Ravine by Borzenkov

Dyatlov Pass: Vladimir Borzenkov

Vladimir Borzenkov has presented his version of events in the fateful night in forum.dyatlovpass.com. Here is the gist of it.

Dyatlov Pass: ravine by Borzenkov

Scale 1: 2000 (1 cm = 20 m or 1in = 12 ft) and 4 m between contours


  1. The first (right) stream inflow to 4 triburaty to Lozva
  2. The second (right) stream inflow to 4 triburaty to Lozva
  3. The left stream inflow to 4 triburaty to Lozva
  4. Where the clothes are found near the cedar
  5. The expedition in 2009 found a knife presumably dropped there in 1959.
    Who and when dropped the knife is hard to say. This place was a common meeting ground for rescuers in May 1959 and many researchers after that.
    Here is a photo of Valentin Yakimenko group from 1963 in that particular clearing. The knife was found where somebody appears to go down the bank of the creek.
  6. This is where the 4 bodies were found in May 1959 according to the version of some researchers
  7. The location where the 4 bodies were found in May 1959 according to my version
    Here is a sudden drop in the 4 triburaty to Lozva. It corresponds better to the photo made in 1959.
    Another consideration is the position of the sun on the known pictures from 1959 and the time the photo is taken - 11am to 2pm according to Vladimir Askinadzi. Could be later. Here is a sun dial and direction of the shadows for May 4th (the photo is taken on May 6th - ed. note).
  8. High slope (7 m or 24 ft high)
  9. The point from which this photo was taken in March 1959
  10. Mouth of the first stream
  11. Mouth of the second stream
  12. Search party camp in May 1959
  13. Area of deep snow in February 1959. Without having skis hikers could not have passed any further.
  14. Zolotaryov, Kolevatov and Dubinina are carrying injured Thibeaux-Brignolle down from 3rd stone ridge to the place of fall from a height of 8 m.
  15. Kolevatov goes from the place of injury to the cedar and back where he built the den.
  16. Kolevatov is carrying the bodies of Lyuda, Nikolay and Semyon (in this order!) from the place of fall to the den.

Notes from the editor:

  • Vladimir Borzenkov came up with a method for drawing maps on the spot. All the maps of this type are his. Other researchers draw on top of them their versions and that is why sometimes altitudes and GPS coordinates don't seem to be possible. That's because they all use Borzenkov's map but their own measurements which Vladimir says often happen without inputting error measurements into amateur and civil GPS devices.
  • More detailed map by Vladimir Borzenkov.
  • In all his maps there is a red or purple arrow across the map pointing to N, which I have removed on the images on this site. This is the magnetic North which on this particular place is 19,5°. Please refer to the forum for the detailed explanation he had offered on all this.

How did the events unfold
"Lyuda, Semyon and Aleksander Kolevatov found wounded Tibo on the 3rd stone ridge (where Maslennikov drawing shows the dropped flashlight) and carry him from there following the easiest and most even route. In this area this is the most probable way. They have come on a place marked as 8 high slope. From there the cedar can be seen in the afternoon. At night the reflexion of the fire lit by Doroshenko and Krivonischenko will be well visible. From the top of the slope of white snow against white snow the edge and drop are not clear. While carrying Tibo they didn't notice it and the whole group tumble down the slope. Lyuda and Semyon were injured. Only Aleksander Kolevatov remained mobile and went in the direction of the fire for help. He found Doroshenko and Krivonischenko dead and removed some clothes repositioning them next to each other. Kolevatov went back (dropping some clothes found before the bodies in May 1959) at made a temporary den to lay down the injured hikers on branches while moving them to the fire. He then went to the place of fall where there are now three injured hikers and start transporting them one by one in the following order: Lyuda, Nikolay and Semyon. The work Kolevatov did was very exhausting, he didn't manage to transfer not a single person from the den to the fire. The strength of a man is not infinite even in survival mode."



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