Rashevskaya (Doroshenko) letter 2011


© Rashevskaya I.N., "INTERNET CENTER of Dyatlov group Tragedy", 2011

Hello, Alexander

I don't even know where to start. The only relative of Yuri, I was left alone in this world. A bit about our family. Yuri was born on January 29, 1938. My brother Volodya June 6, 1941. Dad graduated from Kiev HMI (Hydrometeorological Institute) in 1935. When the Second World War began, our family was sent along with the factory where my father worked in the Urals, city of Rezh. I was born in 1945. In 1954 our father dies from a heart attack. In 1955 Yuri receives a certificate of maturity with a medal and enters the UPI. Mom with me and our brother Volodya leaves for Kazakhstan to our grandmother. Brother Volodya, after graduation, went to study at UPI. In the winter of 1959, it was nighttime when the military men arrived and said that there was an incident with Yuri. I was 13 years old. I remember how my mother and aunt Marusya (my mother’s sister) flew with the men on an airplane. Then mother brought Yuri's things. And what was there? Not much. We lived very poorly. For 4 years of study, mother somehow managed to get him a coat because all he had was a jacket. This is in the freezing Sverdlovsk. Unthinkable. And she sent him a coat. And this when Yuri was no longer alive. How did mom cried.  I remember that she was telling and showing a sweatshirt and a sweater, both ruined. Tinted with orange powder. It seems all the dead were orange.  My brother Volodya studied in UPI at this time. He met with relatives of the victims and reported all the versions to my mother. Then the relatives were told not to go there anymore. To drop it. No one will tell them anything. I have in my hands Gradebook №556279 Doroshenko Yuri Nikolaevich, radio-technical faculty. Specialty - automatic, tele-mechanical and electrical measuring instruments and devices. He passed his last exam on January 21, 1959. 4th year. All grades are A and B. My brother Volodya, although he lived in Kiev (with mother, she died in 2003, from heart), kept in touch with the relatives of the dead and hikers in general. He himself was a good hiker and died (his heart stopped) in the mountains in 2008 while ascending Mt Elbrus. Although he was retired and worked he went with friends to the mountains every summer. Having graduated from college and married, I remained in Kazakhstan. I went every year to visit my family in Kiev, and we talked about Yuri, just talk. I did not look at any documents. Volodya was in charge of everything. Now his wife Natasha lives in Kiev. I sent her your letter. And I wait for her to answer. She and her son will search through the papers and find the answers to your questions. I can not do anything else.



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