A connection was found between the death of the Dyatlov group and the tragedy on the Chivruay Pass


For many years, a cousin of one of the victims, Victor Voroshilov, tried to find out more about the incident. He was planning to go to the pass with Andrey Malahov film crew. Two weeks before the expedition Victor was killed in Nizhniy Novgorod.

For the local population, the Chivruay Pass is a sacred place. From time to time there are mystical incidents. There were even cases of clouding the minds of travelers. The whole story resembles another mysterious tragedy - the death of the Dyatlov group.

"This is a place of power with which you need to make adjustments - you must definitely enter the energy sector of this region," esoteric Svetlana Burenok is convinced. "The group went there treacherously. In winter, daylight hours are short, and at night the vibration of dark forces from another world increase," said psychic Albina Selitskaya. Valentina Sovkina, a resident of the village of Lovozero, believes in Sami shamans - Noaidis, who can heal people and be guides to the upper and lower worlds.

Vice-President of the Surveying Association Sergey Smirnov believes that the group could experience the effect of "meryachenie" or simply lose their mind. (ed. note - "Meryachenie" in the language of the northern peoples is an unusual mental state associated with shamans and northern magic. The Eskimos call it the call of the North Star.)

Julia Vopseva, who was born on the Kola Peninsula, believes that the valley next to the rock is damned. In 1965, four hikers died there, the cause of their death was never established. Volseva studied archival documents, from which she learned that in 1937 Adolf Hitler sent members of the Ahnenerbe organization to these places to study mystical phenomena. (ed. note - The Ahnenerbe operated as a think tank in Nazi Germany between 1935 and 1945. Wikipedia)

What did the Andrey Malahov broadcast crew discover at the scene of the tragedy? Is there any connection between the investigation of Victor Voroshilov and his murder? What legends do locals believe in? All answers are in "Live" with Andrey Malahov on Russia Channel 1.


Source: Vesti.ru


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