Letter from Zolotaryova


Sheet 69

sent on 10/IX-1959 with receipt №103

Dear Comrade L. N. Ivanov

I, Vera Ivanovna Zolotaryova, am the mother of the hiker Semyon Alekseevich Zolotaryov, who died on a trek near Ivdel. I am reaching out with a request to have the amateur camera of my son returned. I was promised that it will be sent to me after the films are developed. However,


7 months passed since the death of my son, and five months since his body was found. I still don't have the camera. It has a sentimental value to me as it belonged to my late son. I am turning to you, to ask if you can help me to obtain the camera. Do I really need to go to court with such a request? Is it not enough that I am overwhelmed by grief and will remain completely alone in my old age?

Sheet 69a

I wholeheartedly ask you to help me to get the dear thing of my deceased son. Send your answer or a camera to the address: Lermontov, Stavropol region, quarter 3" barrack" 3, room 3 Vera Ivanovna Zolotaryova.

With a big request to you (signature Zolotaryova)



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