Y. E. Yudin witness testimony


Sheet 293

witness testimony

On 15 April 1959 the prosecutor criminologist of Sverdlovsk region Romanov interrogated as a witness District Prosecution Office, in compliance with Article 162-168 of the Code of Criminal Procedure of the RSFSR

  1. Surname, name and middle name: Yuri Efimovich Yudin
  2. Year of birth: born in 1937
  3. Place of birth: village Tabori, Sverdlovsk region.
  4. Nationality: Russian.
  5. Party affiliation: Member of Komsomol (youth organization controlled by the Communist Party of the Soviet Union)
  6. Education: studying 4th year in UPI, Engineering faculty 480
  7. Occupation: a) currently (place of work and position): the same
    b) at the time to which the testimony refers:
  8. Conviction: no convictions from his words.
  9. Permanent residence (exact address and telephone number): Sverdlovsk, Komsomolskaya St., 70/10, (building number 8), room 531.
  10. No Passport on him
  11. Relationship to the accused: -

Witness is warned about first part of the Article of the RSFSR Criminal Code for refusing to testify and under Art. 95 for knowingly giving false testimony.

Yudin - signature


Witness testified: I am a member of the UPI sports section. Until 1959, I participated in 6 treks, most recently participated in a trek of the III category of difficulty. It was in summer of 1958. In winter of 1959 I participate in the category II hike. Therefore, according to the instructions I had the right to participate in the winter hike of category III difficulty. During the winter break in (February) late January and early February 1959, participants of the sports section of UPI planed a hiking trip. Student Dyatlov anticipated hike of the III category at the Northern Urals difficulties with students of the 5th year [in college]. Along with him the trek was joined by 9 or 10 people.

In December 1958, several members refused to go. Then I, Doroshenko and two other students - Bienko and Vishnevskiy asked Dyatlov to join the group, because we knew that he had the right to lead a trek III category of difficulty.

Our group was originally composed of 11 people: me, Dyatlov, Kolmogorova, Dubinina, Doroshenko, Kolevatov, Krivonischenko, Slobodin, Thibeaux-Brignolle, Bienko and Vishnevskiy. Subsequently, Vishnevskiy and Bienko decided not to participate in the hike. Two days before leaving for a trip were joined by a group instructor Zolotaryov S.A. from Kour Hostel. Nobody knew him before the hike.

The area where we had to go was outlined in late December 1958, when almost all were assembled. It was decided to start the trek from the village Vizhay. Make it to the ridge, before that it was necessary to reach the village 2nd Northern, then go along the ridge and back to the village of Vizhay.

Sheet 293

Dyatlov offered to go top of the mountain, or rather to visit the top of the mountain Otorten, there was no objection. The project of a hike was suggested by Dyatlov, he then distributed responsibilities to the group members.

For expenses during the trek and the expedition itself, each participant had to pay 350 rubles. The money were collected by Kolevatov or Dubinina. Or, more precisely, the money were collected by Dubinina. The trade union committee gave us money for 7 people with a total amount of 1100 rubles. Since Zolotaryov, Slobodin, and Thibault and Krivonischenko were not students of UPI. The trade union could not allocate money and they had to donate 350 rubles. Whether they brought the money, I do not know.

On the money collected we bought:. Food and different things and tools needed in the trek as well as a first aid kit, notepads, pencils, materials for thermal insulation of the tent, etc., of all, I do not remember. Backpacks, skis, boots, tents, ice ax and others. We also received part of the equipment from the institute

On the basis of the sports club we also received UPI jackets, ski suits, some of the participants were in their ski suits. I believe that the clothing and equipment of the participants fully meet the requirements of winter hiking. The only disadvantage is that the group did not have alcohol, but it is not given by any of the instructions.

All the participants of the hikes were sufficiently trained and had the right to join the hike since they were participated in many other hikes of various difficulty.

We left Sverdlovsk on 22/01/59 (January 22nd) and arrived in Ivdel at night of January 25th


from where the bus left the next day January 26, 1959 in the afternoon. the same day came to the village of 41st Quarter. There we spent the night in a loggers hostel. On 27th (number is corrected to "28" , but the diary states it was 27th) of January 1959, our group went skiing in the direction of the village Second North. In the evening of January 27, 1959 we arrived in the village Second North, where spent a night in an abandoned hut.

My leg began hurting, I could not participate in the trek, so on January 28, 1959 I left Second North and returned to Ivdel. And the remaining 9 people went on the ski hike with their full gear.

Question: What can you add to your testimony?
Answer: I have no amendments. Recorded testament is true, I read it. I want to add that Zolotaryov in the trek behaved well. He was disciplined and there is nothing bad I can tell about him.

Yudin (signature)

Interrogator: - signature

Question: When you parted with comrade Dyatlov, did he tell you that the return date will be moved from the February 2nd to February 15th of 1959?
Answer: No, there was no talk about the deadline being postponed to 15/II-59. But the group members said that they planned to return to Sverdlovsk on February 15 and Krivonischenko requested to inform his parents. Also we told the villagers of Vizhay that we will get back on a 15 February. Recorded testimony from my words are written correctly.

Interrogator - signature Yudin


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