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Hello dear Dyatlov obsessives,

With pain in my heart, I have to replace Igor and present the book, knowing that no one could do it as well as he would.

Igor Pavlov's classmate at the institute, Oleg Povetko, wrote to me
"In the spring I read your book, I was pleasantly surprised by the level of technical detail, decided to read about the authors. I watched several of your videos, a program on Discovery and other materials available online. Having carefully looked at the photo of the authors of the book, I was surprised to recognize my classmate at the institute and a colleague at the Department of Experimental Nuclear Physics of the Leningrad Polytechnic Institute. I have not seen Igor for more than 30 years, at the institute he was the thinnest, I would say skinny, in our group, with a mop of curly hair and wore large horn-rimmed glasses. I didn't see any of that in the photo. It was almost impossible to recognize him in the photo, except for some similarity in the lines of the lips and eyebrows. In any case, it was impossible to imagine that Igor somehow became friends with you, because of the complete polarity of his personality and yours, at least how I saw you in online videos. He was a very quiet calm and methodical introvert, the quietest and calmest of the 13 students in our group. A very thoughtful, methodical young man, with an analytical mind, never in a hurry to nowhere, not making sudden movements, even I would say gave the impression of a slightly inhibited person. During our work at the department, after another long silence, slightly unexpectedly, he began to speak in his voice, devoid of emotions, some of his regular and completely finished story usually quite interesting and unpredictable. But for the most part he was silent despite our young age, we were in our early 20s at the time. To imagine that Igor wrote and sold a book on the American Amazon was not possible in any world. Then the thought occurred to me, that apparently I witnessed a classic case of attraction of opposite personalities and the synergy that resulted from this attraction. As soon as I realized that it was my bandmate in the photo, I started to deal with radioactive contamination on the clothes of the Dyatlov group, this is my specialty with Igor, I continue to work in this specialty in the States. I experimented with old-fashioned radiation detectors, made some observations and was going to write all this to Igor, when I learned of his sudden and unexpected death. A close friend of Igor, who lives in Germany, told me, that he arrived in St. Petersburg in June, called Igor on his home phone they chatted away and joked, then agreed to meet in a few days. Igor did not show up for the meeting."

Key points from our theory. It takes into account all, without exception, the facts from the materials of 1959 and later documents and interviews. We built a chronological line of events, found inconsistencies with the official version explained the cause-and-effect relationships between events and the inconsistencies. Therefore, the full version requires without fail a chronological narrative, table Who Is Who and a references to documents, interviews or citations. We did this, supporting documents are accumulated on the site by chapters from the book.

We started the book with the events in the village of Polunochnoe in order to explain several issues at once:

  • Why is there a testimony of Popov interrogated by Chudinov?
  • Why is there a testimony dated 6th of February?
  • Why there are references to the fact that the Dyatlov group went along a different route?

I believe that the bodies of the hikers were discovered from the air. From an aircraft which served some geological party and flew over the pass. Several geological organizations were based in Polunochnoe. The sighting was reported to the geologists. Therefore, initially the information appeared precisely in Polunochnoe. Not long ago Shumkov's hiking group passed through Polunochnoe, the father of one hiker worked at the Polunochnoe mines and lived in Polunochnoe. Therefore, at first, the locals decided that it was this group that had died. And not the Dyatlov group, about which they did not know anything at all, did not seen them or heard of them.

- 2 -

The Dyatlov group was discovered from the air. Later, a ground check group came to the scene of the accident. This happened at the beginning of February. They found out a tree had fallen on top of the tent. Some of the bodies remained in the tent under the tree and it was obvious that they most likely had severe injuries. Some of the bodies were outside the tent. Not all bodies were found. But the search was not especially thorough. In general, a lot of Igor's theory was discussed on the forums. But no one has brought all the facts and assumptions together into a single theory before. You can see a fallen tree in the search photos, only it is under the snow. This fallen tree was first photographed by Yakimenko in 1963 on the expedition, when the memorial plaque was mounted. In general, there are a lot of fallen trees in the area of the cedar but we don't know when did they fall. According to our version, Lyuda, Thibeaux and Zolotaryov remained in the tent under the trunk. The tent and bodies were found in early February, before the 6th. Then, according to our version, the found bodies were brought to Ivdel. And then returned back to the pass. I know it sounds very strange, but this is an option that has remained after elimination or we have to ignore a number of recollections of contemporaries. And we have no reason to believe that these memories are not true. Dyatlov at first was planning on leaving the cache of supplies on the pass. On the photos Lev Ivanov considers to be the last they dig a hole for the labaz.

Later, during the staging the tent was pitched on the same place to look like the scenario in Fedoseev's book "On the Road of Trial".

When answering the question "Why did the conspirators choose this spot to setup the tent", you need to consider 3 aspects:

  1. They wanted the tent out of the forest so there is no suspicions that the tree fall was caused by the blasting.
  2. They wanted to imitate "death due to a hurricane" according to Fedoseev's scenario. And they did it successfully, because death from a hurricane was accepted by the regional committee commission as the cause of death.
  3. The tent was specially put up in a conspicuous place, to find it faster. And so that the bosses from Sverdlovsk leave Ivdel faster.

The footprints are left by those who set up the tent on the slope during the staging. No one thought at all about whether these footprints would preserve or not. The fact that on the tracks deformed from wind and precipitation can be identified "traces in socks" and other details that Chernyshev "observed" are a myth. That the footprints belonged to the Dyatlov group has not been proven at all. Everything is unfounded. We believe that the traces were left by four conspirators, who went up and down the slope.

The bodies were brought to the zone morgue in Ivdel. In total, by this time, six people were found at the accident site and brought to the Ivdel morgue: most likely they were Dubinina, Zolotaryov, Kolevatov, Thibeaux-Brignolle, Kolmogorova, Krivonischenko. Three of them - Dyatlov, Slobodin, and Doroshenko, have not been found at this moment. The criteria why them is in the Solter's description of the bodies. The second group of four bodies were brought only in May and again to the zone morgue. For Ivdel residents, the search for that moment was long over.

By the way, Dr. Prudkov was at the first examination. And he was no longer invited to the official autopsy, or else he would have known that he was examining the bodies for the second time.

Near the pass was carried out exploration work. There are assumptions and indirect facts:

  • Search party member Syunikaev recalls that they heard explosions nearby.
  • According to Ivdel judge Novokreschenov, Tempalov the spoke about craters nearby. All this points to blasting in the area.
  • There are also indirect facts in favor of ground work nearby at the end of March.

Three institutions take part in the search that are not related in any other way to each other. Why are they present in the search is not clear. Assuming that they are somehow connected with the cause of the death of hikers, what can connect geologists, firefighters of Ivdellag and sappers of the railway? Only explosions. Because:

  • Geologists carry out blasting
  • Sappers are generally professionals in this matter
  • Firefighters are usually responsible for safety in hazardous work.

We get the connection:
explosions - injuries of the hikers - participation of geologists, firefighters, railways in the search.

Try, for example, to create a similar connection for other causes of death. Like a rocket? What do rockets and geologists-firefighters have in common? Or death by the hands of saboteurs? How are saboteurs, geologists, firefighters and railways connected?

Separate fragments were offered by many forum members moving of the bodies, suspicions of locals, elements of staging, etc. But no one has brought all this into a single version.

The problem with this version is that specific peoples are named. The perpetrators, if not of murder, but of manipulating the bodies. And there will be a scandal. Because there is no documentary evidence. That's the reason this theory was not published on the forums.

But this version is not pulled out of thin air. This is a logical conclusion from the available data. Thank you for your attention.



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