Receipt from R. S. Kolevatova


Sheet 7


I, Rimma Sergeevna Kolevatova, received from the prosecutor comrade Ivanov a Finnish type knife with a black plastic handle, identified by me as belonging to my brother Aleksander Kolevatov.

Permit to carry a knife №945, issued by the Police Department of the Sverdlovsk Region 20 May 1959 *

Passport: XIV-ЭЯ №665597, issued in Sverdlovsk, 13b Malisheva St

(signature Kolevatova)
21 May 1959 года

* The permit was issued to Rimma herself so that she could legally keep her brother’s knife. That is, on May 20 a permit was issued, and on the next day, May 21, she was given both a knife and a permit. There is no record whether Kolevatov himself had a permit, and when it was issued.


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