Ravine by Shura Alekseenkov and Sasha KAN

Dyatlov Pass: Ravine 2019

Alekseenkov (Shura) published this information in Russian forum Перевал 1959.

Expedition March 2019

Photo album 1 GPS track
Photo album 2 Fall through the cornice:
Photo album 3 Video clip 1
Photo album 4 Video clip 2


Dyatlov Pass: Ravine map by Aleexenkov Ficus Bodies Triple tree Den Cedar

Situation map by Alekseenkov (full map). Marked with red ellipse is the area of the profile.
Contour interval is 5m. There is east magnetic declination of 19°5' not shown on the map.
Click on a name of the landmark for a 1959 photo. Landmarks are listed at the bottom of the page.
More detailed map by Vladimir Borzenkov.


Dyatlov Pass: Ravine
Eastern and western sides of the creek. The green are the banks. Lyuda Dubinina's head is pointing South.
Author: Olga Vedeneeva (ака Helga)


Dyatlov Pass: Ravine
Measurements taken in 2016 KAN expedition
The stick painted in red and white can be seen in video by Alekseenkov (September 2012) embedded below (here is a frame), not to be confused with the pole with red from the photos (2016).
P4 is the stone 3m upstream (South) from the den.
M4 on some photos is where the bodies were found, point "1" on the profile


The video


Dyatlov Pass: Video on Alekseenkov map



GPS coordinates

KAN 2012 expedition

Cedar N61°45'53.20" E59°27'17.80" 647m
Mouth of creek 1: N61°45'55.66" E59°27'13.36" 628m
Mouth of creek 2 N61°45'59.40" E59°27'15.40" 618m
Р4 N61°45'53.85" E59°27'14.47" 641m
The bodies N61°45'53.93" E59°27'14.64" 636m
Triple tree N61°45'53.58" E59°27'13.75" 645m
Ficus N61°45'54.59" E59°27'15.06"



Video by Alekseenkov (Shura)

September 2012. The creek
5:35 – 6:23: View on bodies-den location from the lower part of the creek
7:52 – 8:20: View on bodies-den location from the upper part of the creek

March 2013. The creek
8:34 – 9:33: View on bodies-den location from the lower part of the creek
11:40 – 12:55: View on bodies-den location from the right (eastern) bank of the creek

February 2014
00:05 – 00:35: View on bodies location from the den location

10:52 – 11:17: View from the den location and lower then bodies location



Photos by КАН in a forum

Photos by КАН (August 2016)

Photos by Shura (November 2016)

Photos by Shura (March 2013)


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