available, far from perfect ... (inaudible)


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measures to prevent the danger of hikes and the organization of checkpoints when hiking in an uninhabited area when traveling on the road for 4-6 days, and in addition, with the hikes of great difficulty, the leaders who organize the trip are obliged to develop specific measures separately for each hike depending on the time of the hike and from the route, which in no way has been done.

This organization of the campaign, bordering on adventurism and based on reckless risk, and even in connection with the tragic event that took place near the mountain 1079, excluded the possibility of saving someone from the group and taking into account the 18-20 day transition could entail the death of individuals and without this tragic case, since it is not excluded in the hike cliffs, injuries with a skull fracture, severe diseases requiring urgent hospitalization, frostbite of the hands, feet, etc. Such cases.

Despite the obvious facts of criminal, disregard for the preservation of human lives in the organization of this campaign and irresponsible attitude to the work entrusted, for these criminal punishments the leaders of sports organizations - Kurochkin, Ufimtsev and Gordo - are the direct perpetrators of the death of the death of a whole group of people the prosecutor's office is not brought to criminal responsibility and is still left in sports work, where they are by their actions ... (inaudible)



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tourism, but also undermine the authority of the Soviet Union.

I, as a parent, demand that they, for their actions, which entailed the death of a whole group of people, be strictly answered before the Soviet court. The heartlessness and heartlessness of these leaders is also expressed in the fact that they did not worry for the fate of the group within 8 days after the target date for the proper exit of the group in the village of Vizhay (12 /II) and started looking for the group only after the intervention of the CPSU Regional Committee, namely 21 /II.

This is proved by the fact that during a telephone conversation with Ufimtsev? /II my wife and 20 /II my last convinced that the group will not go anywhere and will come out and the delay of the group's exits to settlements in their committee is a frequent phenomenon and what they give telegrams on settlements, where the group can come out by their assumption.

After a conversation with Ufimtsev, I had to immediately call the CPSU Central Committee, Comrade Uskov, and ask for it? bring about such inertia to ??? effective measures to find the group and the complacency of the city sports committee about the fate of the group to the secretary of the CPSU Regional Committee Eshtokin, as a result of which 21 /II intervened in search of the group Gordo.

Based on the heard conversations of UPI students ... (then the line is not visible)

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The flight of stripped people from the tent is caused by an explosion and a large radiation, the information of the search group from the tourist section of the UPI (Slobtsov) ??? people who were near the fire from the tent in spite of the broken boughs that remained near the fire, as well as the branches that had not burnt along the edges of the fire, a strong deformation of the faces and the color difference of the open body (black and blue) and the body of the deceased, the administrative department of the Regional Committee of the CPSU, comrade Ermash, made to the sister of the deceased, comrade Kolevatova, that the remaining 4 people who were not found now could live after the death of no more than 1.5-2 hours makes us think that ??? the sudden escape from the tent was due to the explosion of the projectile and radiation near the mountain 1079, the "filling" of which forced (there were part of the physical-technical faculty) to flee from it further and it was supposed to affect the vital activity of people and in particular the vision. ???? 2 /II shells at about seven o'clock in the morning were seen in Serov. Watched ?? according to the stories of UPI students, a certain group of tourists, who were at that time on a hike to Mount Chistop. I think that the alleged projectile would have been fired from outside the territory of the USSR and that's why I wonder why the tourist routes from Ivdel and ... (the line is not visible) were closed ...


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this is the culprits because they caused a lot of people to die because of their fault, and enough territory for the routes in the USSR is enough.

And besides, if the projectile deviated and did not hit the planned test site, in my opinion, the agency that issued this projectile should send aerial reconnaissance to the place of its fall and rupture in order to find out what he could have done and to provide needed assistance.

If this was not done, then this is from the part of the military personnel also a soulless attitude towards preserving people's lives, whether they are tourists or hunters.

If aerial reconnaissance was done, it can be assumed that she picked up the remaining four people.

I did not share my personal opinion (as in the original, with corrections here), considering it not to be disclosed.

April 18, 1959


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