The mystery of the death of hikers on the Kola Peninsula


In "Live" - an attempt to understand the mysterious circumstances of the death of a group of ten students of the Kuybyshev Aviation Institute on the Kola Peninsula - in the area of the Chivruay Pass in 1973.

The investigation ended quickly enough, hypothermia was ruled as the official cause the death, although there are still a lot of mysteries in this case. The case is still classified.

It is known that they were not find all at once: five hikers were found in February, two more in March, then two in May and only in June was the last body recovered.

The faces of the deceased were frozen into a mask of horror, which gave rise to different versions of their death. Someone said that the hikers might have seen Bigfoot, others recall the folk tales that you can loose your mind, or even that locals say they have been under shaman attack on this place.

A researcher of secrets of the XX century Vladimir Nagaev in the studio of the program suggested that the cause of the death of the hikers could be a radiation-chemical damage. "Therefore, they were buried in closed coffins. There were no eyeballs because the radiation simply burned them out," Nagaev said.

There are also many who believe that the hikers really were not sufficiently prepared for the harsh weather conditions of the Kola Peninsula, especially since storm warnings were given on those days.

Having visited the first search group at the pass in 1973, Vladimir Borzenkov said that the weather was "extreme" and "it was almost impossible to survive in such weather".

The only one who did not believe in the official version and tried to find out the cause of the death of students himself was the cousin of one of the victims Viktor Voroshilov. The program team organized an expedition with him to Chivruay Pass, but two weeks before the start, Victor was brutally murdered.

Is his death connected with attempts to investigate the causes of the death of a group from Kuybyshev Aviation Institute? What did the correspondent of the program discover during the expedition to the place of the tragedy?

Why is this case still classified if the cause of death of hikers was really hypothermia? Details are in the program "Andrey Malahov. Live" on the channel "Russia 1".




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