Sheet 74

[ed. faded and illegible, written in pencil on a gray sheet notes about the location of the dead and individual landmarks]

Igor. Panorama from the plateau camp where the corpses
From the mountain 1079 to the right to the stream and of corpses
middle of the valley (from 1/5) if you look from the tent
This tubercle is visible on the right, (????) and cedar

From the ridge at 1079 you can see the place of Slobodin's death
and looking from Slob, is the cedar and meadow, valley
K-(???) then 800m Zina did not reach the tent (wind)

8 down from (????) stone ridges

Down from the tent + panorama to the right of the mountain and the stone ridge, where they fled
Slododin's glove 50m...
Z. died 800m from the tent
Between these 2 birch trees is the way from the tent and straight down to them
how (???)


The search proves they didn't ascent?
Participation guides Captain Chernyshev group

On the bodies of the 4 from t(?)
to the [boot] rock from the tent

Sh and U. If you look from the [boot] rock to the search camp, Auspiya flows to the right

scheme: search camp



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